Local schools and community members join Hampton in remembering the Holocaust

The evening began with a workshop for local schools where over 100 pupils from Orleans Park School, Radnor House, Reach Academy, Teddington School, Waldegrave School and Hampton took part in an interactive workshop led by a member of the Hampton History Department. The students learned about the stories of individual victims and were asked to consider what makes a perpetrator of genocide.

Later, the pupils were joined by parents and members of the local community, including police cadets, members of the local synagogue and students of a German school, to listen to Holocaust survivor Hannah Lewis.

Hannah was five years old when the Germans began rounding up the Jews of her home town Wlodawa and she and her family were made to walk to a work camp in a village called Adampol several miles away. Over time most of her family disappeared.

Moved by her account, the audience was invited to ask Hannah questions about her experience.

Hannah has been sharing her experiences in schools and universities for several years to help young people understand the impact the Holocaust has on the contemporary world.

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