Pupils experience history in action

To mark the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo 31 boys, ranging from First Year to Fourth Year, travelled to the historic battlefield to watch a recreation of the famous battle.

The pupils joined 60,000 other spectators from across Europe to watch the spectaular event, which involed thousands of actors in costume, performing cavalry charges and hand to hand combat.

Organised by the History Department, the trip gave the boys an opportunity to see what one of the major turning points of European history looked like, whilst also highlighting how different warfare was 200 years ago.

Head of History, Mr Cook, was delighted with the trip:

“It was a pleasure to take the boys on what is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see such a large scale recreation of this major historical event. How any general was able to work out what was happening through the smoke and noise is still a mystery to us. I think I speak for all the participants of the trip when I say I think it was more enjoyable to be there in 2015 than 1815!”

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