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Well done to everyone for making it to the end of your summer assessments! It’s been a busy week and you should all be really proud of how you have conducted yourselves. I am sure that you will have learnt a lot from the experience, and this will prove invaluable to you as you move up the School. Breaking up the assessments we have had two sports sessions; unfortunately, the heavens opened on Tuesday cutting short your cricket and softball, but we were lucky with the weather for the Interform Athletics competition – a full report of this event will be in our first bulletin back after half term. The big event of the week was of course the fantastic triumph of our U13A Footballers who are now ESFA Cup Champions!!! Have a well-deserved rest over the break and we look forward to welcoming you all back for the final few weeks of the year!!


Huge congratulations to the U13A footballers for their amazing performance on Tuesday. A big thank you to Mr Hooper for sending us this report.

After nine rounds of competition and trips up and down the south of England, the U13As set off to the Hawthorns, the home of West Bromwich Albion for their final fixture, the ESFA Final. As the final was during assessment week, the boys settled in to some revision time on the bus journey up which was a good way to keep emotions in order.

The team arrived in good time and were presented with a shiny new kit from ESFA and sponsors PlayStation and had a chance to warm up in the West Brom Academy Dome. Traffic and weather meant the opposition were delayed resulting in a delayed kick off but gave the boys extra time to sample the atmosphere and take in the occasion.

The game began at a fast pace and Chesterfield started the stronger side playing some great football and looking like a very well organised side with some very technical players (including members of the Liverpool academy and other academies). Hampton ensured they were organised throughout and the back four dealt with everything that was thrown their way.

After 11 minutes, Freddie Thwaite played a great long ball and Rio Felonov-Tzanev ran through to finish extremely calmly and make it 1-0 to Hampton. The rest of the half called upon the defensive resolution of the side and the Hamptonians manged to restrict Chesterfield to some dangerous but speculative long shots.

A quick team talk in the away dressing room and the boys were ready to go for the second half. Chesterfield equalised early in the second half after a great cross and a goalmouth scramble. The second half remained a tense affair and Hampton started to play more of the passing flowing football they are encouraged to play and could have scored a winner with a couple of late chances but, as feared, we were going to penalties.

Penalties had been practised throughout the week and a number of the boys put their hands up to take a penalty. In the end Hampton came out the victors 5-3 with all five penalty takers scoring. Goalkeeper Seb Rautenberg pulled off a save from their number 9 and Felix Burt scored the winning penalty sparking pandemonium in the stands from the parents, and cheers back in Hampton from all the virtual viewers.

Thank you to everyone involved throughout the season, Mr Burke, Mr Hurst, Mr Sims, Mr Ritchie, Mr Whiffin and all the coaching staff for their expert coaching, the parents for all their fantastic support at the stadium and to you all for watching virtually and cheering the boys on.

Congratulations to the boys, they were commended on the day for their sportsmanship and are thoroughly deserving national champions.

Take a look at the highlights of the day and hear from some of our victorious players:

Interform Athletics

Second Year Hamptonians had the opportunity to take a well-deserved break from their assessments on Monday afternoon with the hotly-anticipated Interform Athletics competition. From javelin to hurdles and high jump to 800m, there were some fine individual and team performances on display, and great to see everyone cheering on their peers from the sidelines.

Hot off the press, here are the results from an exciting afternoon of athletics:

  1. 2P
  2. 2W
  3. 2J
  4. 2H
  5. 2L
  6. 2F
  7. 2B

Jubilee Lunch

Let the celebrations begin! The bunting looked superb in the dining hall this lunchtime, as Hamptonians were treated to a special Platinum Jubilee lunch! Enjoy your Jubilee celebrations over half term, we look forward to hearing all about the street parties that many of you will be going to.


Welcome to the Weekly Questions! Every week, we’ll post 10 general knowledge questions, and, if you have a go, you can be awarded a merit if you send your answers to Miss Kugele (r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk)! This week’s questions are Jubilee themed!!

  1. Queen Elizabeth II is 96-years-old, but on what date was she born?
  2. The Queen has a famous nickname which she shares with one of her great-granddaughters. What is it?
  3. At what age was Elizabeth II crowned Queen?
  4. Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning UK monarch, but who had the second longest reign?
  5. The Queen is known for being particularly fond of a certain breed of dog. What is it?
  6. What is the name of the Queen’s official residence?
  7. Queen Elizabeth II was married to her late husband for 73 years. What was his name?
  8. How many great-grandchildren does Queen Elizabeth II have?
  9. How many prime ministers has the Queen worked with during her 70-year reign?
  10. Members of the British public were asked to create a new cake or pudding as part the Queen’s official jubilee celebrations. Which dessert came out on top?

Here are the answers to last week’s questions:

  1. Jenson Button won the 2009 Formula One World Championship driving for which team? Brawn GP
  2. In 2016, who became F1 World Champion and then announced his retirement from the sport five days later? Nico Rosberg
  3. Which three prestigious motor races makes up The Triple Crown of Motorsport? (Hint: two of them are not Formula One races) The Indianapolis 500, 24h of Le Mans, Monaco Grand Prix.
  4. Who was the first ever British Formula One World Champion? Mike Hawthorn
  5. Sebastian Vettel won the championship in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, with which racing team? Red bull racing
  6. Which Argentinian racing driver dominated the first decade of Formula One racing? Juan Manuel Fangio
  7. How many Formula One World Championships did Michael Schumacher win? 7
  8. Which F1 racing team, formed in 2007, is based in Silverstone? Force India
  9. Which Formula One motor race, on the Baku City Circuit, was held for the first time in 2017? The Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  10. The first Grand Prix to take place behind the Iron Curtain was in which country? Hungarian Grand Prix

Have a great half term break!


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