The future is looking bright for our Class of 2024 with offers coming in to join some of the world’s leading educational institutions after they move on from Hampton.

The 2024 university offers round won’t be complete until the middle of May. To date, over half of our Upper Sixth formers have already received offers to join a range of exceptional courses across the arts and sciences, with 60% of the year group holding at least three offers, including 40 offers to date from global top-ten universities.

Congratulations: 11 University of Oxford and 12 University of Cambridge offers

A remarkable 23 Hampton pupils have offers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to read subjects from PPE to Maths and Medicine to Law. Head of UCAS, Mr Andrew Wilkinson commented:

This is a very talented cohort of Hamptonians who will go on to achieve great things, not just at university but in life beyond. The offers received so far from world-leading institutions are a reflection of their Intellectual calibre alongside their hard work and dedication – we are looking forward to hearing of more exciting university course offers in the coming weeks.

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