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Dear First Years

If you’re reading this, well done for finding the energy to click the link and read this year’s final blog! Now looking back on the year that’s just finished, I hope you’re happy with the effort you’ve put in all year, proud of all your achievements both inside and outside the classroom, tired from all the fun we’ve had in the last few weeks of term, excited for a break this summer but at the same time already looking forward to a new start in September. I have really enjoyed getting to know such a positive, enthusiastic and kind group of Hamptonians and I know you will make excellent Second Years from September! We will miss you, so please continue to say hello to your old Form Tutors when you see them around – we’re all very keen to stay in touch, even though you won’t be First Years anymore!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last week of term with plenty of opportunities for reflection, celebration and anticipation about next year. As I am writing this on Thursday evening, I am afraid I can’t tell you which Form has won this year’s Interform, but regardless of the result I do hope you all enjoyed finishing the year on a positive note with Friday’s exciting activities morning. Looking ahead beyond the summer to the start of Second Year – an exciting opportunity for a fresh start with new teachers, Form Tutors, Mentors and new clubs. Despite this still being about two months away, I hope you are looking forward to coming back and having the opportunity to make another first impression on your new teachers – after enjoying a very well-deserved break of course!

All that remains for me to say is a massive thank you to all pupils that have contributed to the blog this year – I have really enjoyed discussing each week’s articles with you and reading your excellent contributions each week. A special thank you to regular contributors Gabriel, Joshua, Danyal, Shishir, Oliver, Devam, Zac, George, Louis and Jai – your writing has allowed hundreds of people to experience the First Year through your eyes so thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the School with your writing!

That’s it – an excellent Hampton year finished. Have a great summer everyone, and we can’t wait to see you back as Second Year Hamptonians in September!

Mr Fuldner and the rest of the First Year team

Interform Champions

Huge congratulations to Form 1W on being crowned this year’s Interform Champions!


Last week we wished Nathaniel luck for his swimming matches on Saturday – it clearly helped because Nathaniel O (1B) did very well in his races! He was awarded a Bronze for his individual race (50m backstroke) and another Bronze for the medley relay race. Richmond narrowly missed out on a Bronze in the freestyle relay race. The team did very well as they finished the morning tied first place with Enfield.


Well done to everyone who’s had a go at the First Year Five Questions over the last year! Here are the answers to the very last quiz of the year:

  1. Which animal symbolises good luck in Europe? The ladybird
  2. Bill Gates is the founder of which company? Microsoft
  3. How many cards are there in a deck of Uno? 108
  4. When is Canada Day? 1 July
  5. How many British women (singles only) made it through to the quarter-finals of Nottingham Open 2023? Four

An impressive 16 First Year Hamptonians had a go at last week’s quiz:

1P: Lucas B, Sion K. Josh W, Oliver Y

1J: Josh B, David W, Sam D

1B: Joe B, Alex G, Sebastian W, Gabriel KS

1H: Joshua L

1F: Aiden F

1W: Brooklyn N, Dean B, Isaac d Q

And all that it remains for me to say is…

HAVE A GREAT summer!

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