The second term is about to finish, and although this is the shortest term of the year, it has been a particularly jam-packed and fast-paced term! With so many concerts, fixtures, cooking week, fun and games on the 3G and exciting lessons as always, the spring term has undoubtedly shown that the First Years have become fully-fledged Hamptonians.

Last week’s cooking week was certainly a success and it has been amazing to hear about all the meals pupils have cooked for their families! Remember to submit your pictures and recipes to Mrs Ziegler – details were sent last week so check your emails!

With another 4.5 days to go it is important to keep motivated and keep the energy levels high for the final week, to make sure we can finish this term on a high. Enjoy the week ahead and have an amazing holiday when it comes!


Last Saturday, the U12B rugby team entered a match against Reed’s School with nervous feelings about it. This is because when we last played them in 2022 we were annihilated 5-50. We had been told they were going to be tough and, as we watched our opposition, we knew we were in for a hard one. We carried on our warm up, eyeing the opposing team, until finally, we had begun. The match was off and it seemed we may have even underestimated them as, in the first few minutes, two runaway tries were scored by Reed’s. The thing that got us was they were fast – very fast. Luckily the first try for us was scored, after a wide pass to Jaibir where he then darted through them swiftly as they tried to tackle him – failing at each attempt.

After this Hampton went on to steal the ball following a fantastic kick from George C. We slowly ground their defence down until we were standing right on their try line. It was tantalisingly close; we could almost smell it. I had a go at the try, got pushed back and popped the ball to Toby, where he dived to the try line, forcing the opponents out of the way as he scored our second try. Shortly after this, Reed’s had stunned our defence twice and made the score 2-5. Jaibir acquired the ball and charged through the crowd of defence as if they were butter and the score became 3-5.

The whistle was blown, and it was half time. We came off for a pep talk from Mr Fakatou, rest and drinks, while subs were made. ‘Toot’ and as soon as halftime ended, we were right back in the action. Hampton seemed dazzled as the start of the second half began and the first five minutes didn’t go too smoothly, as right off the bat we again conceded two tries and the score became 3-7. But we weren’t going down without a fight, and we still had a lot of fight in us!

4-7 soon arrived when Jaibir tanked through the defence, determined to score. It still looked hopeless, but giving up isn’t an option for the B’s. We held back their defence as they became exhausted and slowly built pressure on Reed’s. George C kicked the ball far and we rushed in – the Hampton demolition squad regaining possession. Freddy got the ball and rushed Reed’s head on, the score becoming 5-7. We had discovered their tactics, but did we have enough time?

We once again swindled the ball from the opposition and made a run and overcame the defence for the sixth try to Hampton. We could see the end in sight, but Reed’s had woken up again; though this didn’t stop us as Toby ploughed through them to score the seventh try! We were ecstatic, but time was running out. I was off, standing on the sidelines and watching as a Reed’s fly-half side stepped multiple of our defenders. The pressure rose and it was nail bitingly tense. And in a flash, the ball had been turned over. Time was up and it was a draw.


Ethan S-W (1L) shares his poem from The Writers’ Room:

Unusual they are,
Forced we are,
Imprisoned and captured,
We the exotic,
Forced by the unusual,
“The recipes belong to us,”
He says.
“Paid extra for hours,”
He says.
Figs from our country drip with honey,
This was not one but out of many items he stole,
We were not all that he stole,
But dancers and pianists,
Home a light year away,
Home a dream,
Home, gone,
A breath, we were gone,
Dreams destroyed.
Why us?
Solemnity comes,
Solemnity stays,
Not like how it is meant to be,
Was this our legacy written?
Was this our destiny?
A cycle of labour,
Blood, sweat and tears,
Unusual they are,
Forced we are,
Imprisoned and captured.


Over the weekend I went to the Science museum with my friends. I travelled by car to reach there. It was a long but fun ride. I was ecstatic when I reached there. I was longing to go to engineering place. In the engineering place I coded a recycling machine to pick up the metal and plastic balls to go into the correct recycling box. I watched lots and lots of videos and many holograms. Me and my friend were so excited we went off by ourselves and nearly got lost. As a whole going to the science museum was so fun and would extremely recommend it.

By Shaurya D (1L)


Congratulations to Reuben N (1W) and Ocean Y (1B) for their respective 1st and 3rd place in this week’s piano competition!

Well done to everyone who entered.

Creative Writing Competition

Calling all budding authors! The English department have launched their annual Creative Writing competition. The following themes are suggested, however alternatives are acceptable:

  • Rebuilding
  • Memories
  • Hiding

And the genres you can submit are as follows:

  • Micro-stories (approx.50 words)
  • Prose (max. 1000 words)
  • Poetry
  • Dramatic monologue
  • Scene from a play

To enter, email your entry to Miss Alexander by 4pm on Tuesday 16 April 2024. Get your thinking caps!


Join us next Monday 18 March 1:00 – 1:45pm for the final Talk! of the spring term, to hear from two directors of one of the most iconic shows of all time Doctor Who. Doctor Who is one of the most successful television shows of all time. Daleks, Cybermen, the Tardis, sonic screw drivers and intelligent gloves are part of the lexicon, and the series has millions of fans worldwide. We’re privileged to be joined by two of the show’s Directors: Emmy award-winning Director, Tim Combe, was at the helm in the early years of the famous science fiction series, working in the 1960’s and 70’s with the first three Doctors William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. Bafta-nominated director Jamie Magnus Stone was lead director for the twelfth and thirteenth series, directing the first ever female Doctor Who, played by Jodie Whittaker.  Find out more here.

Tutee of the Week

Every week, the First Year Tutor team nominate a boy who they have been particularly impressed with, and Mr Hill and Mrs Peattie provide him with a football to use on the fields for the week!

This week’s tutee of the week is George W (1W) for his enthusiasm and maturity in his approach to all areas of school life – well done George!


We love to hear about what you have been getting up to outside of school and to celebrate your successes in the First Year Blog! Please do send any information about any of your achievements through to Mr Fuldner ().


Each week I will set you a challenge where you need to find out a random fact, number or indeed anything else around the School – you won’t be able to do this from home! Points for the interform competition will be awarded to the Form with the most correct entries over the course of the term! You have until the end of Wednesday to complete the challenge; you will find out in next week’s blog if you’re correct, and you will be given a merit by your Form Tutor the following Monday. And who knows – you might get to know the School better in the process!

Last week’s challenge: The coefficient of restitution is important in cricket; which symbol is used for this coefficient? You’ll find the answer on a mural about cricket, and it’s nowhere near the Sports department!

The correct answer could be found in the Maths department – it’s the letter e!

Well done to the following First Years for getting the correct answer: Julian M, Bruno E, James A, Reyansh J, Francisco C I, Zaki T, Harry C, Ridhaan G, Neil M, Joseph G, Asher C, Ruaan V, Rayan S, Alex B, Ethan S-W, Amaad B, Charles B, Matthew T, Justin K, Uzair V, Ilakian D, Ahaan S, Ocean Y and Naivedya A.  Make sure you collect a merit from your Form Tutor next week!

If you did know the answer but didn’t enter it into the blog last week, make sure you do so this week as it won’t count otherwise!

This week’s challenge:

How much money did the School community raise for ZSL (London Zoo)?

Hint: Look for the Form Charity noticeboard to find your answer!


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