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Welcome back everyone – it’s been a while! We hope coming back to School this week has been a joyful experience for all our new Third Years. We are particularly delighted to welcome our new boys, joining Hampton for the first of many fantastic years to come, and to the new Form Tutors who have joined the Third Year team this year!

Whether a new or existing Hamptonian, everyone has been getting used to a new way of life around the School building since returning on Thursday. Our new boys got a head start in learning which staircases were up and which ones down on Wednesday, as well as figuring out the new one-way systems in operation in some corridors. The most important thing, of course, was knowing where they should go to get lunch! Lots of things are different but the boys have returned with their usual verve and enthusiasm and we hope to bring you a taste of life in the Third Year through the weekly blog.

Heads of Year Welcome

We were delighted to see so many boys returning to the School site on Thursday. Whether a returning Second Year pupil or a joiner from Prep School, all the boys have coped remarkably well with everything we have asked them to do to operate safely while on the School site. This, of course, is on top of the usual challenge of familiarising themselves with a new timetable, new form rooms, new Form Tutors and new subject teachers. We’re sure the boys will benefit from a couple of days to regroup over the weekend.

We spoke to all the Third Year boys in turn in their form rooms on Thursday and were keen to emphasise a few important points. Firstly, they are always welcome to speak to us, their Form Tutors and/or their Sixth Form mentors on any subject, but particularly if they have a question or a problem relating to School life that they need help with. Secondly, that the boys must be kind to themselves over the coming days and weeks. The exertions of starting a new term in a new environment are very challenging, so they must give themselves time and space to rest, sleep at night, eat well and stay hydrated. Finally, we set the boys some aims for the year. We hope these will act as a guiding principle for their time in Third Year:

  • Always aim for personal best in everything you do at School – academic & co-curricular.
  • Be kind to everyone in the School community.
  • Get involved in as many aspects of School life as you can.

We have high hopes for the new Third Year boys and we are really looking forward to supporting each of them and helping them to achieve their potential this year.


The Upper Sixth Formers who are acting as Third Year Mentors this year introduced themselves to the Third Year boys on Thursday. The boys can look forward to a wealth of experience and top tips that the mentors will undoubtedly provide!

One of the mentors, Josh said this about the year ahead:

Having been stuck at home for almost 5 months, I’ve been really looking forward to getting back into the new school routine. It was especially great to see the excitement of the Third Year and how at ease the new boys were with their new school.

I’m thrilled to see what this year will bring and looking forward to see what great things these boys will do.

Having joined the School as a new Third Year himself, Hugo had this advice:

Get stuck in, enjoy yourselves and most importantly, never shy away from the feeling of togetherness that Hampton brings.

Wise words indeed!

Over the summer

The Third Years seem to have enjoyed themselves over the summer holidays, despite everything that’s been going on in the world! Freddie Hunt became the proud owner of two new dogs! Kessan Konesakumar and Aaron Corpaul made some great dishes in the kitchen for their families. Adam Gwynne used his mathematical skills productively and taught himself some basic calculus! Jack Reilly stayed in a big tree house in Wales for a few days, with running water but no electricity!

National Read a Book Day

Sunday 6 September is National Read a Book Day! National Read a Book Day invites us ALL to grab a book we might enjoy and spend the day reading. Don’t keep it to yourself though – share the experience! Read aloud to parents or grandparents. Read to your pets or to your stuffed animals and plants!

We want to see photos of you enjoying your book on Sunday! Send them through to j.neville@hamptonschool.org.uk and we’ll make sure they’re included in next week’s blog!

Teambuilding Day – Thursday 10 September

On Thursday next week, the Third Years have their annual Teambuilding Day. This is always a highlight of the year for the Third Year and a great opportunity to make friends and get to know people. Boys should attend school as normal on Thursday in their sports/games kit and get ready for a fun-filled day of exciting and thought-provoking activities!

Third Year Inter-Form Competition – The Wills’ Cup

Every year, the Third Year compete in a wide range of events in the Inter-Form Competition.

The Wills’ Cup, donated by two long serving members of the Pastoral Team, is awarded at Prizegiving to the Form which amasses the most amount of points in competitions running throughout the School Year, which range from a variety of sports to activities such as a Spelling Bee and a Quiz.

Have a great weekend!

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