Holocaust Memorial Evening

Tuesday 31 January

7:00pm – Lecture Theatre

Join us for our 2023 Holocaust Memorial event in the Hampton School Lecture Theatre.

We are extremely fortunate to be joined by Jeanette Marx who will tell the story of her mother, Mascha Nachmansson. Mascha was born in Poland and survived five years of slave labour in the Łódź ghetto before being transported to Auschwitz concentration camp which she described as ‘hell on earth’.

Cramped conditions, starvation and rampant disease caused the deaths of her parents, her brother and sister, and brother in law. Another sister was murdered in the gas chambers at Chelmno concentration camp.

Mascha was finally liberated from Ravensbrück concentration camp in April 1945 and is just one of the many Holocaust survivors who bravely spent the rest of their lives recounting the horrors they experienced in an effort to ensure that such atrocities can never happen again. Today, Mascha’s daughter Jeanette is carrying on her work and regularly speaks at schools across the country. She says:

The message I think my mum would like you to take away is – We must remember what happened in those dark times so that we all stay in the light. We must learn and educate our children to Treat people with respect and Value people for who they are, not how they look or how they dress or what race or religion they have.

Pupils from Hampton School will also give presentations on the work that they have been doing to raise awareness of the Holocaust over recent weeks. Booking for this event has now closed.

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