Successful Old Hamptonian talks about his experiences

Khawar TeaserOld Hamptonian Khawar Malik returned to the School to speak about his career experiences and his new charity, The Apples and Pears Foundation. Khawar, who left Hampton in 2002 to study History at Nottingham, has been a corporate lawyer for Clifford Chance and, as well as running the charity day to day, is a commercial banking professional at ABM Amro Bank.

Khawar’s message to the boys was to be a positive disruptor in all aspects of life, to challenge established methods or principles to improve them, and he spoke about how Hampton taught him this valuable skill.

Khawar’s charity, The Apples and Pears Foundation, is an educational foundation launched in 2012 in the context of the London Riots which aims to help inner-city families in areas that have faced cuts to schools’ budgets. It is run by corporate professionals on a full volunteer basis and is always looking for people to give extra help. It is a great opportunity to network and work alongside large corporations for a good purpose.

Khawar was pleased to return to his old school:

“It seems so different going round here. What first struck me was the size and scope of the facilities here, which look fantastic. I was also surprised with how young the teachers look now i have been away for several years. I think though the ethos of Hampton hasn’t changed and for me this was always the most impressive thing about the School. It was great to come back to speak here and I’m looking forward to establishing closer links between the School and my charity.”

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