This Week’s Maths Wizard Problem…

Welcome back Maths Wizards! 

It’s a new year and we have plenty of fun and exciting wizarding maths challenges for you this term. 

To start the year we have a couple of fun questions this week, before our new maths challenge begins.

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1) The difference between two numbers is 5.
The difference between the squares of these two numbers is also 5.

Write down a pair of numbers for which these two statements are true.


2) Alan, Bob and Curtis entered a quiz.
Alan scored 16, Bob scored 6 and Curtis scored 4. They divide the prize money of £169 between them in the same ratio as their scores.

How much does Bob receive?




Here are the answers to the questions we gave you for the Christmas holidays. How did you get on?

1) A Christmas pudding recipe to serve 4 people requires 135g of raisins. How many grams of raisins are needed for a Christmas pudding to serve 15 people?

Answer: 506.25g

2) The maths wizard wishes to take a family Christmas photo of himself and his four brothers sitting in a row. Two of his brothers, Rudolf and Noel, insist on sitting next to each other for the photo. How many different ways are there for the maths wizard to arrange himself and his brothers in a row for the photo?

Answer: 48

Well done if you got the right answers!

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The Maths Wizard has a large pile of delicious chocolates.
On Monday the Maths Wizard ate half of the chocolates
On Tuesday he ate one third of what remained.
On Wednesday he ate one quarter of the rest.
And on Thursday he ate one fifth of the much diminished remaining pile of delicious chocolates
What fraction of the original pile of delicious chocolates now remain?

Answer: 1/5

2. How many minutes are there from 11.11 until 23.33 on the same day?

Answer: 742 minutes
















3. After playing 500 games, the Maths Wizard’s success rate at Solitaire is 49%.
Assuming the Maths Wizard wins every game from now on, how many extra games does he need to play in order to increase his success rate to 50%?

Answer: 10




4.The width of a rectangle is increased by one tenth, but the area remains the same. By what fraction has the length of the rectangle been reduced?

Answer: 1/11



5. Ann, Bob and Claudette share some money in the ratio 2:3:5
Claudette gets £60 more than Ann.
How much money was there in total?

Answer: £200

6. A bottle of orange squash makes enough drink to fill 60 glasses when it is diluted in the ratio 1 part squash to 4 parts water.
How many glasses of drink would a bottle of orange squash make if it is diluted in the ratio 1 part squash to 5 parts water?

Answer: 72

7.The Maths Wizard watched TV on Tuesday for 5 minutes less than on Monday. On Wednesday he watched TV for twice as long as on Tuesday. In fact, he watched TV for 30 minutes on Wednesday.
How much TV did the Maths Wizard watch on Monday?

Answer: 20 minutes

Wednesday = 30 minutes
Tuesday = 15 minutes
Monday = Tuesday + 5 Minutes = 20 minutes

8. In a group of 50 girls each one is either blonde or brunette and is either blue-eyed or brown-eyed.
14 are blue-eyed blondes, 31 are brunettes, and 18 are brown-eyed.

How many are brown-eyed brunettes?

Answer: 13