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What a jam-packed and exciting week it has been! Yesterday’s trip to Stoke with over 80 First Years to support the First XI was undoubtedly the highlight for many and will be an experience they will not forget for a long time to come! After all of yesterday’s excitement we are lucky to have another extra-long weekend to recover – have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!

When we return on Tuesday, it will be less than two weeks until the end-of-year exams begin. The hard work needs to continue for another few weeks, but I know many of you are doing an excellent job at sticking to your revision timetables and making good progress in the preparations for these exams – keep it up!


We were all very lucky to have the opportunity to support the First XI Footballers in their ESFA final yesterday – what a wonderful whole-school event and it was great to see the even-happier-than-normal atmosphere at School today! Joshua A (1J) tells us about his experience:

Today was the day of the ESFA final football match. It was Hampton vs Shrewsbury. We arrived at around 12.30pm and with that, proceeded to have lunch. We had spent half an hour on the coach eating and then at 1.10pm, we left the coach to enter the stadium. We had to stand outside for about 15 mins for security to check our bags and then, we were in. We entered through entrance 11 to enter the seating areas of the stadium. I was seated very near the front so I could see the match clearly and then, the starting whistle blew. Hampton were having a great start and before we knew it, Hampton had already scored a goal. We were all joyous and happy that we had the early lead in the match. Then 15 mins after the first goal, we scored another. We were all celebrating with our 2-0 score and then after another 15 minutes, it was halftime.  We had a break to go to the toilet before the second half. This was it, the final half of the ESFA Cup Final. Shrewsbury scored a goal near the start of the half but then Hampton fought back and scored their final goal of the season. We were all celebrating our third goal but we were still not 100% sure that we had won. The tension kept on growing with every pass and save until, the final whistle blew. We had done it, we had won the ESFA final 3-1.  Everyone was celebrating with joy and pride as the team got their medals and held the trophy. This was a memorable experience that me, my friends, my teachers and the team will never forget.


With the Mentors fast approaching their final week of lessons at Hampton, Oliver Y (1P) has interviewed Alex C – one of 1P’s Mentors!

When did you decide that you wanted to be a Sixth Form Mentor?

I decided that I wanted to become a Sixth Form Mentor during Lower Sixth, so basically this time last year.

Why did you want to become a Sixth Form Mentor?

Being a Sixth Form Mentor is inspiring and enjoyable and it’s also nice having a Sixth Form Tie.

What are you currently studying for Sixth Form?

I’m currently studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Which of these is your favourite subject?

Probably Biology

What would you like to do differently if you could be a First Year again?

I would probably be less stressed and enjoy it more, as you have the most opportunities in First Year. The summer exams do not matter as much as they do in higher years, and it’s much more about the fun in First Year.

What is your favourite hobby?

I enjoy playing sports, e.g. rowing.

What career do you want to take on at university?

I’m not sure yet. I was thinking of taking a gap year and then taking a medicine career, e.g. biochemistry.

What is your best memory back in First Year?

My best memory was making new friends, as it was very fun and I didn’t know anyone.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

I absolutely love chocolate ice cream.

What tips would you give to First Years, who are about to sit in their first Hampton summer exam?

Some of the top tips I would give are don’t stress; you always have another chance next year! There’s also a long time until you actually sit your GCSEs and A Levels.


Shishir V (1J) tells us about his exciting Design Engineering lessons where they have been working on Arduinos!

Design Engineering has been extremely fun doing our topic on Arduino – a hardware program. We’ve been using pinMode() to define pins as output or input in order to light LEDs. Last lesson we made a working traffic light simulator with crossings for both pedestrians and cars. In order to create these programs, we wrote a series of lines telling the computer precisely what to do. This project has been extremely fun, and I look forward to continuing on with it. 


Hampton School offers many sports to take part in during games: rugby and football for autumn and spring; then cricket, tennis, climbing and athletics for the summer.

However, basketball is not an available sport so during lunch breaks, there is a Basketball Club. First Years have their basketball session during the second half of Tuesday lunch break: 1:10 to 1:40. Basketball Club gives pupils a chance to play one sport the whole year as well as during the games periods.

In the First Year, a basketball squad is selected to play fixtures (games) against other schools. Overall, I believe that pupils who love basketball should have the chance to play it which is why I support Basketball Club. By Zac C (1H)


We can’t wait to hear more about what you’ve chosen to discover for Project EXPLORE, here’s one example from Oliver Y (1P):

During Easter, I visited Hampton Court Palace and my first impression was that it was an amazing and fascinating historical place. We visited different rooms about different monarchs with a variety of information. Some of the rooms were about Georgian Story (1714 – 1737), Henry VIII (1509 – 1547), William III (16689 – 1702) and even the Chocolate Kitchen! However, the most impressive ones were the Royal Pew and the Cumberland Art Gallery filled with many imaginative and creative paintings. The entire palace was absolutely huge with lots of magnificent, majestic dining tables, decorative windows and ceilings and even weapons used during the Tudor Times. Overall, I enjoyed this visit to Hampton Court Palace a lot and I decided to compose a piece of music inspired by this historical site for my Project EXPLORE! 


Every week, the First Year Tutor team nominate a boy who they have been particularly impressed with, and Mr Hill and Mrs Peattie provide him with a football to use on the fields for the week!


This week’s tutee of the week is Louis S (1H) as Mr Barber, Mr Jimenez, Mr Hill and Mrs Peattie have been impressed with the cheerful, kind and positive approach he takes towards all aspects of school life – well done, Louis!


Last weekend, Huw C (1W) and Tom S (1L) travelled to Frankfurt to represent London Welsh RFC in a rugby tournament. They played against teams from across Europe and achieved a very impressive 4th place! Congratulations on an amazing achievement, boys!

In other Rugby news, Ben J (1F) was awarded the ‘Coaches Player of the Year Award’ for his team at Old Cranleighan’s Rugby Club last week! Well done, Ben!

We love to hear about what you have been getting up to outside of school and to celebrate your successes in the First Year Blog! Please do send any information about any of your achievements through to Mr Fuldner ().


An impressive 22 First Year Hamptonians had a go at last week’s quiz, well done to everyone who had a go! Form 1J are crowned weekly champions once again with 9 entries each. Merits go to:

1P: Oliver Y, Sion K

1J: Henry S, Louis C, Josh B, David W, Danyal P, Shishir V, Neil T, Siddhant S, Rohan K

1L: Macsen B

1W: Dean B, Vayun J, Isaac d Q

1B: Sebastian W, Joe B, Devam K

1H: Joshua L, James G

1F: Oscar F, Ben J

Take a look at this week’s questions – have a go yourself or challenge people at home and see if they know the answer.

Here are this week’s questions:

  1. What game was released with the Nintendo 64 upon its launch?
  2. What U.S. state is home to no documented poisonous snakes?
  3. Which video game system was the first to use DVD technology?
  4. Before the laws were changed in 2000, how long was a French president’s term?
  5. How many moons orbiting Pluto have been discovered?

Merits are awarded for everyone who has a go! Just click on the link below and enter your answers; points for the Interform Competition will be awarded to the form with the most entries every week.

Why don’t you have a go and enter your answers here.

Take a look at next week’s blog to find out the answers and here are the answers to last week’s questions:

  1. Which English city is known as the Steel City? Sheffield
  2. Suriname is located on which continent? South America
  3. In tennis, what piece of fruit is found at the top of the men’s Wimbledon trophy? Pineapple
  4. What is a female elephant called? Cow
  5. What is the currency of Poland? Zloty


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