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Welcome to a Prizegiving special!

Last Thursday’s informal and entertaining Fourth Year Prizegiving event was one of the highlights of my time at Hampton, and undoubtedly one of the most rewarding. After such a busy year, it was an absolute delight to pause for an hour or so and celebrate the efforts and character of a year group we are immensely proud of.

I had genuine goosebumps when I walked through the ‘soundcheck’ at breaktime and heard a preview of the musical interludes we were to enjoy later, an eclectic mix of genres which encompassed everything from Rachmaninov to Tom Odell. I successfully managed to convince the other Fourth Year tutors that ‘Coldplay’ would be closing the show; little did they know this was a ‘decoy’ and we’d instead be treated to Oasis (covered by Louis, Felix, and Ryan).

We’d like to thank our ‘guest’ presenters Samrath, Sammy, Xavier, Arun, Zaid, Monty, and Shane, whose confident stage presence really made the event ‘for the Fourth Years, by the Fourth Years’.

We were thrilled with the genuine delight which the Fourth Years took in applauding their peers and celebrating each other’s achievements, really embodying that Hampton spirit of togetherness. It was a lovely atmosphere, and the boys seemed to really enjoy the event.

Below are all of our performers and prize winners – congratulations to all of you and have a lovely Summer break!

Mr Leafe


Ben R and Alex B – Duologue from The 39 Steps
Leo M – Rachmaninov prelude (Piano)
Arjan W (Piano) Arun B and Ryan C (Vocals) – cover of ‘Another Love’ by Tom Odell
Louis W (Guitar), Felix L (Guitar) and Ryan C (Vocals) – cover of ‘Married at First Sight’ by Oasis

Award Presenters

Samrath S
Sammy J
Xavier O
Arun B
Zaid A
Monty S
Shane K

Effort Prize Winners

The Effort prize is awarded to those who have shown consistently outstanding effort both in and out of lessons throughout their Fourth Year at Hampton. These individuals are organised, conscientious and determined in-class and proactive with their independent work outside of School.

Jian G
Dexter B
Sam B
Xander B
Ben W
Kenny A
Alex R
James E
Harresh J

Highly Commended

Henry H
Maneet B
Jayden O
Oscar C
Ben W
Oliver D
Matthew G

Tutor Prize Winners

This is selected by Form Tutors and is awarded to those who are a role model to their peers in their consistent display of the Hampton values of kindness, togetherness, respect, and tolerance.

Monty S
Alfred B
Taran I
Ryan C
Avi B
Thomas D
Eddie H
Ruben B
Noah K

Highly Commended

Fedor A
Trivikram P
Oli H
Leo M
Sam A
George B
Ralph Y
Jin H
Rajvir D

Unsung Heroes (nominated by their peers)

We asked the pupils to nominate peers who – without being asked or expecting recognition – consistently display the Hampton values of kindness, togetherness, respect, and tolerance. The character they show day in, day out makes them a role model for the year group.

George B
James S
Jayden O
Mark V
Will M
Leo M
Matthew G
Mikael N
Rohan L
Samrath S
Shane K

Well done to all our Fourth Years on some superb achievements throughout the year.

And all that’s left to say is…

Have a great summer holidays!



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