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Half term is upon us! Third Year Hamptonians can be very pleased with themselves for all their hard work and play. From my perspective as Blog editor, it is lovely to see our new boys fully muddled in with the old boys and everyone settled into their forms. On Friday boys came in wearing mufti and donated £2 each to raise money for Islamic Relief, helping those impacted by the floods in Pakistan.

There were nail-biting trials for the Quiz Team and, on the sporting front, four of the five football games against Eton College were lost but congratulations go to the A Team winning 3-1.

While we all are delighted for the break, there is much to look forward to on our return, not least, the reopening of the 3G.

Thank you to all the contributors – remember to claim merits from me or your Form Tutor.

Heads of Year Message

Interform Competition

What a splendid way to finish off the half term. Most of the Year Group either took part in or supported their classmates at the Interform Penalty Shootout this lunchtime. Spirits were high and the standard of penalty taking was very good (we understand Gareth Southgate is on the lookout for talent in that area). Once again, the boys showed themselves to be competitive, good humoured and supportive of one another, which meant the event was a joyous way for everyone to conclude the half term.

MidYIS testing

During the first week back after the half term holiday all Third Years will sit a MidYIS test during (and up to 15 minutes before or after) their timetabled Computer Science lesson. The test allows us to monitor pupils’ academic progress throughout their time in the School. Boys should not worry about this test. They cannot and should not attempt to revise for it. There is no pass or fail and the test will not affect their grade cards or School report. All we will ask is that the boys attempt all questions to the best of their ability.

Grade Cards

Grade Cards are available to view via the Parent Portal from 4pm today (Friday 14 October). Form Tutors will follow up with boys after half term to discuss academic progress and set targets where necessary.

Boys – you have done yourselves proud this half term in the way you have thrown yourselves wholeheartedly into the challenges and opportunities available. We certainly feel that the boys are living up to the aims we set them at the start of the year:

  • Aim for personal best
  • Be kind to everyone
  • Get involved
  • Speak up if you need assistance

We hope that everyone enjoys a well-deserved break over the half term holiday.

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Mr H Moore

Interform Penalty ShootOut

We rounded off the half term with a highly-competitive Interform Penalty Shootout on the fields by the Old Boys’ Pavilion, with the Sixth Form Mentors leading the cheers. 3G,3F and 3D made it to the final three, with 3G crowned champions. The keeper for 3G made two saves which put them in top spot, 3F won the sudden death with 3D putting them in second place. The atmosphere was charged with a happy competitive spirit.

The results….

1st 3G

2nd 3F

3rd 3D

4th 3J

5th 3C

6th 3A

7th 3E

8th 3H

9th 3B

Take a look at some of the action from this lunchtime’s shootout:

Club of the Week

Board Games Club by Robbie McQ (3E)

Board Games is a fabulous club run by Mr Barber and Mr Schurch, and takes place on Thursday for all of lunch. You can play board games with some friends and you can enjoy your lunch whenever you want to. Additionally, if you already have a club on Thursday, you can have your lunch and play a board game before, or after your club. Lastly, if you just want to try it out you can go to S18 at lunchtime on Thursday.

Let’s hear more about Board Games Club from Mr Barber:

Many of the Third Year attendees have been coming along since First Year and have acquired mastery of several games. Boys this week were playing Star Realms, Forgotten Desert, Munchkin, 7 Wonders Duel, Love Letter, and Boss Monster. Boss Monster is a role playing game, where you build the best dungeon (the one which proves the most impenetrable to bothersome heroes!). Star realms is a sci fi deck building game, where two players battle it out for supremacy among the stars. 7 Wonders Duel is a card drafting game for two players—who can develop the best ancient society? Munchkin is a tongue in cheek role playing game, with cards, dice, monsters and unfairness. Forgotten desert is a collaborative game where players look for the missing pieces of their crashed ship before the shifting sands and searing heat prevent their escape. Finally Love Letter is an elegantly simple, but endlessly replayable, card game, involving risk, luck and deduction.

On the Water

Max T (3H) tells us all about his experience of choosing rowing as his games option on a Thursdafy afternoon:

I have just joined Hampton and doing a new sport, rowing, has been one of the most fun elements. I am enjoying it due to how it stands out to other sports, not many sports do things anything like it. There have been lots of training sessions for rowing on the land where we practice rowing on the ergos and fitness in the gym. We row on the water on a Thursday and a Sunday and luckily, I am yet to fall in and I’m hoping that will not change. Overall, I have very much enjoyed rowing at Hampton and look forward to racing next term.

Sports Reports 

 Robert B (3D) reports on last week’s victorious football game for the U14Bs against Bradfield:

Saturday was a wonderful day for football, with perfect weather, and more perfect game. We won our game 4-2, a secure win. Robert B (3D) scored, in the first attack, a rebound outside of the box and fist time finish. Then Jasper Bird scored a great goal, from a through ball, and shooting through the the keepers legs. However, we then conceded two VERY UNLUCKY goals. Buts we didn’t stop, and Jasper scored another. A wonderful cross, led to a wonderful goal, where he was positioned perfectly to finish, and score the winner. And finally, later on in the game, Robert scored a great goal, outside of the box, a first time volley, right into the middle left, to secure the win for Hampton Bs. Man of the Match was awarded to Robert B , but everyone played extremely well. The lunch, after our match, was great. We had sausages and chips to follow.


A big shout out to the 31 Hamptonians who had a go at this week’s Connection Corner and well done those of you who answered all the questions correctly. Nearly all of you guessed the correct connection was Sweets! Merits go to Gabriel S, Felix B, Eric M, Alex W, Gianluca C, Leander K-B, Oliver A, Aditya K, Joshua C, Neel M, Fraser K, Matthew J, Daniel T, Stanley A, Daniel OS, Albert S, Eugen K, Aaron L, Patrick M, Teddy H, Billy T, Ameeya M, Joshua R and Oliver S. Bragging rights once again go to 3H with the most entires.

Another tricky one this week, have a go over half term and see if you can spot the connection:

In case you’re still perplexed, here are last week’s answers:

What is the name of the pub game where wooden balls are bowled at wooden pins? Skittles

The card game ‘21’ is more commonly called what in casinos? Blackjack

Which dessert is a mix of chopped fruit served in syrup? Fruit Salad

What is the common name for a leg of cooked chicken? Drumstick

Connection: Sweets

HAVE A GREAT half term!

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