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Welcome back to a new half term and I hope you all had a lovely break. This week many of you have been busy organising your Form Charity events; good luck with these over the weekend, and you’ve been preparing for an exciting computing competition next week!


Congratulations on reaching more merit milestones this week! Please remember to keep collecting your merits! Let Mrs Owen know each time you collect 10.

Trivikram Prashanth – 10 merits


There was lots going on in PSHE this week! Following on from Monday’s assembly, where we were shown 12 presentations of the shortlisted charities put forward by boys and staff to support next year, during Form period the boys voted for the international, national and local charity that they would like Form Charity to support. I am sure we are all looking forward to finding out the results!  Also, in Form period this week, the boys discussed ideas ready for the Second Year School Council meeting. Each Form will send two representatives armed with their chosen ideas to the meeting next week, where these will then be whittled down to two proposals to take forward to the Whole School Council. Finally, as part of a wider School initiative to form a response to the increased awareness of diverse experience brought to prominence by the BLM Movement, the boys engaged in a really important discussion with the aim of gathering their comments and ideas on how they would like the School to better reflect the diversity of experience of members of the School community and wider society.

FORM CHARITY                          

Following 2Ps hugely successful Form Charity event before half term, other forms have been busy organising theirs!

Arjun (2H)

For 2H’s charity event we will be playing Among Us. Among Us is a free to play game on the App or google play store. The concept of the game is that there are 10 people and 2 of those are impostors and the rest are crewmates. The two impostors need to defeat all of the crewmates without anyone knowing, before they get either voted out by others or the crewmates complete their tasks and they win the game. You will have to pay £2 to play, please give this to us at school before next Friday. The games will be taking place on the 13 November at 6pm. Please pay and play as it is for charity and would be much appreciated!

Marin (2J)

At the start of the year Joseph Bakr and I (Marin Matejka) volunteered to become charity reps for 2J at the start of the Second Year. The role of a Charity rep is to organise charitable events for which people in our year or classes can participate in to raise money for charity. Both charity reps attended every week on Thursday first break to discuss our plans on how we are going to organise these events and give feedback on other forms events. Our form event for this term is a 100km bike ride which is occurring this weekend where people in our form shall split up the distance and ride it with a picture of their starting point and end point and shall ask friends or family to sponsor them through a just giving page.

Mikael (2W)

The last few days have been hectic as Amulya and I have been ironing out the details for the 2W chosen charity event, three separate Among Us games. Among Us is a game where you’re all crew mates, but there is someone among you as an Imposter. Their job is to sabotage the crew mates and pick them off. As a form we all voted for a charity event to do and as expected the idea of playing Among Us with our classmates was an appealing idea and had won by a clear margin. Everyone in the class has been engaged and willing to help out in the organising of this event, so Amulya and I would like to thank everyone for their help. Fortunately, the event will be taking place this Saturday at 3pm at a time when most people were available. So hopefully, see you soon 2W.


Second Year boys have been practicing their problem-solving skills in Computer Science this week in preparation for taking part in the Bebras Challenge next week http://www.bebras.uk/

About three million young Computer Scientists take part in this competition in over 50 countries each year and many of our boys will be hoping to reach the UK finals at Oxford University.

Here are some questions from a previous year to see how you would get on! We will give you the answers in next week’s blog!

Loading Lisas

Two fishermen own two boats, named “Lisa 1” and “Lisa 2”. Each boat can hold a maximum cargo of 300kg.

The fishermen are given barrels filled with fish to transport. On each barrel is a number that shows how heavy the barrel is in kilograms. You must make sure that neither boat is overloaded.

Which barrels should be loaded onto the two boats to ensure that the maximum possible load of fish is carried?

Storm Proof Network

On a small green island, a network of mobile phone towers is setup. Every tower covers a circular area of the island.

When the coverage area of two towers overlaps the towers are said to be directly connected. Towers can also be indirectly connected if there is a chain of directly connected towers between the two towers.

The operators want to make the network of towers storm proof. This means that even if one tower breaks down all other towers must still be connected, either directly or indirectly.

Which of the following designs would create a storm proof network on the island?

Log Art

When beavers gnaw on trees they enjoy placing the pieces in a special way.

The beavers start with a single log. In stage one a big log is gnawed into smaller logs. In the next stage each individual log is again gnawed into even smaller logs but always keeping to the starting pattern. This keeps repeating.

Below are three examples. On each line you see how the beaver started, the result after stage one and the result after stage two. Can you solve the final problem?

Hampton School Food Bank

The School ran food bank collections in support of Feltham Food Bank over the summer months, and these collections will begin again next week to support local families in need during these difficult and challenging times.

Feltham Food Bank has put out an appeal for particular products including UHT milk and tins of soup, tuna, meat such as mince and hotdogs, vegetables, baked beans, rice pudding and small packets of basmati rice and pasta. Toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste are also welcome. Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated.

Collection boxes will be available at various points around the school building. More information will be sent to Hamptonians next week.

Remembrance Assembly

The School will be holding a Remembrance Assembly on Thursday 12 November to remember the many members of our community who lost their lives during conflict. The live-streamed assembly will be made available to parents via a Microsoft Teams link and will be sent to all parents next week.

In advance of Armistice Day and the Remembrance Assembly, poppies will be available for pupils to buy in a Covid secure way. More information will be sent to pupils next week.

Have a great weekend!

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