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It has been a really fun end to the half term with No Limits Week; well done everyone for getting so involved and hopefully you will all have found something new that you will want to continue with. Have a well-deserved rest and enjoy the break!


This week it’s No Limits Week in Hampton! Throughout the week, Hamptonians must do their best to attend to as many clubs as possible or to try some new ones! Luckily, there are tons of clubs in Hampton, which are all really great, so you can definitely find one which is fit for you! There are many clubs to choose from such as: Golf Club, Volleyball, Lego Robotics, Board Games Club (where there was a flood of people this week) and there are many more! Just check the activity board in your classrooms or online. It is also nearly half term so enjoy it! By Lucas (2P)

MUN: As part of No Limits Week, many pupils flooded in to the Lecture Theatre on Tuesday 8 February to attend Model United Nations and try out a new club. Though they could not take part in a debate that had already begun before No Limits Week, they enjoyed spectating what was a riveting argument between many of the Model United Nations, particularly Russia and the UK. By the end, it was agreed that Russia should be kicked out of the UN, after strong and persuasive speeches from Azerbaijan and the UK. By Alex (2F)

Geography Club: This week was No Limits Week so we were encouraged to do three clubs. As a result, on Wednesday I decided to go to Geography Club; it was a lot busier than usual. The game we played was called Queah and in some ways it is a lot like checkers. It is a capture-type abstract strategy game from Liberia. It is a two-player game and is extremely easy to set up; all you need is a piece of paper and then two pieces of different coloured paper. I really enjoyed geography club so I encourage others to come to geography club! By Joshua (2B)

Take a look at some of the clubs our Second Years got involved with during No LImits Week:


The U13A team hosted the semi-final of the ISFA campaign. Hampton’s  five month unbeaten run unfortunately came to an end when Dulwich College beat the Hampton side in a 2-0 win. Dulwich scored in the first 15 seconds of the game. Hampton’s miscommunication at the back four lead to Dulwich’s striker dinking the ball over Hampton’s keeper. Unfortunately, the U13 side couldn’t come back together after the first goal and minutes later conceded from a corner. Nonetheless, Hampton School persevered throughout the game creating various chances. Suddenly, Hampton found themselves on the front foot after the break. However, Hampton were not able to finish the job off open the final third. Hampton continued to pressure Dulwich but it just wasn’t Hampton’s day. Although it was a great disappointment for the U13A team they still have another semi-final to look forward to. Hampton may face either Howard of Effingham School or Enfield Grammar School in the last four of the ESFA competition. By Omer (2F)


This week the F1 has returned to the news with the first of the cars for the new season finally being revealed. The first team to unveil the car to the public was last year’s back-markers Haas who, let’s just say, have inspired their car from the Russian flag. Maybe with the new regulation changes they might put up more of a fight in the 2022 season. McLaren, Red Bull and Aston Martin will also show their car to the rest of the world this week. By Akshat (2J)


We are currently on day five of the Winter Olympics. Norway have asserted their dominance with a combined total of ten medals (34 points) and are currently in first place. In the women’s luge event Natalie Geisenberger won her third gold medal the first women ever to do so. Unfortunately, Team GB are yet to win a medal but are currently in the women’s speed skating semi-final. We will hope for a win. By Dylan and Nathanial (2J)


Time, a basic concept, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 in a day. This simple cycle repeates, day and night. This basic concept is pivotal to human society. However, this cycle is deceiving. Nowadays, we realise that the concept of now is fictional. When we catch a ball, we, our brains, predict the future. Granted that it is a small difference, but a difference nonetheless. We are good at measuring small changes in time, but in the grand scheme of things, we are terrible. Our memories fade and slowly, our records fade with them. The difference in time between us and the first historian is miniscule compared to the existence of humanity, let alone the universe. Time is infinite. To the very sense of the word, time streaches on. So when does time end? It never does. Time is a constant so vast and eternal it shall outlive the last star, then after that it shall still march on. Time is not a choppy sea, or a bench of sand. It is more a ripple in a plane, advancing constantly, bringing us willingly or not forward and extending till the end of the end. 

However, we shall try our best to document it, in the next few blogs, we shall be exploring artefacts before documented time. A time before history if you will. Only that way can we learn about ourselves and the world we live in. For history repeats itself again and again. While time carries on, immemorial… By Kanishk


Welcome to the Weekly Questions! Every week, we’ll post ten general knowledge questions, and, if you have a go, you can be awarded a merit if you send your answers to Miss Kugele (r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk)! This week’s questions have been set by Joshua and Ameya (2J) and are about famous pieces of art.

1. Who painted The Starry Night?

2. Who painted Guernica?

3. Who painted The Last Supper?

4. Who painted The Monarch of the Glen?

5. When was art part of the Olympics?

6. Who painted The Kiss?

7. Number 17A sold for how much at auction?

8. Which painter lived in Kneller House, in Twickenham?

9. Where did Frida Kahlo come from?

10. Who presents Fake or Fortune?


Here are the answers last week’s questions:

1. What does ‘COYS’ stand for in relation to the PL? Come on you Spurs

2. Which PL team spent the most money in the January 2022 transfer window? Newcastle

3. Which team has had the most seasons in the PL? Everton

4. Who has won the most PL titles? Manchester United

5. Who has the most PL appearances? Gareth Barry

6. Who has scored the most goals in the PL? Alan Shearer

7. Who won the Golden Glove in the 2020-2021 season? Ederson

8. Which two teams has been relegated from the PL the most times? Norwich and West Bromwich Albion

9. Who scored to win the title for Manchester City in the 2011-2012 season? Sergio Aguero

10. Who is the youngest player to ever appear in the Premier League? Harvey Elliot

Have a great half term break!

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