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Despite many wanting half-weeks to be permanent, it was back to a full five days of school this week! The first cricket fixtures of the season took place last weekend and it was great to see so many boys involved and enjoying the great weather – you can read about one of the games below. On Tuesday, boys from 3A and 3C met lots of prospective pupils and parents when they gave tours during Visitors’ Afternoon – well done for representing Hampton so well!  With the summer term bringing exams at the end of this half term, the focus for this week’s PSHE turned to focussing on Study Skills and specifically organising a sustainable revision schedule.  Future weeks will look at revision methods and tips as well as how to maintain your wellbeing during what can be a stressful time.  The end of the week was a sporty one, with lots of Third Years involved in Thursday’s block cricket fixture against Harrow and the Richmond Borough Swimming Gala that happened today.

I hope that you enjoy reading the blog and that you have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

Heads of Year Message

We’ve got a jam-packed blog (thanks to Mr Lees and all the boys who have contributed) after a very busy week in Third Year, so we will keep our message brief this time.

“Break a leg” to all the Dramatists performing their devised plays on Wednesday and Thursday next week – we hope you enjoy the shows!

It has been brilliant to watch, hear and read about so many Third Year boys competing in cricket, athletics and swimming fixtures this week. We continue to be impressed by the wholehearted commitment to School sports and activities from this Year Group.

Third Year Exams will take place during the week commencing Monday 23 May (the week before half term).

Boys – well done for completing another action-packed week at Hampton. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and all your fixtures. Remember your revision schedules. This weekend is a good time to start revising, if you haven’t already. As always, let us, your Form Tutors or the relevant subject teachers know if you are having any difficulties.

Best wishes

Mr Rigby & Mr Moore

Sports Round Up

U14B Cricket vs Merchant Taylors’ by Viren A:

The first match for the U14B’s got off to a great start, as our captain Viren won the toss and elected to bat first. Even though it was windy, the sun was shining down on the beautiful cricket pitch and our openers Viren and Raph C walked out to bat. The game started in steadfast tradition with the Merchant Taylors’ bowlers bowling quick and swinging the ball lots, but our two openers persevered and were still in at the 10th over. Unfortunately, Raph C was bowled out on 19 runs by a quick Yorker on the middle stump but he helped set the platform for what was soon to be a great innings from Hampton. Even though we lost some quick wickets in the middle order, Raph T came in and helped secure the team with an excellent knock of 18* not out. Viren had begun to pick up the pace and was hitting some lovely fours as he finished with a score of 61, a true captain’s innings, being caught out at square leg. Hampton finished their 30 overs with a score of 153.

Now it was Merchant Taylors’ turn to bat. The wind had picked up and the weather was slightly overcast and cold to field in, but with strong resolve Hampton preserved and kept the energy levels high out in the field. Some great bowling by Haresh J, Raph T, Rohan P and Zak H helped to put the pressure on early on Merchant Taylors’. Then Aryan S and both Raph T and Raph C picked up a wicket each, with 3 expensive but valuable overs from Sam V, he picked up two wickets to his name. Finally, Ben R threw in three superb throws to Gabs, our keeper, who with quick hands took the bails off. Gabs took a grand total of 6 run outs during our time out on the field and helped us secure our first victory of the season, winning by 44 runs against Merchant Taylors’. Merchant Taylors’ bowled and batted really well and we thank them for coming along to play a great game of cricket.

U14B Cricket vs Harrow by Viren A:

The second match for the B team against Harrow started well as Viren won the toss and elected to bat first. Raph C and Viren walked out to bat facing a great opening duo of quick bowlers. Unfortunately, under the pressure of the bowlers we had a big top order collapse and at one point we were at 10 runs for three wickets lost but a solid knock of 22 from Viren and a slow but important innings from Raph T of 16 off 51 helped to anchor our innings. Even though we lost a few quick wickets in the middle order near the end of Hampton’s innings, out tail enders helped to push our runs up to a defendable score. Well done to Rohan P and especially Daniel M at the end who scores 12 and 24 respectively. Hampton finished their innings with a respectable 132 runs for 9 wickets lost and as the clouds began to drift over our heads it was now Harrow’s turn to bat.

Harrow started well chipping away at our quick bowlers but eventually we began to take some quick wickets. Gabs took a stunning run out and as Adi S came on to bowl our hopes were high. Adi bowled really well eventually bowling 6 overs, taking 3 wickets and only going for 24 runs with a penultimate over as a wicket maiden, which is exactly what we needed. There was one batsman on the opposition side who batted really well and we couldn’t find a way to get him out until Haresh J struck and got him out on 41. It all came down to the last over. Harrow needed 7 runs off 6 balls and Haresh J was bowling well. Harrow needed 1 run off the last ball and they had 1 wicket remaining. Every single fielder came in and there was a massive crowd of already 40 watching on, as the tension was high. Haresh bowls the ball. The batsmen miss it. The batmen run. Gabs makes a desperate attempt to throw the ball to the wickets but unfortunately the batter was just inside the crease. Harrow ended up winning by 1 wicket and it was one of the best, most thrilling matches I (I’m sure I can also speak for the whole team) have ever played in. Well played to Harrow and we thank you for coming down to play a great, exciting game of cricket.

U14D Cricket vs Harrow by Xavier F and Amar G:

After a disappointing result last weekend, the U14D team was eager to get to winning ways. However, it was not to be.

The team got off to a shaky start, with openers Nathaniel C and Will McT having a mix up with their calls, which resulted in Nathaniel being run out. Nevertheless, the team persevered, with Rocky McC next, who, prior to this match, had scored a team record of 39 runs against Merchant Taylors’ School! We were poised for a great match, with Rocky and Will forming a promising partnership. Despite this, one of Harrow’s slower bowlers caught Will off guard, resulting in a wicket, putting a dent in our hopes of a high scoring inning. Though his debut may not have gone to plan, Will had given his best shot in an extremely tricky situation. Joshi RdM came in next, looking to improve from his previous game, but this, like many other events within the innings, was not to be. Next came Amar G, who was put at fifth in the batting order. Unfortunately, he was out for a duck. Team favourite – Falak K – made his way to the crease to improve on his batting from last Saturday. With the rest of the team cheering behind, Falak got to work, with some impressive defensive shots to protect his wicket. But, unfortunately for Falak, the opposition had decided to bowl one of their more able bowlers, and so, Falak was bowled out after two overs. Shifts from important players – Xavier F, Amar and Arjan W – were imperative to salvage any chances of getting over 75, but after a middle-order collapse, the onus was too strong for the tail enders. A score of 55 runs all out was recorded after 16 overs.  Hampton was tasked with a difficult total to defend.

With Captain Xavier F having to leave the match early, top scorer Rocky McC took the role of captain. He started with a wicket in the first over, and this put the Harrow XI on the ropes. Leg spinner Amar G bowled next, and his flighting ball caught the edge of the batsman’s bat, with wicketkeeper Will McT to seize the opportunity and take the catch, another wicket. However, the lucky Harrow batsmen took advantage of a Nathaniel C injury, and Hampton was ‘played out of the park’. The final chance came when Hampton made a crucial fielding error, which could have resulted in yet another wicket for the home side. This would mark the end of our big chances. After five gruelling overs, Hampton was defeated for the second consecutive time, and again, by eight wickets.

The team showed impressive fighting spirit during the game. In particular, Rocky McC had once again a splendid performance, getting 27 runs as a batter and a wicket as a bowler. Moreover, Amar’s sublime spin bowling was on display, when he managed to get a wicket for the team.

With the next game in over a month, Captain Xavier and the team believe that with the right training and tactics, his team of athletes will be able to try again, and maybe, for the third time lucky, win against Eton.

Royal Academy of Music

Congratulations to Max C on being offered a place at the Junior Academy of the Royal Academy of Music.  The Junior Academy offers a unique opportunity for talented young musicians from all backgrounds to develop all aspects of their musicianship in a creative learning environment.  It is a fantastic achievement for Max to have been accepted into such a prestigious programme to play the classical guitar.  We are looking forward to hearing more about what Max has been up to there once he gets started in September.

Easter Adventures

During the Easter Holidays, I went to Rome on a sightseeing trip. I went to see many different monuments including the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum to name a few. It was very interesting to gain an insight into the life of the Gladiators in the Colosseum and its story over its 2,000-year lifespan. My favourite location in Rome was the well-preserved city of Ancient Rome which was expanded by the orders of Emperor Nero. It was fascinating to see how much the Romans have influenced our day to day life in modern society whether it was their complex road system or their crafty aqueducts.

By Shane K

Over the holiday’s I had a great time spending half of it in Spain. I was in the South and at this time of year there are processions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ out on the street as it was a holy week. It was very nice to be able to watch it with my cousins and even see my sister in the processions. Hopefully next year there will be good weather and I’ll be able to go out and be one of the Nazarenes in a procession.

By Pablo B

Third & Fourth Year LEH/Hampton Play: Electra

The LEH Drama Department is excited to present ‘Electra’ on 11 and 12 May, performed by Third and Fourth Year LEH & Hampton pupils. John Ward’s modern reinvention of the Sophocles/Euripides classic puts global unrest at the centre of this myth of revenge, power and prophecy.

Fifteen years since King Agamemnon was murdered by the mother of his children and Queen, the cruel regime of King Aegisthus has pushed the people of Argos to the brink of revolution. Desperate for vengeance for her father’s murder, Electra takes her opportunity when her brother, Orestes, returns from exile a fully-grown man intent on restoring order to his homeland.

Their exhilarating production addresses modern themes of protest, fake news and corruption, with a punk attitude and an edgy soundtrack. The revolution will be televised, but are the Gods watching?

If you would like to see some great theatre and support your friends, tickets can be booked using the link here

Upcoming Clubs

The start of a new term is a great opportunity to try something new from the wide range of activities that are offered at Hampton. Here’s a reminder of some of clubs that you might like to check out:

  • Photography Club will be happening on a weekly basis this term – a chance for any budding photographer interested in developing their skills. It will take place in Art5 every Tuesday and will run by Aryan S in the Sixth Form.
  • Current Affairs Club is up and running! The club is open to all in the 1st to 4th year, and happens every Friday at 13:20 in room 99.  From exciting debates to interesting news stories that you may have otherwise missed, this club is all about digesting what’s going on in the world in a fun and engaging way.  Attendance is not compulsory week on week, so if the club is not for you – no worries!
  • Maths Club takes place on a Friday at 1.10pm in Room 7. New members are always welcome – you don’t need to have attended before.
  • Climbing Club happens on a Friday at 12.35pm by the climbing wall. Any level of experience is welcome – come and try something new!
  • Philosophy Circle run by Mr Scott also happens on a Thursday at 1.20pm, taking place in Room 21. Come along and get involved in some thought-provoking discussions!

Two truths and a lie

Each week a member of the Third Year team will be sharing three facts about themselves – two of which are true and one which is a lie.  3H Tutor Mr Hurst is up this week…can you find the lie?

  • Mr Hurst has hit a 6 at the Ageas Bowl Cricket Ground
  • Mr Hurst has previously scored a goal against Hampton School
  • Age 12, Mr Hurst was a mascot for Manchester United

Answer to be revealed in next week’s blog!

Connection Corner

Well done to everyone who had a go at last week’s Connection Corner. Big shout out to the 12 Hamptonians who correctly guessed the connection as cakes. Merits go to Danny M, Cahrlie C, Monty Seager, Avui B, Ethan Q, Sam B, Gabriel M, Thomas T-S, Alex R, Oliver D, Ed M, Thomas W-M and Rayan J.

Have a go at this week’s instalment:

In case you’re still perplexed, here are last week’s answers:

The area of southwest Germany that is known for dense, evergreen forests is known as what? Black Forest

On what Portuguese island was Cristiano Ronaldo born? Madeira

Stinking bishop is a type of what? Cheese

What figure is often found at the top of a Christmas tree? Angel

Connection answer: Types of cake

Have a great weekend!


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