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Third Years have returned from half term feeling refreshed and raring to go. This was no more evident than on the newly-restored 3G where the boys were out in all weathers having fun. This week’s blog captures some of the adventures that boys had during half term, including a Geography Trip to Tenerife and trials for Harlequins’ Developing Players’ Programme. 3F have begun their legendary Locker League and we have an update from their form tutor, Mrs Reilly.

As part of our Talk! Programme, David Lammy, Shadow Foreign Secretary and Labour MP for Tottenham, took questions from a full house of pupils and parents from Hampton and LEH in the Hammond Theatreabout issues including immigration, education and proportional representation. He listened carefully and his answers were illuminating, calm and measured. Sixth Former, Daniel Townend, chaired the discussion.

There was also the excitement of a new co-curricular club: Hampton’s first ever ‘Investment Club’ which is held in room F35 at 1:10pm on Mondays and is for Third Year Hamptonians and above. Those interested in economics, business or careers in finance are encouraged to come along and learn about the investment industry and discuss latest developments in financial markets as well as collectively manage a virtual portfolio.

Arts Award applications closed this week and Mrs Whitwam will be reviewing the forms over the weekend and will email successful candidates early next week. If you are fortunate enough to be offered a space on the programme, please do carefully consider whether you still want to do it and can afford the time as there is a limit to spaces.

Decisions have been made on the charities the School will support this year. With 35% of the votes, our local charity partner will be Momentum Children’s charity. With 48% of the School’s votes, our national charity partner will be The Royal Marsden. Our international charity partner will be The Ishami Foundation (with 52 per cent of the votes) which helps those affected by the floods in Pakistan.

Heads of Year Message

MidYIS testing

Third Years sat a MidYIS test during their Computer Science lesson this week, apart from Forms 3A, 3B & 3E, due to a clash with the Art department trip to Salisbury on Friday 4 November. These Forms will complete the test during their Computer Science lesson on Friday 11 November. There will also be another opportunity for those boys who were absent to sit the test, details of which will be announced by Form Tutors in due course. The test allows us to monitor pupils’ academic progress throughout their time in the School. Boys should not worry about this test. They cannot and should not attempt to revise for it. There is no pass or fail and the test will not affect their grade cards or School report. All ask is that the boys attempt all questions to the best of their ability.

Maths Setting Tests

Maths setting tests took place earlier this week. Boys should not worry about the results of these, as their teachers will consider prior performance alongside the test results in making any setting decisions. The Maths department will communicate directly with parents and pupils regarding any setting arrangements towards the end of next week, with any changes being implemented from Monday 14 November.

Grade Cards

We are really pleased with the way that all Third Year pupils have hit their stride at the start of the academic year. October Grade Cards broadly demonstrated that the boys have made a strong start to their studies in Third Year. Form Tutors have been following up with boys this week to discuss their academic progress and to set targets where necessary. These targets are applicable to the Autumn Term Reports which parents will be able to access at the end of term.

A Note to Parents

The broad indicators we receive about the Year Group via subject teacher feedback, Form Tutor conversations, grade card analysis, co-curricular involvement and detentions monitoring, are all largely positive at this stage of term. The Second Year continuers have (generally speaking) made the 13+ joiners feel very welcome, and the new boys have settled in well. We have found the boys to be a very pleasant group to work with and they have made good academic progress so far. However, if your son’s experience has been less positive, or you need to update us about an issue arising or personal/medical development, please do get in touch with us and/or your son’s Form Tutors. We are always grateful for any information that enables us to better look after the wellbeing of the boys. We also welcome any positive feedback or good news stories if they arise!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Mr H Moore


Mrs Reilly tells us all about Locker League for Form 3F:

This week has seen 3F’s “locker league” kick off. Pupils in 3F will compete in a six round knockout competition to crown the form’s fastest locker-unlocker! Prizes and merits are at stake, so pupils may bring home their locker locks to practice. Parents feel free to challenge your child against the clock and see how you fair in this new sport.


  • Tuesday morning – A random draw has selected opponents for round one
  • The locker league table is on 3F’s form notice board in Room S12
  • Only official matches count to the league – Mentors and Form Tutors are the only trained and qualified official referees – their word is final. (Practice matches are fine though!)

Watch the blog for updates, or listen in the corridors for snippets of the excitement as it unfolds!

Geography Trip to Tenerife

Freddie T and Avraj M (3H) tell us all about their exciting trip to Tenerife over the half term break:

On 16 October, 43 Hamptonians and six staff boarded the flight from Gatwick, arriving in approximately four and a half hours at Tenerife. Having woken up at around three in the morning, we were all pretty exhausted and slept for most of the flight. We arrived at around 11:30am and began a coach journey to Las Margaritas banana plantation in the south of the island.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by a tour guide who worked at the plantation and immediately got to sample the local bananas or ‘plátanos’ harvested from the plantation, which were incredibly sweet and free of all kinds of pesticides. We were informed about how the banana plants were, in fact, a type of grass, which amazed us all, and how banana ‘grasses’ were all female, ranging from grandmothers, to mothers, to daughters. We were also told about cloning bananas and how tens of thousands were harvested each year by very few people. Finally, to end this fascinating visit, we were treated to a selection of snacks, including banana jam and a Canarian staple of gofio – comprised of wheat, maize, flour and other types of grain, served with a chilli jam, which was surprisingly delicious.

Wednesday included the much-anticipated visit to Siam Waterpark, arguably the most exciting day of the trip. Rated the best waterpark in the world, our adrenaline-filled excursion included 30 metre vertical drops, towering and looping flumes, and exhilarating rapids as well as a lazy river, a handy and effortless method of transporting ourselves around the park. We stopped for a packed lunch at around 1:30pm, thoroughly reapplied our sun cream, and then were all knocked down and flattened by three metre high waves, surging out from a machine. After having dinner at the hotel in the evening, we walked to the local square to buy all sorts of souvenirs, ice cream and snacks.

On the last day, we woke up feeling quite disappointed that we had to pack and go. We visited the Bioclimatic Village Tenerife and were greeted by a moving robot who, aided by voice commands from our guide, led us around the building. We looked at how the area was using as much renewable energy as possible and how, due to the arid climate of Tenerife, rainwater was collected in ‘galleries’ in mountains. We even got to look inside the top of an old model of a wind turbine! After that, we headed off to the Pyramids of Güímar. We were told that if you stood by one of the Pyramids on the 21 June, during sunset, you would actually see a double sunset due to the way the Pyramids were aligned, and also learnt about the multitude of problems caused by plastic pollution. Eventually, we headed to the airport and arrived back at Hampton at around 1:15am in the morning.

Overall, we all really enjoyed the trip and we are so grateful to all the staff who took their own time to accompany us on this wonderful exprience, and gave us fantastic opportunities where we explored Tenerife and its unique culture.

Also, on the trip was Lucas S-T (3D) who wrote about the volcanoes

We learnt about the Volcanoes and Mount Teide the third largest volcano in the world. The Hamptonians went point-to-point learning all about the plates and how the volcanoes work. We visited previous volcanoes that were on the Island and how the volcanoes were formed. On the way to each of these sites the boys learnt a lot of interesting things about the Island. For example, where plant life gets water from. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go up to the summit of the volcano on the cable car due to the it being too windy because of the ‘hat’ which is a cloud over Mount Teide (almost like a hat). The day was very good and we all learnt lots and there some very beautiful sites to see. The only downside was when we got stuck on a very narrow road with another coach and spent 20 minutes trying to get past!


Aiden H (3F) had an exciting half term on the rugby pitch, let’s find out more:

During half term I was chosen by my rugby club (Wimbledon) to attend a trial for the Harlequins U14 Developing Player Programme. I went to the trial at a centre in Guildford. There were about 250 other boys who were also trialling from different clubs and schools in Surrey. I was pleased to see a few other friendly faces from Hampton who had also been nominated by their clubs. We were split into different groups, and we were tested on different elements of the game over the next couple of hours. There was then a tense 24 hours to wait to find out if we’d been selected. Stanley A, Harry D (both in 3A) and myself were selected to join the Harlequins U14 DPP group. Training will begin in March 2023.    

Fantastic achievement boys, well done!

Keyboard Concert

The concert in the Hammond on Thursday showcased a number of our talented pianists and organists with music from the Baroque Period by Bach through to the lively Jazz of Fats Waller. There was the added treat of a piece composed and performed by a pupil in the Sixth Form.

Coming up …

No Limits Week: November 14-18

Monday November 14 marks the start of No Limits Week when boys are set the challenge of trying out three clubs or activities that are different to their usual weekly Hampton schedule. It provides boys with the opportunity to hunt down a new passion, push themselves out of their comfort zone and most importantly, have fun!

Talk! with Louis & Michael Lynagh

Hot off the press, we are delighted to announce that Old Hamptonian and Harlequins winger Louis Lynagh OH (2019) joins his father, Wallaby legend Michael Lynagh AM, in conversation with The Times Deputy Rugby Correspondent and Hampton alumnus, Will Kelleher OH (2010).

Taking place on Thursday 10 November at 7.30pm, the two rugby greats will be reflecting on life on and off the pitch, and offering their insight into the rugby Autumn Internationals.

There are a limited number of free tickets available for Hamptonians, so if you are interested please click here.

The 39 Steps

Some of our Third Year dramatists will be treading the Hammond Theatre boards in our first production of the year The 39 Steps.

Richard Hannay, a perfect gentleman and dashing hero, meets a mysterious woman at a London theatre, who implores him to take her home with him. She soon confesses to being a spy, hot on the trail of a dangerous organisation. That same night she gets stabbed in his flat and Hannay is thrown into a mad chase to escape both the police and the mysterious spy organisation, ‘The 39 Steps’, whilst trying to solve the riddle behind her murder. This wonderfully inventive and gripping comedy thriller takes you on a breath-taking and hilarious journey from London to the Scottish Highlands and back. Can Hannay evade capture and clear his name of murder before it’s too late? Will he fall in love along the way? And what exactly are ‘The 39 Steps’?

Tickets for the public go on sale on Monday 14 November here.

Connection Corner

A big shout out to the 23 Hamptonians who had a go at this week’s Connection Corner and well done those of you who answered all the questions correctly. Lots of you guessed letters of the alphabet but the correct connection was Blood Types! Merits go to Jasper E, Aaron L, Alex W, Felix B, Joshie H, Gregory M, Joshua C, Olive A, Aditya K, Eugene K, Ameya M, Jaipaal G, Prabhodha A, Albert S, Jude L S, Ben B and Oliver S. Bragging rights to 3H with the most entires.

Another tricky one this week, have a go over the weekend and see if you can spot the connection:

Have a great weekend!

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