Hamptonians, partner school pupils, and members of the community packed the Hammond Theatre to hear from Political Editor of The Sun, Harry Cole.

Arriving straight from the House of Commons, Harry Cole has had an extremely busy week of breaking news with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacking his Home Secretary and bringing predecessor David Cameron back into the fold, and opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer losing ten MPs from his front bench over his stance on Gaza.

Harry Cole spoke to the Hammond Theatre audience about the trials and tribulations facing both political parties as the country gears up for the next general election and responded to an array of incisive questions from pupils and guests, ranging from the future of The Sun post Rupert Murdoch, charges of misinformation and sensationalism, and which party The Sun will declare for in the forthcoming election.

Stressing that the success and reputation of any political journalist – tabloid, or broadsheet – is rooted in accuracy, scrutiny and prioritising readers’ interests, Harry Cole emphasised that the role of the political press is to ensure political leaders also uphold standards of honesty and transparency, and that those who fail to tell the truth, will always eventually be caught out by the media.


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