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We made it! Well done everyone for your incredible approach to home learning, we are all really proud of your efforts and cannot wait to welcome you all back to School on Monday – see you very soon!


Well done to the following boys for reaching very impressive merit milestones this week!

Trivikram Prashanth – 60

Avi Bhatt – 90


Nathaniel (2P) “I’m really looking forward to going back to School. I can’t wait to see all my friends and teachers in person for the first time in three months. The only bad thing will be having to get up 1 hour and 40 minutes earlier than before!”

Trivikram (2P) “Lockdown was a nice break from School, but getting back on site is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now!”

Avi (2H) “Personally, I am excited to come back to School for meeting friends and more practical lessons. Also, I am excited to hear that many co-curricular activities will be starting soon!”

I am sure that many of you hold similar sentiments, and are excited to be back at School on Monday. You might also have some mixed emotions about the change, so thank you to our excellent School Counsellors for sharing their advice for returning to School. Take a look at their tip tops here.


For the last two weeks, many pupils from the Second Year have been taking part in the inter-form quiz competitions! They are a great way to test your trivia skills and no matter whether you win or lose they are always great fun. Although they are being held virtually it sets the path for what will probably be some more exciting inter-form competitions in the future! Avi (2H)

Group stage results!

Group 1 Wins Points Scored Standing
2P 2 390 Final
2L 1 430 3rd
2B 0 310 5th


Group 2 Wins Points Scored Standing
2J 2 330 Final
2H 1 230 4th
2W 0 200 6th

The final between 2P and 2J will take place at 13.35 on Wednesday 10 March – good luck to you both!

Thank you to Eddie (2J) for writing the following report of 2J’s matches to date!

Last Friday saw the start of the inter-form quiz, as in one of the groups 2J, captained by Eddie H, faced off against 2H, captained by Patrick T. Both sides put in strong performances, with a format similar to University Challenge, where each round started with a starter question, worth 10 points, and the team that got the starter question correct then getting a further three bonuses before the next starter question, with the differences being that the bonus questions were worth 10 points and would be turned over to the other team if they were originally incorrect. However, in the end, with everyone having their own speciality in the team; Samrath S being history, Alex N music, and Rohit K and Eddie H being general knowledge, 2J ran out 180-90 victors, in a game that came down to how many starters each team got, as all of 2H’s points in the first half came from 2J slipping up in the bonuses, before they found their rhythm in the end, meaning that there was a chance of a comeback if the quiz had gone on longer. Next up, 2J faced 2W in a really close-run affair. Going into the final starter question, with 3 bonuses set to follow as well, both teams were level, with 2W captained by Xavier F looking to win to make his side favourites to go through to the final. However, Samrath S got the starter correct for 2J, meaning 2W needed 2J to get all 3 bonuses wrong and them to get 2+ right to win outright, or if 2J got two bonuses wrong and 2W got both right it would be a draw and the finalist would come down how many points 2W scored against 2H. Alas for 2H, 2J got all three bonuses correct, with Eddie H knowing one, making one correct guess and Samrath S also knowing one, to see 2J win 150-110 and book their place in the final against 2P.

Take a look at some of your fantastic quizzing below:


Lots of you enjoyed Thursday Night’s final cook along with Chef Paulie! All of your burgers look amazing!

Henry (2H)

Elliot (2H)

Avi (2H)


Second Years have been learning about the ‘Geography of Crime’ this term. This week, 2H have been exploring the concept of ‘in-built crime’; the idea that the design and layout of our urban areas can actually encourage crime! Using their knowledge of the ‘adverse’ characteristics they were challenged to design the ultimate ‘crime proof’ housing estate! Take a look at some of these great examples!






Have a go at our weekly trivia questions and send in your answers for a merit!

This week’s questions and close up images have been set by Trivikram (2P)

  1. Which scientist thought that they universe is likely to be shaped like a donut?
  2. What is the 8th letter in the Greek alphabet called?
  3. True or False: Google was never meant to be called that – it was a typo.

Guess the close-up!

Last week’s picture was: A glass Coca Cola bottle lid

What is this a picture of?

Answers to last week’s trivia questions!

1) How many strings are there on a violin? 4

2) Why did Mozart write ‘Theme from quintet for clarinet and strings’? For the latest invention then, the Basset Clarinet.

3) Which OS is most popular for laptops? Windows

4) True or False: Did Beethoven ‘recycle’ Theme from Piano Sonata op.49 no.2 from an earlier Septet? True

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND & see you in school next week!

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