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We are back! As the pupils charge back through the gates and the staff arise from their cryogenic chambers, we find ourselves in the push towards Easter. The magnolia trees are thinking about blooming and if the Thames wasn’t constantly on the brink of bursting its banks because of the all the rain, you’d almost (almost!) be able to convince yourself it was spring. Of course, it isn’t, but the Third Year blog is nothing if it is not an optimist.

The first week after half term is a tough time for the blog. Achievements are in the process of being achieved, as opposed to being written about. After the gluttonous nature of the blog before half term, we are left lamenting getting over excited and throwing everything in. However, this week we get an insight into the Independent State Schools Partnership (ISSP) Music Day from just before half term – a fantastic event with pupils from Hampton, LEH, Hampton High, Hollyfield School, Orleans Park School, Tolworth Girls’ School and Waldegrave School joining forces for a day of music. We also have an update on the most storied trophy to be found in TW12 3HD – The Williams Cup. And a look back at the epic Rock Concert – Rock on! More than enough to be getting on with. Let’s gooooooo…

Heads of Year Message

Commiserations to the U14A football team who lost a thrilling ESFA Cup tie on Thursday afternoon. It was a particularly tough defeat to take given the late equaliser in normal time (after a saved penalty was ordered to be re-taken by the officials) and the even later winner in extra time. All the boys handled the situation well and can reflect on their cup run with great pride. Lessons learned and heads held high!


The Richmond Immunisation Team will attend school on Tuesday 12 March to administer DTP, Meningitis ACWY, and MMR (for anyone who has not already had two doses) booster vaccinations. The nursing team wrote to Third Year parents on Monday to share the letter containing the link to the parental consent form. Please complete the consent form as soon as possible and by Thursday 7 March at the latest.


We’re delighted that several Third Year pupils will travel across to LEH on Monday to exhibit at the STEM Fair which runs throughout lunchtime.

Study Skills Evening

Study Skills Evening (for parents) will take place on Monday 22 April from 6:30pm. We will write to all parents before the end of this term with further details, including how to sign up to attend the event. Sign up will be on a first come first served basis. The capacity for this event will be 100 people, so we ask that only one person per household attends.


For medical absences, please notify your son’s Form Tutors via email (cc’ing absence@hamptonschool.org.uk) on the morning of each day of absence by 8:45am, or complete the absence form via the parent portal. For planned absences and appointments, please contact Heads of Year requesting the absence with as much notice as possible.

Boys – Please remember to let us, your Form Tutors or the relevant subject teachers know if you are having any difficulties.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Miss M Bedford

Rock Concert

It was fantastic to hear so many Third Years take to the Hammond Theatre stage earlier this term in the hotly-anticipated Rock Concert. Take a look at the video below to get a flavour of the concert, let’s make some noise!

ISSP Music day

Two weeks ago, many schools in our area came to Hampton for the whole day with a vision to perform an amazing concert. The rehearsals started at 11:00 and we were split into our different musical groups. The singers went to the Main Hall, the strings went to the Music Hall and the percussion, brass and woodwind went to the Hammond. We had a long rehearsal where we practised the three pieces we were doing just before we ended for lunch.

However, before we went to lunch, we were treated to an amazing performance from Oompa Brass. There were five musicians and they each performed their own piece as well as very popular pieces that we got to choose from. The one that was most voted was, ‘Toxic,’ so they performed that for us. The whole experience was amazing and I believe there are a few videos on the Hampton Instagram. We then went across the fields to the club house and had lunch there. After that we carried on rehearsing but we were rehearsing with everyone so we could play as a whole orchestra. It was amazing because I’d never been in an orchestra that big before. We had a break and then performed in the concert. There were a few solo acts before the orchestra came on, which were really impressive, and then we went on and performed. Overall, it was an amazing experience which was really well organised by Mr Ferrier.

By Charlie D (3G)

Interform – The Williams Cup

We have had five events in the Williams Cup thus far – Teambuilding, Tug-of-war, Volleyball, Basketball and Rowing. You could argue that, so far, the events have skewed towards the more physically challenging side of things, which won’t necessarily be the case as the year progresses. Of course, we are only halfway through the year, so there is still plenty of time for the Forms further down the table to be able catch up and put themselves in with a chance of some silverware. Let’s see how the table is shaping up…

1st :3C: 37pts
2nd :3D: 36pts
3rd : 3H: 32pts
4th : 3E: 30pts
5th : 3G: 28pts
6th : 3A: 21pts
7th: 3F: 15pts
8th: 3B: 14pts
9th 3J: 11pts

So much to play for!

DISCOVER HAMPTON – The Power of Poetry

In our latest podcast, we marvel at the power of poetry. Join English teacher Mr Baker with our Third Years and Lower Sixth discussing how poetry reflects the complexities of real life. Click on the link below to listen.

Two truths and a lie

Before half term, Assistant Head of Third Year, Mr Moore, attempted to pull the wool over our eyes. He offered us this smorgasbord of feasibility:

  • Mr Moore is a big Abba fan.
  • Mr Moore has won the National Rosslyn Park Rugby 7s.
  • Mr Moore has scuba-dived in the Bahamas to conduct fieldwork on endangered coral reef ecosystems.

Mr Moore may look like a man of fine taste and wisdom, but this is undermined by the knowledge that he is an Abba fan. No one is perfect. While you wouldn’t necessarily want to find yourself on a karaoke evening with Mr Moore, he is exactly the man you would want if you need to attempt to rehabilitate a coral reef, as he is experienced in these matters. What this means is that, while he was (is!) an excellent rugby player, he was never part of a winning side at the Rosslyn Park 7s.

This week we have Ms Doncel Cervantes deceiving us… what is true and what is not?

  • Ms Doncel Cervantes taught English as a foreign language in a remote village at the foothills of the Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador.
  • Ms Doncel Cervantes was once caught in a sandstorm in the middle of the night while camping in Death Valley and had to be evacuated by the Park Rangers.
  • Ms Doncel Cervantes once got stung multiple times by a smack of jellyfish off the coast of Sardinia on her honeymoon.


Well done to everyone who had a go at the Connection Corner before half term. Merits go to all those who correctly guessed that the answers were all to do with New York. Big shout out to Huw P, Kota D, Kiran G, Olly P, Oliver K, Oliver C, Rory M, Oscar B and Darshan S. 

Another tricky one this week, have a go over the weekend and see if you can spot the connection:

In case you’re still perplexed, here are the answers from the last conundrum:

Which Northern Line station lies between Tooting Bec and Colliers Wood? Tooting Broadway

Braeburn, Melba and Golden Russett are all varieties of what? Apple

What is the name of the café in the sitcom Friends? Central Perk

What is the name of David and Victoria Beckham’s oldest child? Brooklyn

Connection answer: All things to do with New York (Broadway, The Big Apple, Central Park, Brooklyn)

HAVE A GREAT weekend!

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