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An abiding image which demarcates the true arrival of the Hampton winter is to be able to peer out from the window of the staff dining area and make out (through the gloom and the rain) the 3G still thronged with pupils, (mostly) wearing their blazers for warmth. You’ll also be able to make out your poor colleagues, wrapped up in their heftiest coats, huddled under umbrellas, hoping that the rain becomes brutal enough to warrant calling everyone in.

Of course, the downside of everyone coming in, is that then everyone is IN. Few things can set the teaching staff on a higher alert than a rainy lunchtime when the 3G is closed and the classrooms and corridors are full! Thankfully, there is a remarkable amount of clubs and activities available at lunchtime which can keep a Hamptonian occupied regardless of the weather. We are just coming to the end of No Limits Week, where pupils are encouraged to try something new. Hopefully many of you have found somewhere new to expend some of that energy! The Third Year Blog would love to hear from any pupils who have tried something new this week that they really enjoyed.

We now find ourselves less than four weeks away from the Christmas break, which seems slightly ridiculous. There is a bittersweet quality to this in that we are very close to a wonderful time of the year, but with quite a lot to get through in terms of work before we all reach it. It will be a busy time, but one that should be enjoyed. Of course, it is when time is pressured and things are busy that tempers can fray and behaviour can slip a little. It’s worth noting that the English school calendar is focused around the Christian days of celebration, but we have just passed the celebration of Diwali. While there are many different ways in which Diwali is celebrated, it can be described as representing light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. This feels like the perfect way to attempt to approach the remainder of the term (and, indeed, any term). It is certainly going to be the light guiding the Third Year Blog in the coming weeks and it feels like a strong collective aim for the year group!

But, what do you come to the Third Year Blog for? Spiritual nourishment and guidance? Nooooo! Football team reports? Yeeeeeeesssss! A report on a talk to the School from a nationally important political journalist? Yesssss!! News about a Third Year pupil exhibiting his art this weekend? Let’s goooooooo!!!! Connection Corner? Yeeeeesssss!!! Form Tutors lying? Yeeessssss!!!! Theatre reviews? Yesssss!!!! Spiritual nourishmen… Nooooo!!!

Ok, ok, ok. Here’s some of what the Third Years have been getting up to this week.

Heads of Year Message

Well done to everyone for another purposeful and productive week, as documented in this blog!

MidYIS testing

We have written to all Third Year parents today about the MidYIS testing that will take place in School next week. All Third Year pupils will sit a MidYIS test during (and for up to 15 minutes before or after) their timetabled Computer Science lesson. The test allows us to monitor pupils’ academic progress throughout their time in the School. Boys should not worry about this test. They cannot and should not attempt to revise for it. There is no pass or fail and the test will not affect their grade cards or School report. All we will ask is that the boys attempt all questions to the best of their ability.

Flu Vaccinations

A reminder to parents that flu vaccinations for First to Fifth Years will take place in school on Wednesday 22 November (next week). The deadline for parents to complete the consent form, which has been sent out by the school nurse, is Monday 20 November.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week in schools nationwide. Third Year pupils will see a recording of Mr Rigby’s talk on the subject in Assembly next week. This reinforces the message that we regularly give to all our pupils – that bullying of any kind has no place at Hampton and there is a zero-tolerance approach to such behaviours. Boys are always encouraged to treat one another with kindness, tolerance, empathy and respect. If you have any concerns that this is not the case for yourself or for your son, please contact us, as these are issues that we always work hard to resolve with sensitivity.

No Limits Week

We have been delighted to see how Third Year pupils have bought into No Limits Week and used it is an opportunity to try new activities. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves in the process and our sincere thanks go to the teachers who put on such wonderful and varied co-curricular activities. Having tried something new, our hope is that boys will keep going to the club(s) that they enjoyed – this could be the start of a lifelong hobby, interest or passion! Boys – these are the things that will enrich your lives, so the time you invest in them now will pay dividends in the future.

Maths setting test

Please can we ask parents to direct any queries regarding Third Year Maths setting to Mrs Watson-Evans (M.Watson-Evans@hamptonschool.org.uk) in the Maths department.

Boys – Please remember to let us, your Form Tutors or the relevant subject teachers know if you are having any difficulties. We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Mrs M Bedford

U14A Football Report

Hampton’s U14A team resumed their 2023-24 Elgin League campaign away against Eton School on Saturday afternoon. The team were looking to pick up another win in their excellent start to the new season under new coach Mr Hooper. After a tough 2-2 draw with Forest School before the October break, Hampton were looking to get back to their usual winning ways.

Hampton kicked off the first half confidently, dominating possession and passing the ball around their back line, looking to tire the opposition early on. Due to the heavy rain the day before, the condition of the pitch provided Hampton with an unwanted extra opponent. However, after a handful of attempts on goal, which lacked the all-important final finish, Hampton started to pick up the pace of the game. After 10 minutes of play, Hampton had enjoyed the majority of the possession but nothing stood between the two sides as of yet. As Hampton pressed, the ball was intercepted in midfield and played through the lines out wide to Ben W. With only a few touches needed, he expertly floated the ball back into the box where Oliver K sprung from the traps and finished to give Hampton a deserved lead. Due to this moment of inspiration, Hampton now had the momentum so pushed on, resulting in Myan M setting Rufus L through on goal to give Hampton a 2-0 lead. With not long before the break, Hampton showed no signs of reducing the pace of their display and won a free kick deep into the Eton half after a foul in midfield. With the taller members of the team venturing forward to attack the free kick, the ball was swung into the box by Myan M and onto the head of Tom S who guided the ball into the back of the net to give Hampton a third. With only seconds left of the first half, Eton had their chance to attack from a corner and a slip at the back from Hampton gifted Eton their first goal of the game.

Half Time: 3-1

First half Goalscorer(s): Oliver K, Rufus L, Tom S

First half Assist(s): Ben W, Myan M (2)

Hampton came out for the second half with all guns blazing. For the first ten minutes of the half, neither team had many chances to score until an opportunity cropped up for Eton. Resultant of another moment of miscommunication at the back for Hampton, Eton’s striker burst through on goal and slotted the ball into the net to reduce the scoreline to 3-2.  After Hampton’s back four battled hard to regain the ball, play was switched out to Ben W on the left – wing, who controlled the ball calmly before chipping the ball over the Eton defenders to put Tom S through on goal. After a neat skill to take the ball past the Eton goalkeeper, he blasted the ball into the empty net to regain Hampton’s two goal lead and get his second of the game. Now that Hampton had a reasonable lead again, they looked to retain possession whilst also looking to add another to the goal tally at the right opportunity. After a few meaningful attacks by Eton, the opposition started to regain their energy and pushed forward into Hampton territory. Due to a blunder in midfield, Eton regained possession of the ball and their striker was set through on goal before finishing and once again reducing the scoreline to a single goal. However, this failed to rock the Hampton team as they responded with a counter attack that resulted in Oliver K gathering the ball in the penalty area and finishing brilliantly into the top corner to make it 5-3. In response to the Hampton goal, Eton showed a shift in mentality that resulted in another ball being played through the Hampton defence to their nimble winger who made it 5-4. This provided a tense finish to the game as Hampton clung onto their one goal lead and Eton threw everything forward to equalise. Unfortunately for Hampton, Eton’s opportunity came in the dying seconds as a well-crafted move resulted in Eton scoring another to square the game late on. After the game had come to a conclusion, Hampton held their heads high knowing that they had put in a brilliant performance despite drawing the game and showed their appreciation to the parents for playing a crucial role in their unwavering support on the sidelines. However, focus would soon be turned to a crunch clash with Royal Russell School on the weekend.

Full Time: 5-5

Second half Goalscorer(s): Tom S, Oliver K

Second half assist(s): Ben W

Report by Tom S

The Woman in Black

On Tuesday, Form 3E (and those lucky enough to get tickets) were able to go on a trip to see the Woman in Black live at Richmond Theatre. It proved to be a perfect opportunity to further our understanding of the text we are currently studying in class and to provide entertainment on what would have otherwise been just a boring night. I thought at first that the first half might be a bit dull as we have already read that far in our lessons, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the script was different enough to keep us interested. 

Without giving too much away, the second half was full of jump scares and very loud screaming, as much, if not more of which, came from the audience as opposed to the speakers behind us. The show has also increased my understanding of the novel, allowing my work to be easier and the book to make more sense. To conclude, I would highly recommend going to see the Woman in Black if you’re lucky enough to have a free evening. I know some of the people with us were not studying the text or had ever heard of the novel before and they still really enjoyed it, so whether you have any knowledge of the plot, the play will still manage keep you on the edge of your seat and surprise you.

By Sam C (3E)

Harry Cole TALK!

Yesterday, the political editor of The Sun, Harry Cole, visited Hampton to tell us about the workings of the Sun and answer the many questions posed to him about his career and journalism in general. He answered our questions with a unique insight and there were some funny stories of his experiences – including a hilarious story of an encounter with Nigel Farage as a young cub reporter.

Mr Cole explained how the Sun tries to report topics that their readers are interested in or agree with, whilst at the same time projecting a world view that the Sun itself (and its owner Rupert Murdoch) largely agrees with. Harry Cole told us how the political situation of the past few years has been unique for journalism in the UK and how the Sun alongside other newspapers is trying to boost its online status as a newspaper. Overall, it was a hilarious and insightful TALK! that was a great experience and a lunchtime well used.

By Rory M (3A)

Awesome Art

This Friday and Saturday, if you are anywhere near Chiswick, it would be well worth your while popping along to the W4 Winter Art and Design Fair. There will be plenty of art on display and some of it will be provided by a Third Year Hamptonian – AJ. As you can see from the examples of his work, he’s able to create remarkable effects. At the fair, he is exhibiting his work alongside 30 adult artists. If you’re able to go and support him, then please do.

Two (or three) truths and a lie

Last week, Miss Vasanthakumar was the Third Year Form Tutor looking to pull the wool over your eyes.

If you remember, she had three truths and a lie, presumably in a feeble attempt to imply that her willingness to lie is less powerful than the average Tutor. She suggested these claims as potential truths:

  • Miss Vasanthakumar once solved a Rubik’s cube in less than 15 seconds
  • Miss Vasanthakumar is allergic to plasters (e.g. a square shaped plaster = square shaped rash)
  • Miss Vasanthakumar has been to London Comic Con and met some of the cast of Green Arrow
  • Miss Vasanthakumar doesn’t actually need glasses – they are just a fashion accessory

It is remarkable, but also true that she solved a Rubik’s cube in less than 15 seconds (though I don’t believe she was anywhere near the world record time of 3.13 seconds!). It turns out that she is allergic to plasters, so please keep the rugby balls well away from her if she is on 3G duty. Finally, she did go to London Comic Con and meet some of the cast of Green Arrow – if you ask her about it, the excitement is still palpable. What this means is that the lie is the idea that her glasses are just a fashion accessory – Miss Vasanthakumar is made of weightier stuff than that (metaphorically, not physically, of course).

This week, Mrs Pickford-Scienti slides effortlessly into the two truths and a lie spotlight. It is as if she was made for this moment.

What does she want us to believe, I hear you ask? Well…

  • Mrs Pickford-Scienti’s first language is Italian
  • If Mrs Pickford-Scienti drinks tea, an allergic reaction causes her tongue to swell to approximately three times its normal size
  • Mrs Pickford-Scienti is a yellow sash in Hunh Leng Kung Fu

Frankly, that all sounds like complete nonsense. But, as if plain from the title of the feature, two if these things must be true. So what isn’t?


Well done to everyone who correctly guessed the connection as elements of the Periodic Table! Big shout out to Aarav D, Harry W, Hamoodi A, Olly P, Ambrose B, Darshan S, Ishaan A, Nileeth G, Rahul B, Daniel H, Sanjit B, Edmond L, Tolu I, Harry L, Christopher K, Svajan G, Manraj G, Ollie N, Kiran G, Jasper M and Rory M. Don’t forget to collect your merits!

Another tricky one this week, have a go over the weekend and see if you can spot the connection:

Who was the lead singer of the band Queen? Freddie Mercury

What is a five-cent coin known as in the USA? Nickel

Snowy is the name of the dog in which famous Belgian cartoon? Tin Tin

The Millennium Dome in Greenwich is now known by what name? The O2

 Connection answer: Elements

Have a great weekend!

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