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It has once again been remarkable this half term to see the depth and breadth of the co- and extra-curricular interests which our Fourth Years (somehow!) find the time to dedicate themselves to with such alacrity. Two interform events – a Tug of War and Charity Quiz – have undoubtedly been highlights, whilst the boys continue to develop role model skills of leadership, teamwork and initiative in everything from MUN to Eco Club. Mr Leafe would like to say a huge thank you to Gabriel, Monty, Sam T, Zaidan, George, Ben and Sam W for their time and superb effort in putting together the latest edition of the Fourth Year Newsletter – enjoy!

All that’s left to say is Happy Christmas from the Fourth Year team!

ON the Water

Gabriel K (4E) tells us more about what our Fourth Year rowers have been up to this term:

This side of the half term, J15 rowers have been steadily preparing for the continuous regattas after the break. So far, the rowers have been focusing a lot on improving technique in sculling and are now honing in on our sweeping skills. On the land, rowers take part in two sessions a week, focusing on building strength and stamina. Two sessions are also held on the water.

During these sessions on a Wednesday, rowers work on the rowing machines, an intense circuit session in the gym and a fun activity to round off the afternoon. Rowers have also been practising in smaller boats one session a week, normally rowing around 10km each outing. These sessions help develop technique in sculling and help us focus on the rate we are rowing during a race against teammates. 

Two races have been held thus far. Kingston Small Boats Head was enjoyable for our three quads, who finished first, second and fourth in the event. Teddington Head also included many other rowers, who finished with respectable times, including a first place in one event for a double.

Hot off the press! Well done to our J15 coxed quad of Henry H, Monty H, Leo R, Freddie M, coxed by Ben K, who won a Gold medal at the Hampton Small Boats Head – a phenomenal achievement!

Interform Christmas Quiz

This week, our Fourth Years took part in the hotly-anticipated Christmas Quiz, raising money for our 2022-23 Form Charity partners. Ben W (4G) explains more about the event:

The Christmas Quiz, which took place this Tuesday, was the perfect Form Charity event to finish of this calendar year. When the heads of the charity committee began the quiz, a cheer erupted in the air as everyone became excited. The hosts even announced that there would be a surprise prize for the winner! Groups of three or four or Hamptonions were paired with two LEH girls and it was fun to work together and answer as many Christmas-related questions as possible. I particularly enjoyed the dingbats category, which I had not done before (and thought my team did quite well in). I also thought that the Christmas movie category was fun, but realised that I need to watch more Christmas movies (and not watch the same ones every year) as I found the last few questions quite difficult! I hope to take part in this event next year or even host one in the future.

Take a look at the video below to get a flavour of the quiz:


Model United Nations (MUN) is a great way to hone your debating skills as you take part in a real-world simulation of the actual United Nations. Gabriel K (4E) and Sam T (4E):

The MUN Club has seen one conference held over the last month. RGS MUN was held only a few weekends ago, and three Fourth Year Hamptonians entered the event, anticipating a Saturday packed with debate. The day started with an early meet in the morning, and a short drive to Guildford. All schools were treated to an opening ceremony in the main hall, which was followed by another introduction for some students.

Our team took part in fruitful debate throughout the day. Hampton were assigned the Delegation of France and the Delegation of Burkina Faso. The day was filled with some excellent debate on topics ranging from ‘International Money Laundering’ and the ‘Question of Food Insecurity’. Beginners to the conference were thrown into the deep end of debate and, thanks to the excellent guidance of the Chairs, were able to learn a lot on the day.

A General Assembly took place on the topic of a potential alien sighting in the depths of Siberia that many Hamptonian delegates contributed to significantly. In my own committee, we debated about the issue of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and the problem of unexploded IEDs. Three Fourth Years, Avi B, Sam T and Gabriel K participated in the event and all three delegates were able to win Highly Commended Delegate awards. Overall, it is fair to say that all Hamptonians picked up a lot of useful debate skills on the day.

U15 Rugby

There’s been plenty of sports action for Fourth Year Hamptonians this term. Monty S (4A) gives us a flavour of what you’ve been up to out on the rugby pitches:

On Saturday 12 November, Hampton faced Trinity School in a block fixture, including our U15A and B sides. A good and thorough week of training set up the Hampton side, ready to face Trinity. The game started well for both sides with the Hampton A team scoring first with a brilliant solo try from Amulya T, who bounced one player, then pulled off a spin move and sprinted to score under the posts. This was swiftly followed by another try for Hampton, after a set piece special from our forwards who – at the line out – had Amulya curl round the maul and offload to James S with the easiest try of his career. This put Hampton 14-0 up. There was a cagey start to the B’s game after conceding early; however, they managed to fight back to score and make it 5-5.

The Hampton A’s continued their pressure and scored again before half time, now 21-0 up. The Bs would sadly fall behind as they conceded twice before half time. This would lead to their score at the break being 5-19 to Trinity. A comeback was on the horizon for the Trinity As who, after half time, scored twice to secure 10 points for their side, now only trailing by 11. Thankfully, the Hampton A’s would hold on and score again to secure the win against Trinity at a scoreline of 26-10. Over in the Bs game, the team would concede once more, to leave the score 24-5 to Trinity.

A brilliant showing from both of our teams with many things to learn for both sides. Hopefully they can keep on improving as this season continues.

Eco Club

Great to hear so many Hamptonians taking part in the new Environmental Society. Zaidan A (4G) tells us more about what the group is hoping for in the future:

The newly founded Environmental Society recently had its first meeting. In this session, the Upper Sixth Chair was announced who is working with the Biology Department to achieve the Green Flag status, which would signpost Hampton School as a bastion of Environmental Stewardship and Protection and encourage all to get involved with a pupil-led organisation fighting to make a difference. There is a wide range of year groups represented on the committee, which allows for a plurality of discussion. The new logo (pictured below and designed by one of our Lower Sixth pupils) depicts our ambition to change the habits and achieve long-term impact.

Piano Duet Club

It’s been great to hear that so many of you are taking advantage of the many co-curricular clubs happening during lunchtime. George B (4G) tells us about one of the music activities:

Piano Duet Club is a brilliant opportunity for those keen pianists out there to interact with others of similar level. At the start of Friday lunch, we gather for a short while to go to various practice rooms, having independent time to hone our duet skills. There is no better method to improve your sight reading (and even performance skills) than learning a duet with a partner. Not only this, but after adequate practice time we are given the opportunity to perform in the School’s lunchtime rehearsals. I have thoroughly enjoyed the club and would recommend it to all pianists!


Grab the opportunity to get involved in the STEM Fair at LEH in February. Your aim is to work in a team to create an artefact and a poster explaining your project. You have freedom to choose from any area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

The advice is to come up with a title phrased as a question that you are capable of answering. The ‘artefact’ is a loose term and can range from:

  • A model/prototype
  • Computer program
  • Experiment
  • Artwork inspired by your research

If you missed the meeting last week and would like to find out more, click here.

If you would like to take part in the 2023 STEM Fair then complete the form by following the link here.

Important dates to remember are:

Monday 12 December – Initial Ideas
Friday 13 January – Project Proposal
Monday 20 February – Poster Submission
Friday 24 February – STEM Fair at LEH

If you have any questions, email in the Physics Department.

Have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!

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