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It’s the end of the first full week of autumn term and the Third Year boys have certainly been making the most of being back at School! The main attraction of the week was undoubtedly Team Building Day on Thursday (more below) but the early part of the week was all about getting to know new teachers, settling back into classroom learning and making new friends.

There was a first ever Hampton virtual live Assembly on Monday morning, with boys watching on from their Form Rooms and hearing some thought-provoking messages from Mr Nicholson (Assistant Head), Mr Morris (Deputy Head) and the Headmaster. Mr Knibbs relayed a fantastic quote from NBA great Michael Jordan, who observed that:

Your attitude is your altitude, it determines how high you will fly.

A powerful message, I’m sure you’ll agree, and one that the Third Year boys can really put into practice as the year progresses.

Later on Monday, the boys had the pleasure of posing for their School portrait photos which will be destined to make an appearance on mantelpieces around South West London and Surrey in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to your emails and the blog for more details on how to order copies.

In other news, I was dismayed to find out that the majority of boys in my Third Year Form are Arsenal supporters, on the eve of the new Premier League season. As a passionate Manchester United fan, I will be sure to teach them the error of their ways over the coming weeks and months (the Headmaster wishes to see you in his office – Ed).

Heads of Year Message

We were absolutely delighted to watch the boys in action together on Thursday as they tackled a variety of problem-solving exercises with intelligence, enthusiasm, imagination, tenacity and good humour. As the sun shone down on us all enjoying the fresh air, it felt like a seminal moment in our return to the School site. It was hugely encouraging to witness the boys implementing our advice to communicate effectively and work together as a team. These are strong early signs that the boys have understood and are attempting to achieve the aims we set them at the start of term:

  • Strive for Personal Best
  • Be Kind
  • Get Involved

Well done and enjoy the weekend!

Mr T Rigby & Miss V Smith

Team building

After a truly memorable Thursday on the School fields, on what was a superb and sunny occasion, 3J emerged victorious on Team Building Day after a series of impressive collaborative efforts across a variety of tasks. Many congratulations to them and their Form Tutor, Mr Highton, who knows a thing or two about the value of seamless teamwork. In truth though, all the Third Year boys were winners on a day where important skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision making and respectfulness were all evident. We hope the boys enjoyed the day and all that it had to offer – it was certainly inspirational to watch!


1st 3J, 2nd 3F, 3rd 3C, 4th 3G, 5th 3B, 6th 3A, 7th 3E, 8th 3D, 9th 3H

Third Year Pastoral Forum – Monday 14 September

A reminder to parents that Third Year Pastoral Forum is taking place virtually on Monday evening, starting from 5pm, and an email has been sent out regarding how to book an appointment for this event. This will be an opportunity for parents to meet their son’s Form Tutor/s and ask any pertinent questions that they may have. Third Year boys should not attend the virtual meeting.

National Read a Book Day

What a pleasure it was to see and hear all about the excellent books that Third Year boys got stuck into last Sunday, which was National Read a Book Day! Some photos of boys enjoying their books can be found below – well done to everyone who picked up a book on Sunday!


National Day of Encouragement – Saturday 12 September

This Saturday is National Day of Encouragement, a day dedicated to uplifting people around us and making a positive impact. We’d love to hear about Third Year boys making deliberate acts of encouragement, whether that might be complementing someone on a job well done, encouraging someone to keep going in order to achieve a hard-earned goal or reminding someone how important they are to you and praising their contributions to your life.

Please send in any stories, including photos and videos if you have them, to j.neville@hamptonschool.org.uk and we will celebrate as many acts of encouragement as we can in next week’s blog!

U14 Sports News

The U14A cricket team enjoyed a narrow victory over RGS Guildford last Saturday, in an unusual September fixture. The School Cricket season has been extended because of Covid-19 lockdown and a number of fixtures are due to be played this autumn. Hugo Knowles reported on a tight affair:

Hampton U14s started their season pleased just to be able to be there, but quickly showed that the long wait hadn’t done anything to their ability. RGS never got away from Hampton, and the star bowler was Will Youster who picked up five wickets with Maddox Dakin also picking up three very good stumpings. RGS ended their innings with a low total of 62. During the chase the pitch showed signs of slowness, and a lot of turn proved a challenge for Hampton’s batsmen. After a long chase, Sam Ellis came in with no fear, hitting a winning six from three balls in a tense situation. Hampton snuck over the line in the 20th over.

The U14 Football and Rugby teams have resumed training and are looking forward to the rest of term, and Rowing has commenced for the J14s, with many completing their swim tests on Thursday afternoon and looking forward to getting out on the river for the first time this weekend!

Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball clubs are due to get back up and running from Monday 14 September and boys should ask their Form Tutors for more information on days and times that they can attend these clubs, in their year group bubble.

True or False?

Did you have a go at last week’s question…there are 18 coach routes transporting Hampton and LEH pupils to and from School each day – true or false? Only 39% of you knew that this wasn’t right!

There are actually 25 coach routes that bring you all to School ranging from Parsons Green to Pyrford.

Have a great weekend!

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