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The Third Year blog is very similar to the Second Year blog, except it is for Third Years – as the carefully considered name of the ‘Third Year blog’ would suggest.

Every week, we aim to bring the BIG NEWS from the Third Year (not the Second Year – that would be the ‘Second Year blog’). One might think that there would be a dearth of news in week one (well, week two, but I’m not sure two days really counts as a week), but that is not the case here.

So what happened? Beyond the underlying excitement of a new School year, you all got Wednesday afternoon off thanks to Thames Water (not something that quite carries the romantic glamour of a snow day). Then on Thursday there was the Teambuilding Day, which was an obvious success, even if there are some members of the year who from the looks of it might still be trying to work out how to successfully walk 30 yards as a group of five on two planks as they move into the Sixth Form! When you add in the excitement of the first set of weekend sports fixtures, some elite musicianship (report below), a quiz (at the bottom of the blog) and a teacher willing to shamelessly lie through his teeth (see below) we find ourselves with a full blog. Let’s get into it!


We were delighted to see the smiling faces, energy and enthusiasm as Third Years returned to School last week after a well-deserved summer break. Whether a returning Second Year pupil or joining from a Prep School, all have started the school year remarkably well. They are settling into the new Form Groups and we have already received several positive comments from Form Tutors and  subject teachers who have been impressed with their early interactions with Third Year classes – well done everyone! They have also responded well to the challenges of familiarising themselves with a new timetable, new classrooms, new Form Tutors and new subject teachers, so we are sure that the boys will benefit from one more warm and sunny weekend.

We spoke to all Third Years together at the start of term to emphasise a few important points. Firstly, they are always welcome to speak to us, their Form Tutors and/or their Sixth Form mentors on any subject, but particularly if they have a question or a problem relating to School life that they need help with. In particular, they can find us in the Third Year office during morning break time on any Thursday when we operate an “open door” session. We will also be available on Friday morning break times to sign off Academic Merits and Lion Merits. We ask all Third Year pupils to be themselves and be kind to themselves over the coming days and weeks. The exertions of starting a new term in a new environment are very challenging, so they must give themselves time and space to rest, sleep at night, eat well and stay hydrated. It may take a little time to feel completely settled (and this is to be expected), but the boys should be calm and authentic in their interactions with teachers and peers. Finally, we set the boys some aims for the year. We hope these will act as a guiding principle for their time in Third Year:

  • Always aim for personal best in everything you do at School – academic endeavour; co-curricular engagement; interactions with teachers and peers.
  • Be kind to everyone in the School community.
  • Get involved in as many aspects of School life as you can.
  • Speak up if you need assistance, you need to be an upstander, or if you get things wrong.

Given the aim to “get involved”, we were very pleased to see a full turnout at the Co-Curricular Fair on Friday 8 September. Third Years should resolve to try out at least one new club (beyond sports practices) this half term.

Teambuilding Day was a great success on Thursday. We were delighted to see all the Third Years taking part in teambuilding activities so energetically and enthusiastically throughout the day. We know that this is just one step in the integration process, but it was great to see the boys having fun whilst learning about effective communication, problem solving, and working as a team. Congratulations to Form 3G for taking the early lead in the Interform Competition by winning the event!

Parents will have received separate communications about Open Morning (Saturday 23 September) and Pastoral Forum (Monday 18 September). All Third Year pupils are expected to attend Open Morning to assist (unless involved in an away sports fixture that day). Please email Dr Hendry (s.hendry@hamptonschool.org.uk) and us if this presents an issue. Earlier this week, all parents were invited to attend Pastoral Forum on Monday 18 September and we are expecting a good turnout – thanks to all those parents who have booked a place.

We have high hopes for the new Third Year boys and we are really looking forward to supporting each of them and helping them to achieve their potential this year.

Best wishes

Mr Rigby & Mrs Bedford

Co-curricular Fair

Great to see so many of you come along to last Friday’s Co-curricular Fair. Clubs are now up and running, and Third Year Hamptonians are spoilt for choice! Take a look at the full list of all clubs, societies and other co-curricular activities on offer in the booklet below:


With over 130 clubs and societies on offer, the biggest challenge will be deciding which ones to join! Keep an eye out for notices from your Form Tutor for any changes to this year’s clubs.

Sports Reports

It’s been great to see so many of you take to the football and rugby pitches already this term. Read on to find out more.

U14A Football

Hampton’s U14A team kicked off their 2023-24 season at home against Glyn School on Saturday. With the sun beating down on the 3G, Hampton were certainly fired up for the occasion and with new members of the team playing their first games for the school, everyone was looking to impress at the first opportunity. 

Hampton began the first half confidently, dominating possession and passing the ball around their back line, looking to tire the opposition early on, but after a handful of unsuccessful attempts on goal their focus started to drop off. After 20 minutes of play, both sides had enjoyed their respective spells of positivity, and nothing stood between them. Hampton were creating lots of chances through the midfield, but never really looked like scoring, and kept giving the ball away freely. After a chance that came from an interception in midfield, Noah RDM gathered the ball on the edge of the box, looked up, and expertly slotted the ball through Glyn’s defence to Ned L who nutmegged the keeper to put Hampton in front. Now that Hampton had the advantage, their confidence went through the roof. With only a few minutes left before the break, the focus turned to keeping the lead. Glyn pushed to the whistle to equalise the game and eventually the chance came from a corner which was bundled in from six yards to square the game.

Half Time: 1-1 First half Goalscorer(s): Ned L First half Assist(s): Noah RDM

Hampton started the second half well, looking to score more themselves whilst also keeping a strong defensive shape. For the first ten minutes of the half, neither team had many chances to score until an opportunity cropped up for Hampton. After Hampton’s back four battled hard to regain the ball, the ball was played out to Noah RDM on the wing, and he then played a ball through the lines to Oliver K. With only a few touches needed, he fired the ball past the goalkeeper into the bottom corner to give Hampton the lead once again. However, Hampton knew that the game was not over. Glyn School were not finished yet, and showed a change in mindset that resulted in them challenging the Hampton defence. After several attacks that paid little in the way of meaningful returns, the opposition got their chance late on in the game as their striker burst into the box only to be brought down by a Hampton midfielder. After appeals from the Glyn players, a penalty was given much to the discontent of the Hampton players and supporters.

After a powerful run-up, Glyn’s penalty taker placed the ball past the onlooking keeper into the back of the net to give Glyn a late equaliser. In the dying seconds, Hampton showed their determination to go for the win and after a few excruciatingly close chances for the team, Hampton had to settle for a draw and the take the point. However, after the final whistle, Hampton held their heads high, knowing that they had put in an excellent shift in the first game of the new season in a freshly- gelling team with great sideline support from the parents and expert management by Mr Hooper.

Full Time: 2-2 Second half Goalscorer(s): Oliver K Second half assist(s): Noah RDM

Report by Thomas S (3C)

U14B Football 

As the seemingly endless bus journey neared its end, the atmosphere seemed to peak as all of the boys prepared themselves for the first game back after a long summer break. Eagerly, we walked towards the pitch and began the essential process of warming up and making sure we would be ready to give the game our all, from the kick-off all the way to the final whistle. And then the game began. After months of going without representing the School, everybody was raring to go and the passion and energy shown was truly remarkable and a great example for what is to come in the future. Every 50/50 was won, every chance leaving a powerful shot soaring towards the net, I was certain it was only a matter of time before the team would manage to convert. Sure enough, by the end of the first half, it was 1-0 to Hampton.

Despite having the lead as well as the scorching sun beating down on us, we went into the second half without showing any sign of slowing down and making sure we would solidify the win. A late second goal was enough to achieve this and soon after the final whistle was blown rewarding the boys with a well-deserved victory against a strong Glyn School. Throughout the game the boys displayed great hunger and Hamptonian spirit, by never giving up and shaking the unfortunate opponent’s hands at the end. I am sure that this form will continue and that the future for the upcoming season is bright.

Well done U14B footballers!

Report by Paul I (3A)

U14A Rugby 

On Saturday, the Under 14A team and B team had fixtures away at Seaford College. The A team kicked off at 11am being captained by Kian W. Seaford scored a few quick tries but then around 20 minutes through, Jake O’R took the ball from the ruck and ran past their defence scoring an unbelievable try followed on by a great kick by Benedict B.

Unfortunately, these were the only points we scored on the board, and we sustained a few injuries. The final score was 7-31 to Seaford.

Hopefully, we can bounce back next week and seal a win against Campion School!

Report from Aarav D (3A)

ABRSM exam success

Over the summer, Theo T (3H) successfully took the ABRSM grade 8 exam in Piano, receiving a distinction. This is a remarkable achievement, with the qualification being the equivalent of an A-Level and the highest amateur qualification. Pretty good going for someone in the Third Year! Well done, Theo!

Teambuilding day

Teambuilding Day is about building teams. Similarly to the Third Year blog, the clue is in the title. Many teams were built and it was wonderful to see and hear the enjoyment that the year group got from trying to complete the tasks they were set. Special mention must go to the Sixth Form mentors who were there to offer guidance, support and, amongst the more unscrupulous ones, their own recollection of how to most quickly succeed at the tasks. They did an excellent job.

The video below captures the spirit of the day and is well worth a watch.

Teambuilding Day Gallery

Of course, there is a sharper end to the Teambuilding Day! It is the opening competition of the battle for the Williams Cup, the Third Year Interform trophy.

So, who took an early lead?

1st – 3G
Joint 2nd – 3C and 3H
4th – 3E
5th – 3F
6th – 3J
7th – 3D
8th – 3A
9th – 3B

Well done to 3G. The rest of the year will see plenty more events offering Interform points – the Williams Cup is still very much up for grabs!

The Writers’ Room

Here at Hampton, we like certainty and clarity when it comes to naming things, as evidenced earlier and continued by the aptly named The Writers’ Room. On a Thursday lunchtime, between 12.40 and 1.15pm, in this wonderful space (in the English department, next to the English office in room F71) there is the opportunity for Third Years to try out creative writing, ably supported and guided by Mrs Pickford Scienti. We would strongly recommend giving it a go if you have any interest in creative writing or if you are interested in taking the chance to let your imagination run wild.

Two truths and a lie

Each week, the Third Year blog will ask a member of the Third Year form tutor team to offer two truths about themselves, along with a lie. Your task will be to work out which ‘fact’ is a fiction. The first teacher willing to undermine their own credibility is Mr Green, Form Tutor for 3H and Assistant Head of Year.

Below are his three outlandish claims.

  1. Mr Green has an irrational dislike of men wearing scarves indoors.
  2. Mr Green makes his own butter.
  3. Mr Green’s favourite colour is green.

Which is the lie?


Have a go at answering the following quiz questions! Once you’ve got your answers, see if you can spot a connection that links them…

Go on, have a go for your chance to win a merit! The connection will be revealed in next week’s blog.


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