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Welcome to the first of our half termly blogs rounding up what has been an action-packed half term for our Fourth Years. Here, a budding team of writers from the year group have put together just a snapshot of the many sports and co-curricular activities Hamptonians continue to make the most of. There is also a chance to get to know Head of Year, Mr Malston, that bit better!

Sports Reports

U15A Rugby

It’s been great to see our sports teams back out on the pitches. Monty S (4A) tells us about a tricky fixture away to Epsom College:

After a tough start to the season, the Hampton U15A Rugby team came up against Epsom College last weekend. This Epsom side had not yet conceded a single try this season. With the team welcoming back Will S from a head injury, they trained hard ready for the tough fight on Saturday afternoon.

The game started off evenly, with both sides making good ground when with the ball. However, it was Epsom who struck first. A group huddle under the posts brought some spirit and positivity to the boys and the crowd. Sadly, Epsom scored their third and fourth tries of the game to close the first half with a lead of 26-0.

Nevertheless, after a five-minute break plus a couple of sips of Lucozade, the boys jogged back onto the pitch enthused with a new desire. Despite the positive spirit, we conceded again straight after kick-off. However, after line breaks from Amulya and Leo and tackles from James and Louis, Hampton found themselves just outside of Epsom’s try line with a line out. The forwards kept pushing, and finally Freddie L scored the first try for Hampton of the game: the first try to be scored against Epsom this season.

After scoring the try, Hampton never looked back and fought till the very last minute of the game. Well done, boys, for such a valiant effort and, whilst we didn’t win, there is a small but significant success in having broken Epsom’s defence.

FT: Epsom 32-5 Hampton

U15D Football
Our footballers have also been in action this term, Rohan P (4J) reports on a tough match against Bradfield.

The D team had their first game on Saturday, in what would be a tough contest against the C team of Bradfield College. There were some excellent battles in the midfield, especially from Waleed M, who never stopped running. Additionally, Robbie K and Arthur C were almost flawless in defence, making great clearances and tackles. The highlight of the game was a perfectly placed free-kick by Noel Y, which glided past the opposing goalkeeper and raced into the top right corner.

Although the outcome of the match wasn’t what we had hoped for, there are a lot of positives we can take; hopefully, we can get a better result in our next game against Eton.

FT: Bradfield 6-2 Hampton

Interview with Mr Malston

By George B and Zaidan A

What is the best thing about Hampton School?

The pupils. Genuinely.

If you could choose another subject to teach other than Spanish, what would it be?

English Literature without doubt. English was my favourite subject at school but the potential for travel tempted me to study languages at University.

What is your favourite song?

Impossible to name just one. Bluetonic by the Bluetones is up there.

What is your favourite sport?

Test match cricket. Why would you want sport to last less than five days?

If you had to have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Where in Spain is the most interesting place to visit?

I’ve spent quite a lot more time in Latin America than Spain but I love Madrid. I’m looking forward to visiting Ronda with some of the Fourth Year in April too!

Interform Ultimate Frisbee

The first of this year’s Fourth Year Interform events – organised by Mr Ellsworth – was a great success; the boys thoroughly enjoyed trying out Ultimate Frisbee, many of them for the first time. Each form had a team of eight for three short (but intense!) fixtures, and were challenged to hone their communication and teamwork skills in order to score by catching the frisbee in the ‘end-zone’. Ideal for a Friday lunchtime in the sunshine! Take a look at some of the photos below:


have a great weekend!

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