Hampton’s chemists have excelled in a number of national competitions with 27 Sixth Formers achieving medals in the UK Chemistry Olympiad, eight of them Gold. The top mark among our Lower Sixth was achieved by Henry Shard, who achieved a Gold Award after having only completed a term of his A Level Chemistry studies. The highest mark in the Upper Sixth belonged to Pallav Bagchi, whose score put him in the top 50 of the 9,000 pupils sitting the paper. It is worth recognising that Pallav is not taking Chemistry at A Level but enjoys studying the subject in his spare time.


This recent success builds on the earlier achievements of Hampton’s chemists when 17 Hamptonians achieved awards in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge paper with Pallav once again demonstrating that he is one of the top junior chemists in the country. He scored in the top 1% of pupils sitting the paper, securing a prestigious Roentgenium medal.

And in February of this year a team of five Hampton scientists (Pallav Bagchi, Alex Mehta, Luke Jansen, Abhi Sundaram, Tom Cassar) competed in the University of Cambridge Chemistry Race pitting their wits against teams from 60 other schools. A very creditable performance saw them come sixth overall in the competition.

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