Welcome to the Second Year Blog!

Welcome to the first blog of the academic year! It’s been an absolute joy to see you all back at School and I’m sure you have all loved catching up with each other, telling tales of your summer holidays and meeting all of your new teachers. The Second Year team are excited to get to know you and wish you a successful and fulfilling year, which we look forward to celebrating in our weekly blog! It’s clear that we started this year with much to report already so let’s hear what you’ve been up to.

Discovering Drama!

Drama is a fantastic new subject which all Second Year Hamptonians will try this year, find out all about this new subject from Harrison G.

This year we went from double PE to single PE in order to introduce drama to our curriculum. For many of us drama is a new experience, however I have some idea of what to look forward to from my four years of prep school drama lessons and I am really excited. I may have done drama before but I know that Hampton goes above and beyond with their drama programme as I have already experienced in Drama Club which I am quite sure I will be continuing with this year. From the first day back at School, every time Wednesday afternoon rolls around I feel elation rising in my chest ready for 40 minutes of fun and learning new things. By Harrison G (2J)

Co-curricular Fair

Make the most of all the lunchtime clubs on offer at Hampton. Two of our Second Years tell us more about the Co-Curricular Fair which took place last week:

The Co-Curricular Fair was an exciting event in which Second Years came to the Hammond Theatre on Friday 9 September during their lunch break. At the fair, all of the Second Year got to see and experience clubs they wanted to try – from academic to sports, and even music! We also got little insights into each club. For example, in the Programming Club station, they showed us a moving robot using Arduino! Prior to the fair, we were all given cards by our Form Tutors, where we could write three clubs that we would try in the first week.

It was truly an exhilarating experience to see new clubs for this year, and we look forward to trying them! By Krishang T (2B) and Guradaes S (2H)

Ph-abulous Physics

Physics Clubs is just one of the many clubs that pupils can have a go at during lunchtime. Let’s hear more about it:

On Monday, I went along to Physics Club, an entirely new experience for me. After hearing many amazing reviews, I decided to try my hand at this awesome subject. Although I was apprehensive at first, I was greeted warmly by Mr Walsh, and soon the lab was flooded with pupils, all anxiously waiting to see what was in store. The result was not a disappointment!

The subject we would be learning about was aviation, a subject that everyone seemed to love, and an amazing introduction to the intricacies of flight. We created paper airplanes with different designs. We discussed weight, acceleration and aerodynamics, all amazing subjects to learn about. Overall, I think that Physics Club is an amazing experience, and the projects are very interesting and a great learning curve, and that anyone who is willing to take up a new club should definitely come along. By Kai W (2L)

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs!

Golf Nets

Golf Nets (behind the bicycle rack at the main gate, straight on from the basketball courts) is a great club that is run by Mr Worrell and Ms May, and is a good way to learn golf with other people. On the site, there are two golf nets and a chipping net. It is extremely fun, and is also a great way to make friends as well. Just come along! Come along on a Monday at 12:35pm. By Theo L (2B)

History, Archives and Archaeology Club

You have probably seen the video about the history of Hampton School in assembly last year. Well, this year we have plans to interview historians via a podcast, do an archaeological dig on the School site (by the Old Pavilion) and even possibly mudlarking on the River Thames. Currently, we are starting to plan for our questions on the podcast by reading history magazines and later reaching out to the historians. I really enjoyed our first meeting and can’t wait to see what we will find later on in our dig. It’s held in room F44 from 1.10pm to 1.45pm on Tuesday. See you there! By Josh M-J(2J)

The full list of all clubs, societies and other co-curricular activities on offer at Hampton can be found here:


We are currently putting the finishing touches to our exciting 2022-23 Co-Curricular Booklet and, with over 130 clubs and societies on offer, the biggest challenge will be deciding which ones to join! Keep an eye out for notices from your Form Tutor for any changes to this year’s clubs.

Summer achievements

  • Congratulations to Siddharth (2F) who had a summer full of playing cricket and was even awarded the title ‘Man of the Match’, winning him a trophy from Sunbury Cricket Club.

  • In other Cricket news, three Hamptonians: Manraj (2F), Ashton (2J) and Ethan (2B) were all part of the Teddington CC Under 12 side who won the Middlesex Cup at the final in Sunbury. The boys played a fantastic game and it was a great team effort – congratulations!

  • Theo T (2F) managed to pass the ABRSM Grade 2 Violin in Distinction, and also Merit in ABRSM Grade 7 Piano both back in July.
  • Guarades S (2H) achieved his Guitar Grade 1 with distinction over the summer.
  • Kai W (2L) ran 10km in an impressive 50 minutes – his personal best!

A huge congratulations to all the boys named above – we’ve got a lot to be proud of! We love to hear about what you have been getting up to outside of School and to celebrate your successes in the Second Year Blog! Please do send any information about any of your achievements through to Miss Tiller (b.tiller@hamptonschool.org.uk)

Quiz of the Week

Every week, we’ll challenge you with a few tricky questions! Why don’t you have a go or challenge people at home and see if they know the answer. Merits are awarded for everyone who has a go! Just click on the link below and enter your answers. Points for the Interform Competition will be awarded to the form with the most entries over the term.

Why don’t you have a go and enter your answers here. 

Take a look at next week’s blog to find out the answers and which Form is crowned our weekly champion.

Remember to write your name in the form so you can be credited with merits!


The first Hampton School Talk! of the year will take place on Tuesday 27 September at 1pm in the Hammond Theatre, The Pandemic – Lessons Learned.

Presented by Lung Consultant Dr Felix Chua and Pharmaceuticals specialist Dr Andrew Makin the Talk! will offer an insight into the Covid-19 pandemic, the medical approaches for treating coronavirus, the search for a cure, and what the future might hold for Covid-19 and other pandemics. If you’re interested in all things medicine or can see your future in drug development and research, come along on 27 September and find out more.

Hamptonians from across all year groups are welcome to attend and do not need to book a ticket

Have a great weekend!

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