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This is my first week as editor of the Second Year Blog. In a former life, before I became a teacher, I was a newspaper journalist and I do enjoy helping boys gather and write news copy. I am delighted to be involved in this keenly-read publication and hope it will be a happy training ground for journalists of the future.  

In the Second Year team, the top headline is that Mrs Hill has a had a bouncing baby boy! Name and weight to follow. Congratulations!

We have a short and busy half term ahead (just five and a half weeks) and Second Years have hit the ground running with matches, clubs and rehearsals for concerts and for the Lower School play ‘Macbeth’. In this week’s blog, the subject featured is Design and Engineering and the Club of the Week is The Writers’ Room. If I was a pupil here, that’s where I’d be, writing poetry or short stories. Thank you to Tom B (2W) for his insight into Storm Ciaran in the half term holiday. I have started a new series – Meet the Mentors – and every week we will meet a different member our Upper Sixth team. This week it’s Finn W who looks after 2W. 


Another bumper week for merits! Well done to the following Second Years:

James Nunn – 10

Enzo Fiuza-Mellor – 10

Zihan Chen – 10

Aleksei Lekhanov – 10

Ian Burguillos – 10

Neil Thakur – 10

Joshua Dunbar-Lee – 10

Sewon Park – 10

James Stott – 10

Dean Bennett – 10

Brooklyn Ng – 10

Ari Emanuel – 20

Danyal Pasha – 20

Tom Staton – 20

Joshua Dunbar-Lee – 20

Jai Kothari – 20

Alex Andre – 20

Neev Gangwani – 20

Konrad Granberg – 20

Alex Hodges – 20

Jonty Gwynne – 20

Jonty Gwynne – 30

Oliver Yang – 30

Patrick Hobbs – 30

Alex Hodges – 30

Manav Krishna – 30

Armaan Virdee – 40

Storm Ciaran 

One of the most memorable things of the half term holiday was Storm Ciaran. It promised flooding and winds of up to 100 kilometres per hour. This meant weather warnings were issued to many parts of the country. On Wednesday night, Storm Ciaran hit London. Luckily, we were not badly affected by the storm, with maximum wind speeds of 45kph, but parts of South East England experienced near hurricane strength winds from Tuesday to Friday. The second part of the storm caused severe flooding in parts of Scotland. A large drop in air pressure was recorded, with it falling to as far as 952 millibars. 

By Tom B (2W) 

Club of the Week

The Writers’ Room

I have been a member of The Writers’ Room club since I joined Hampton last year and I wanted to explain what happens in the most stylish room in the English corridor. 

We use pictures and games to help us write stories and develop characters. As a club, we enter writing competitions where there are cool prizes such as a £500 travel grant. In the last competition, we had to write historical fiction about a famous historical event such as the sinking of the Titanic or the discovery of Australia and the Aboriginals (I wrote about this). It’s a great chance to improve your writing skills and we get a packed lunch with Freddos! If you’re interested in joining, come along on a Thursday at 12:35pm. It’s in F71 with Mrs Pickford-Scienti.  

By Marcus P (2W) 

Subject of the Week

Design and Engineering 

The subject of the week goes to Design and Engineering because we are at an interesting point in our “Metal Miniatures” project. In our recent lesson, we were blazing our miniatures meaning that we were connecting all our detached arms and legs that we removed to be able to customise which direction they faced. Blazing consisted of applying flux which is a pink liquid and then heating up the metal and melting a copper rod to connect the two steel pieces. 

We also began to blaze on accessories which we had had cut out of the spare metal pieces from a tray. I personally created a miniature which was playing on the drum kit. I found it fun sawing away and then later blazing the drum sticks I had made onto the hands of my mini figure. We are almost done in creating our project and I am excited to see the final figure when I have finished blazing everything together.   

By Max G (2W)  

Meet the Mentor

This week Vayun J (2W) interviewed Upper Sixth Hamptonian Finn W, one of the mentors for Form 2W:

What are your favourite sports? 

I don’t like many, but I do like to use the gym. I also liked the recreational football in Lower School.

Does pineapple belong on pizza? 

No. Controversial, but no. 

What are you studying for A Levels and what do you want to do as a job? 

I am studying History, Politics and Spanish. I would like to be a lawyer, but I will decide that later in life. 

What is your favourite movie? 

I don’t really like much, but I do enjoy Star Wars. 

What advice would you give Second Years? 

Just don’t stress over exams, you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. Also don’t overwork yourself with homework, even if it is piling up. I used to do that, and I don’t think people should repeat that mistake. Just have fun and do what your teacher tells you. 

Football Roundup

On Monday, the U13B football team went up against Parmiter’s School in the ESFA first round. We arrived in Watford for kick off at 2.30pm. The game started off as a fast paced, action-packed chaos. Quickly, Parmiter tapped a ball into the back of the net and not long after Parmiter scored another goal with a close range tap in. Soon after, Zidan placed a ball through to Sewon who slotted the ball through the keeper’s legs and into the back of the net. Half time ended at 2-1 to Parmiter and we knew there was still a chance to come back. The next half started with the opposition striking two goals into the back of the net. 4-1. The next few minutes continued in the same way as they scored another two goals in quick succession. The match ended as a 6-1 loss for Hampton. We knew we were knocked out of the ESFA Cup but we will come back stronger next time.

By Benjamin J (2W)

No Limits Week

Next week is No Limits Week, which is all about moving out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself with something new! Lower School Hamptonians are encouraged to go to at least three new clubs or societies over the course of the week. Everyone will be given a ‘No Limits Week Card’ which you will take to each new club you take part in. From History Society to Basketball, from Board Games to Biology Club, this is your chance to discover a new passion and have a go at doing something a little bit different! 

Take a look at the full list of all clubs, societies and other co-curricular activities on offer in the booklet below:

Co-curricular Guide 2023-24

Odd Socks

On Monday 13 November, we will be joining with many schools and other organisations across the country by inviting pupils to participate in Odd Socks Day. Odd Socks Day takes place at the start of Anti-Bullying Week each year to raise awareness of bullying. The idea of wearing odd socks is that it is an opportunity for people at schools and workplaces to celebrate their individuality and it is a reminder of the duty we all have to stand up against bullying and discrimination. Let’s hear from Lower Sixth Hamptonians Vaibhav and Isaac to find out more:


The first Hampton School Talk! of the year will take place on Thursday 16 November at 1pm in the Hammond Theatre with Harry Cole, the Political Editor of one of the UK’s most popular newspapers, with a string of headline scoops to his name.

Join us to hear from one of the most influential and forthright voices in political journalism and learn all about Harry Cole’s rise to one of the top jobs in the media and his insight on the current political landscape. If you’re interested in all things politics or can see your future in journalism, come along on 16 November and find out more.

Hamptonians from across all year groups are welcome to attend and do not need to book a ticket.


Well done to everyone who had a go at last week’s quiz. Big shout out to Form 2B with the most entries. Merits go to:

2J: Siddhant S, David W, Henry S, Joshua A

2L: Macsen B, Alexander A, Tom S, Armaan V, Konrad G, Jonty G

2W: Dean B, Benjamin J, Leon Y, Laurie L-T, Isaac d Q

2B: Joe B, Ekam R, Devam K, Neal H, Gabriel K S, Alex G, Sebastian W

2H: James G, Joshua D-L, Luke F

2F: Oscar S, Daniel S, Aiden F

2P: Oliver Y

Take a look at this week’s questions – have a go yourself or challenge people at home and see if they know the answer. Points for the Interform Competition will be awarded to the form with the most entries over the term.

This week’s brain-busting quiz questions come to us from Marcus P (2W). Why don’t you have a go and enter your answers here. 

Here are the answers from last week’s quiz:

  1. In which country and what year was the ‘fast food’ concept initiated? USA White Castle in 1921
  2. In Indian cooking, what ingredient is called “jaggery”? Sugar
  3. What do you call the process of preparing eggs for a Caesar salad? Coddling
  4. Which variety of chili is considered the hottest in the world? Ghost pepper
  5. What spice provides Vitamin A, inhibits hair loss, and can prevent spider veins? It is commonly used in Indian, Hungarian, Mexican, and Moroccan food? Paprika

HAVE A GREAT weekend!

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