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Lots to report on this week! The boys have enjoyed conducting experiments in Physics, they have consolidated their understanding of e-safety, they are onto the final rounds of the Social League in Games, and there have been some fascinating insights into human behaviour in Psychology club.


Healthier numbers of certificates signed off this week – keep going, everyone!

George Boyd – 10

Ben Wisniacki – 10

Viren Asnani – 10

Arjan Walia – 10

Rajvir Dhillon (2B) – 10

Pablo Branley – 10

Falak Khan – 20

Elliot Cundy – 20

Jayden Oni – 20

Alex Rust – 20

Jian Graffe – 20

Sam Moylan-Jones – 20

Leo Luczkiw – 20


Over the past few weeks, the Second Years have been preparing presentations on what they have learnt about e-safety! Thank you to Zaid (2P) for telling us more, and remember to stay safe on online!

For PSHE lessons recently, we have been put into groups and been working on presentations on different aspects on e-safety. Each group has presented a different idea of it. My group worked on the aspect of Online Gaming. It was fun to collaborate ideas with each other and put together a nice presentation. Some groups decided to make the presentation a bit humorous and added in a bit of acting which was funny but also explained what to be careful about online. One very important phrase in e-safety is SMART. S stands for ‘Stay Safe’, M stands for ‘Don’t Meet Up’, A stands for ‘Accepting Files’, R stands for ‘Reliable?’, and T stands for ‘Tell Someone’. Overall, I think the presentations were a great success and there was a lot to learn from them!


Thank you to Elliot (2H) for reporting on your new fascinating topic in Physics – Magnets!!

Magnetism is the new and exciting topic that the Second Year are studying in Physics. Our first investigation saw us testing which materials are magnetic and which are not. Bar magnets were used on blocks of metal, plastic, wood and various other materials to test their properties. Unsurprisingly, a variety of metals proved to be magnetic. Paper’s effect on a magnet’s connection with metal was our next experiment. A diagram of the experiment is found below:

The aim was to discover the effect of paper (a non-magnetic material) on magnetic force. Paper was placed between the magnet and the magnetic material and we found that the more paper added, the less force was needed to pull the magnet away – magnetic field was weakened. A Newton Metre attached to the magnet was used to measure the force required to pull it away. We look forward to the remainder of this interesting unit.

CLUBS Galore

It is fantastic to hear that so many of you are making the most of the lunchtime activities on offer this term! Psychology club is clearly very popular and I can see why! If you are not currently attending a club regularly then I hope you will be inspired to give some a go!

Psychology Club

By Raphael (2W)

In Psychology this week, we discussed leading questions. We did an experiment about how the question affected the answer. We were shown a video, where a white car was driving, and crashed into an orange car. We were each given a question, about how fast the white car was going when it hit the orange car. Except the verb, hit, was replaced each time with a different verb. For example: “how fast was the white car going when it smashed into the orange car”, or “how fast was the white car going when it bumped into the orange car.” These verbs are different and they affected the answers. The question about the smashing gave the answer “Very Fast.” The question about the bumping gave the answer “Quite Fast.” According to pupils who go to Psychology Club they absolutely loved it and will definitely go next week and the following weeks. It’s great that this club keeps going during COVID and hopefully this will continue. 

By Zaid (2P)

On Tuesday, I attended Psychology Club. It was very interesting as we learnt about amnesia and did an exciting experiment. We started by talking about our earliest memories and discussed about the fact that we often remember things from little details of the event. Then, we watched a video about Clive Wearing who is a man with the worst case of amnesia. Amnesia refers to the loss of memories, such as facts, information and experiences. Though forgetting your identity is a common plot device in movies and television, that’s not generally the case in real-life amnesia. Instead, people with amnesia — also called amnestic syndrome — usually know who they are. Clive Wearing had a memory that would last five seconds to about 30 seconds. He did not remember anything like his children and other things and people. However, he did remember his wife (although every time they met he would act as if they hadn’t met for years), and playing the piano. If you would like to learn more about Clive Wearing, please watch this video.

Later on in the session, we tried an experiment, where we watched a video and each group was given a different question about the video. The video was of a car crash. My group had the question, ‘How fast was the car going when it collided with the other car?’ All the groups actually had the same question but the difference was just that the word ‘collided’ was different in all of them. Some groups had words such as ‘crashed’ or ‘smashed’. The experiment proved that one word changed the way everyone answered, because the group ‘smashed’ said that the car was going very fast. But my group with ‘collided’ said that the car was not going so fast!

Overall, I think that Psychology Club is was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to think outside the box!

By Trivikram (2P)

Imagine this – you tripped and fell (unfortunately!), and could do with some help. Do you think that you would be more likely to get assisted in a bustling city centre, or a desolate road with one or two people around? If you chose the bustling city, like I initially did, surprisingly, that is incorrect! Curious, why? Say hello to the Bystander Effect – a social psychological theory that states that an individual’s likelihood of helping decreases when other people are present in an emergency situation. In Psychology Club, we studied this interesting phenomenon, and looked at how it can be used to our advantage. If you want to know more, watch this video here, or better still, join us in Psychology Club next Tuesday in Room 98! 

Golf Club – by Zaid (2P)

On Thursday, I attended Golf Club. Golf Club is excellent for anyone who wants to learn a new sport and get top tips from Mrs May. I often go with my friends, and it is fun to hit balls into the net and practice our technique. It is also fun to give each other critique and advice on what we think they can do to improve. Golf does sometimes look like a piece of cake to master, but it actually needs lots of practice and effort to get everything right. This is why coming to Golf Club is excellent. Additionally, if you are looking to try a new sport to stay active, golf might be the option for you! On top of all of these points, I think that the best thing about Golf Club is that it is for anyone of all abilities! And you never know, you might just end up being a natural! Overall, I think Golf Club is brilliant and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!


ABC Social League by Eddie (2J)

In the third round of fixtures in the ABC social league, and the end of the round robin before the playoffs and the final, Villarreal faced FC Barcelona with second, and maybe even first place up for grabs if results went their way elsewhere. In the other game, Atlético Madrid, who could climb up to first, faced Real Madrid, the league leaders who could drop down to third. Villarreal had it all to do at half time as they trailed FC Barcelona 2-0, and in the other game, Atlético took the lead before Real Madrid equalised, leaving it all square at half time. As it stood, Real would top the league from Atlético, as they only needed to draw. However, an incredible second half performance from Villarreal gave them a glimmer of hope, as they scored 4 goals to triumph 4-2, with Alex Ashton scoring a hat-trick. Although it wasn’t enough to come top, it was enough to lift Villarreal to second as Daniel Mills scored two goals to help Real Madrid to a 3-1 victory over Atlético. After the final games in the round robin, the table is as follows:

Position Team Wins/Draws/Losses Goals scored/Goals conceded Goal Difference Points
1. Real Madrid 3/0/0 9/4 +5 9
2. Villarreal 2/0/1 8/6 +2 6
3. Atlético Madrid 1/0/2 9/10 -1 3
4. FC Barcelona 0/0/3 8/14 -6 0

In the playoffs, which will determine who faces who in the final, it will be a repeat of this week’s fixtures, with Real Madrid once more facing Villarreal, and Atlético Madrid facing FC Barcelona. Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid will be the favourites for the final, however Villarreal will be looking too cause an upset.

Waffle Wednesday Competition

A big shout out to Ollie Swetman (2W) for winning the Waffle Wednesday poster competition. Here he is collecting his prize of Hampton School breakfast vouchers from Chef Paulie, alongside the winning poster. Bon appetit!


It is always brilliant to hear about the amazing things many of you do outside of School! Thank you to Joshi (2P) for sharing his fantastic fundraising efforts with us!

My name is Joshi and I am in 2P and over the course of the second UK lockdown from 5 November to 2 December, I have pledged to run 100 kilometres for the charity, FareShare, as part of an initiative run by my football club KPR. FareShare is the charity that Marcus Rashford has raised awareness for and it helps give food to underprivileged children in our society, which is especially relevant over school holidays where their parents would likely not be able to. I feel it is important to support this cause as there are many children who are much less fortunate than us and it is important to help those children out especially during this pandemic which has caused economic hardship for so many, so that they have access to basic necessities like food. I would appreciate any donation you could make, even a small amount, could make a difference: https://gofund.me/e26bbda3

A very worthy cause – we all wish you the best of luck in your pledge!

Thank you to Pablo Branley (2B) for sharing with us his amazing achievement in the Greater London Middlesex West (GLMW) County Scouts Virtual Race Across Europe, which he took part in in the summer! The race started from Paccar Scout Camp in Buckinghamshire to Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) in Switzerland and back to Paccar, a distance of 2,132 km! Teams of 12 Scouts from across the County completed the distance by cycling, walking, running and swimming. Along the route there were a number of challenges to be completed by each team, including identification of birds, trees and animal tracks, tying various knots & lashings, and identifying Scout badges from all across the world. Pablo’s team won the race in record time, beating the second placed team by an incredible eight days!! What a fantastic event to take part in, well done Pablo and your fellow scouts!!


Whether you play an instrument or love producing music on GarageBand or Logic Pro we would love to hear from you! Please send in a video or music file of your track or you playing your instrument, that is no longer than two minutes, along with your name, form, and your source of inspiration. Any standard and style of music is welcome!

The deadline for submission is Monday 7 December.

12 days of christmas

Form Charity Organiser, Mrs Samuel, has a message about an exciting charity event taking place in the run up to Christmas:

In the current circumstances it is hard to run our normal charity events, so we are starting the Hampton School 12 Days of Christmas initiative which is the perfect way for all of us to demonstrate the spirit of the season.

So, what are Hampton’s 12 Days of Christmas? Take a look below to find out:

Tuesday 1 December:  Foodbank Collection /Tinned food (soup, tuna, vegetables, fruit, meat, beans)

Wednesday 2 December: Friendship – we take a moment to be thankful for our friendships and show our appreciation

Thursday 3 December:  Foodbank Collection / Rice or Pasta 

Friday 4 December: Bring in a chocolate bar / for chocolate gift bags for local community organisations.

Saturday 5 December:  Good Deed – Boys and Staff encouraged to exhibit kindness and complete a good deed 

  • Cook dinner for your family
  • Take out the recycling
  • Walk your dog

Sunday 6 December: Gratitude – write a thank you card to a friend or a family member

Monday 7 December:  Giving: support Form Charity Quiz & The Big Give

Tuesday 8 December:  Foodbank Collection /Shampoo, shower-gel, toothpaste

Wednesday 9 December:  Christmas Wish / hang your wish on the Christmas Tree

Thursday 10 December:  Foodbank Collection / UHT Milk

Friday 11 December:  Christmas Spirit: Mufti Day in aid of Form Charity / wear your Christmas Jumpers & Hats etc.

Saturday 12 December:  Commitment / commit to doing a good deed during the holiday

You’ll find out more about this from your Form Tutor next week!

A big thank you to all our excellent Blog Contributors this week!

Have a great weekend!

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