Welcome to the Second Year!

It’s hard to believe that this is the final blog of the year and what a year it has been! The wonderful blog writers have included a recap of all of the highlights of the year for you to read below, and it will truly make you reflect on what a remarkable year it has been!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the blog this year – you have provided such excellent content for our readers and helped share all of the great things going on in Second Year and I’ve very much enjoyed our weekly meetings and debates about the question of the week!

I hope all of the Second Years have a fantastic summer break and I look forward to seeing you all as Third Years in September!

Message from Mrs Owen

Dear parents

Please find below a photo of the forms as a memento of the groups before they are divided up next year. Apologies if anyone is missing – it was so hard to get all the boys in one place at the right time!

 It has been a pleasure to get to know your sons this year and I wish them and you a relaxing summer.

 Many thanks for your support over the year,

 Mrs Owen

End of the year

As we near the end of the year, we remember the amazing things that happened during our time in Second Year.  We will remember this year due to the fantastic competitions, plays and other unforgettable experiences that were frequently put on. We thank the teachers that taught us, and for putting on the brilliant productions, sporting events and clubs that they spent so much time helping create. 

We also think about our friends as we head into our Third Year forms, and as we are put into different classes. Everyone I know is very sentimental about their time with their previous form, but we are also very excited for our new time. 

Overall, we look back at the year fondly and enjoy the amazing moments we had together. 

By Kai W (2L)

Tutor Question of the Week

This week the pupils wanted to know… Have a pause button in your life, a rewind button or a fast forward button?

Pause: Miss Mattinson, Mr VA, Miss Holt, 2J, Miss Tiller, Miss Bryant

Rewind: Mrs Owen, 2L, Miss Winstock, Mrs Hill,

Fast forward:

Final interform results

After 2H won today’s Swimming Gala, let’s find out the final interform standings of the year:

1 – 2H

2 – 2F

3 – 2J

4 – 2W

5 – 2L

6 – 2P

7 – 2B

A big well done to 2H!

Lower School Prizegiving

Last Tuesday, there was the Lower School Prizegiving evening. Many Second Years had won prizes. There were also amazing musical performances such as Lola by Harry and Oliver S. There was also an extract from the Lower School play Once Upon a Pine. Prizes included: Art, Biology, Maths, Academic Excellence, All round Achievement and Endeavour. Afterwards, there were snacks in the Dining Hall including eclairs, chocolate brownies, deep fried prawns and ice cream. I hope we have more of this food in Third Year!

By Umair M (2L) and Dominic N (2L)

End of Year Assembly

Upon entering the Hammond Theatre, you could see a cycle of photos being displayed and once everyone was sat down, Mrs Owen came onto the stage and gave a quick introduction. Then there was a performance from ROAR, who sang Shenandoah, preceded by a snippet from the Summer Play Once Upon a Pine: The Adventures of Pinocchio. After this Charlie D gave a performance, Theo T followed him, and the assembly was finished by Harry and Oliver Swho did a duet. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year!

By Max D (2L)

Summer Concert

On Wednesday I prepared for Hampton Summer Concert. I had done two rehearsals with both the Brass Band and Sinfonia Orchestra, and both had gone well. As we stepped on the Stage with my trumpet and the rest of the Brass Band, I knew tonight we would enjoy a truly fabulous concert. With the Brass Band I played Black Dark and Golden Light and Slaidburn, both went well, and we all enjoyed ourselves. 

I was soon back on stage again with Sinfonia Orchestra as we played Slavonic Dance, with me being the only Brass Instrument! After a few more performances including Chamber Choir and String Octet, it was the interval, after which the Symphony Orchestra stepped on stage to play. They played three pieces, two of which featured solos and the third was The Dance Macabre. It was a night of music and laughter for all and congratulations to everyone involved.

By Rory M (2B)

Subject Of The Week – Drama 

This week, we have Drama as the subject of the week. Drama has been one of my favourite subjects this year and lots of people I know are continuing it for their Third Year and GCSEs. In lessons, there are lots of fun warm up games, we learn about different plays and the history of drama – how people would have performed back in the day. You also perform to an audience midway through the year so this year, we did revolting rhymes. I would recommend doing the subject as it is really fun and worth taking. 

By Zachariya I (2L) and Jayden C (2L)

Religious Raps!

In last week’s blog we mentioned how the Second Years in RS have been creating videos for their end of year project and some groups have decided to write a rap! We’ve included one below by Noah R, Jamie R, Nileeth G, Thomas Q and George M from 2P. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Highlights of the year – a timeline!

Winchester science centre planetarium 7 October

The planetarium was an amazing visual experience showing the many wonders of the night sky. We saw tons of constellations and stars and also saw all the planets in the Solar System.

Watching the England vs Iran  21 November

This was an amazing game and our class was filled to the brim. We vividly remember England beating Iran 6-2 and some amazing goals were scored.

Book Character Day  2 March

Second Years came to School with costumes from plays, books and comics. The corridors were teeming with colourful characters as we bustled our way to our next lessons. We enjoyed trying to guess each other’s costumes, and even the teachers were joining in.

Revolting rhymes 21 March

In the weeks before, Second yYars had been preparing a play that involved all of the drama work from each form. This all eventually joined together in the evening when we performed in front of our parents and teachers. 2L were a part of the Snow White and Seven Dwarves revolting rhymes play. This was a twist on the well-known fairy tale, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves whilst performing.

Adventure Society trip – Easter Holidays

On Saturday and Sunday, roughly 30 Second Years went to Rockley for watersport activities. I did sailing, which was my favourite activity, as I learnt how to sail well and was very fast across the water. The next day, we did paddle boarding and windsurfing. I preferred paddle boarding as it was quite peaceful. Afterwards, we went home. It was a very fun experience and I hope to go on more trips like this one!

ESFA final 4 May

This season, the Hampton First XI reached the ESFA final against Shrewsbury. 700 Hamptonians, including Second Years, went to Stoke City Stadium to watch the final. It was an extremely exciting event, although the bus ride was far too long. Hampton won the game 3-1 and the ESFA trophy is now in the cabinet!

Geography Trip 8 June

After an hour and a half on the coach we finally arrived to the River Cuckmere. As we arrived the view from the top was in our face and stunning. Overall, the trip was fun and informative, and I really enjoyed it.  Thank you to those involved in organising.

RS Trip 15 June

The entire Second Year went to a mosque in Hounslow and a church in Kew to learn more about them. After the trip to the mosque, we had a snack and drove to the church. Upon arrival we were greeted by the vicar and then proceeded to do a Q&A with him. 

History Trip – Mary Rose 20 and 21 June

We travelled to Portsmouth to visit the remains of the Mary Rose ship. We started the day with a workshop led by one of the many professionals that help people learn about the history and the build up to the sinking of the Mary Rose. Overall, this was an amazing experience and I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn and enjoy history as well as experiencing some clever engineering feats. 

Summer Show – Once Upon A Pine 20 and 21 June

We stepped into the Hammond Theatre and were immediately greeted to an introduction of the play in the form of a circus that featured plate spinners, ribbon twirlers and even a mime. It was a great introduction to what would turn out to be a brilliant performance.

Summer Concert 5 July

It was an incredible performance with lots of musical talent on display. It was a great way for Hampton Music to end this year and congratulations to all the performers who took part.

The Interform events all year

This year’s interform competitions were much more competitive, each form holding their own in the battle for the interform title. Memorable events include the Interform rugby and football, Athletics and the Quiz, among other things.

The TALKs that took place all year

Throughout the academic year, there have been a number of well-known figures that have come to Hampton to talk to the pupils about their areas of expertise. Some of the more memorable TALKs included Tim Marshall, David Lammy and Fraser Nelson, all experts in their field who provided insightful comments on their topic of choice.

Concerts Throughout the Year

There have been some incredible performances with lots of musical talent on display. It had been a great way for Hampton Music to thrive this year and congratulations to all the performers who took part in any of the performances.

By Kai W and Umair M (2L) and Rory M (2B)


The Second Year Joke Competition continues to bring those who come to Blog Club a good laugh, thank you for all your submissions! This week the winning joke was submitted by Dominic N (2L). Congratulations, you’ve won a Merit!

I decided to call my dog ‘5 miles’ because whenever somebody asked me what I did today, I would tell them that I walked 5 miles today. One day, as I told my friend this, he told me that he ran over 5 miles today. 😕

Thanks to everyone who submitted a joke this year and did their best to crack us up!

Quiz of the Week

Well done to all the Second Year Hamptonians who took part in the Quiz of the Week this year. Big shout out to Kai W, Nileeth G, Rory M, Darshan S, Olly P, Ben G, Oliver S, Kian IB, Oliver C, Ishaan A and Haadi H for having a go at last week’s quiz.

Here are your final set of answers:

  1. What is the capital city of Hungary? Budapest
  2. How many zeroes in a trillion? 12 (harder one is how many zeroes In a quintillion-18)
  3. What is the name of Christopher Nolan’s next movie? Oppenheimer
  4. How many sports were in the Tokyo Olympics? 33
  5. In what sport will you hear En garde? Fencing

And all that’s left for me to say is…

Have a fantastic summer holidays!

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