Firstly, a massive thank you to all First Years for baking for this week’s Form Charity Bake Sale – the cakes were delicious and raised lots of money for our 2023-24 Form Charity partners – well done! Next week’s Form Charity quiz, hosted by LEH, will be another exciting opportunity to raise funds for the three charities, enjoy!

This weekend is also the final opportunity to work on Project EXPLORE, which is due on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend. On that note, remember not to come in on Monday and enjoy your extra day off this weekend!


On Thursday there was an exciting Form Charity Bake Sale held in the Cloisters, where you could donate bakery items such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and other types of sweet treats. You could also bring in money to buy and eat some scrumptious treats and the money would go to the charity partners that Hampton has selected.

Or you could do both…

At morning break everyone ecstatically dashed to the cloisters. By the time I arrived there were massive queues behind every table. Although, half the items had been bought, I still got to eat delicious food such as brownies, slices of red velvet cake and cookies. I was gobsmacked at how rapidly all the food ran out. There were four tables and all of the food on them ran out!

The bake sale was a success, in my opinion, and we should do this more often as it helps charity, and we can also enjoy it because of all the sweet items!! 

By Shaurya D 1L

On Thursday at break time, it was time to get to the Cloisters fast (the central courtyard near the lunch hall), as the tasty, sweet treats baked by Hamptonians, awaited the bustling crowd of Hamptonians. It felt like all of Hampton anticipated their tasty treat and the queue was a long one, but I was prepared to wait! I walked in with £1.50 to buy some cakes but more importantly to donate my money to The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust, The Woodland Trust and CARA.

The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust believes in giving career opportunities to underrepresented young people through unprecedented access to leading UK organisations. We all at Hampton are so lucky to have all the amazing opportunities being presented to us every day that we may sometimes take our position for granted. Jamal Edwards Self-Belief Trust brings hope to young people’s lives and allows them to dream dreams that they once thought were unachievable! Self-belief is an important aspect of life as it encapsulates other important aspects needed to succeed like courage, resilience, motivation, and strength.

The Woodland Trust is a leading charity which helps our environmental causes, The Woodland Trust are doing a lot to decrease disease in trees and tree pests. Since 2014, they have grown 16 million trees which helps prevent the spread of diseases by reducing imports. The Woodland Trust is trying every day to increase the woodland cover in the UK, which is 13% of the countries land, to the average 37% of a standard European country. The charity has been able to plant 55 million trees in 1972 and are trying to grow 50 million more in the next 5 years. The Woodland Trust are trying to save UK Woodland trees, as these trees have a total capacity of 213 million tons of carbon. They have saved 1172 woods and have revived 85,000 hectares of woods. With your donation they can help and prevent the deforestation of trees, to make a positive impact on the UK and the Earth.

CARA is a UK-based charity which supports children at risk in Asia. Cara provides financial support directly to local organisations. They make sure each child receives education, healthcare, child protection and family support.

Hampton Bake Sale is probably one of the best ways to save a tree, to give some one in need an employment, or support children at risk overseas. It is amazing to see how much a small piece of chocolate cake can make a huge difference.

By Ethan S-W (1L)


“The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.” Jessica (Act 5 Scene 1) Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare.

On Monday, this week, I took an exiting trip to All Saints Church where the School choir sang a series of songs, from the Dove (by Jonathan Dove) and Two Pieces (by John Rutter). This has been a milestone for me in my singing experience as a Hamptonian as the whole choir has been preparing for the concert since the week January. The five Dove pieces consisted of Fire, Music on the Waters, Summer, Winter, and Snow. We sang For the Beauty of the Earth, and The Lord Bless You and Keep You as the two pieces. Our recitals happen before School at 8:15am on Wednesday and at 10:15am on Monday. Singing has been a passion of mine for a while, and I am so glad to indulge this passion in Hampton.

Another highlight of this week is that I got to hold one of the little biology chicks. It was fun. The chicken I was holding was lounging in my hands with its feet up! Although, it is sad to say that the chicks are maturing quickly and are going to get sent to the egg farm today. The newborns are going on the next escapade of their lives where they will encounter many of their kind.

By Ethan S-W (1L)


Every week, the First Year Tutor team nominate a boy who they have been particularly impressed with, and Mr Hill and Mrs Peattie provide him with a football to use on the fields for the week!

This week’s tutee of the week is Reuben N (1W) for getting stuck into all things Hampton, his kindness and always helping others out in all areas of school life – well done Reuben!


We love to hear about what you have been getting up to outside of school and to celebrate your successes in the First Year Blog! Please do send any information about any of your achievements through to Mr Fuldner ().


Each week I will set you a challenge where you need to find out a random fact, number or indeed anything else around the School – you won’t be able to do this from home! Points for the interform competition will be awarded to the Form with the most correct entries over the course of the term! You have until the end of Wednesday to complete the challenge; you will find out in next week’s blog if you’re correct, and you will be given a merit by your Form Tutor the following Monday. And who knows – you might get to know the School better in the process!

Last week’s challenge was:

How many different sports can you find on the benches in the Physics Quad?

I had a count myself this week and counted 18 – bonus points if you know what all the sports are!

Well done to David T, Ying Z, Luoke W, Liagzu Z, Ilakian D, Ethan W, Harry C and Sujay N.

This week’s challenge:

Hampton’s new climbing wall is now in full use with climbing being a sports option for Friday afternoon in the summer term! But where is the climbing wall?

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

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