The Talk! series was privileged to hear from senior Foreign Office diplomat Olivier Evans on the second anniversary of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Latest estimates show at least 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed, and 14.6 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. It is estimated that ten million people have been forcibly displaced by the war with 6.3 million refugees fleeing Ukraine to neighbouring countries.


Mr Evans offered expert insight into the ongoing war. He reflected on the enormous losses and devastating impact of the war on innocent civilian lives and Ukrainian infrastructure. He also spoke about the distinction between President Putin’s responsibility for the war and Russian people who have been denied the truth through media control and disinformation. Mr Evans drew the analogy that despite being a conflict of modern warfare, with sophisticated technology, weaponry and drones, this war – like all others – is about having boots on the ground and seizing territory.

The Foreign Office specialist also highlighted the far-reaching effects of the war on the global economy and wider geopolitics and international relations, underlining the importance of continued support for Ukraine by global partners both financially and politically.

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