Welcome to the Second Year Blog!

It is hard to believe that this is the final blog of the year! This week you’ve been busy with projects, group presentations, fundraising challenges and your virtual fieldtrip. It was also especially lovely to see you all in school on Thursday for your pastoral meetings with your tutors. Well done on completing a very different Second Year at Hampton; you have all been amazing, have a fantastic summer break!

Highlights of the Year

What a busy year it’s been! Let’s take a look back at some of the things you got up to during 2019-20:


Tom Cahill – 70 merits

A huge well done to everyone for all the merits you have collected across the year!


After competitions in football, rugby, badminton, table tennis, cross-country and quizzing, it was a close fought race, but this year’s victors are 2B!!! Well done boys!

1st – 2B: 32 points

2nd(joint) 2P & 2J: 29 points

3rd – 2W: 26 points

4th – 2L: 21 points

5th – 2H: 19 points


During lockdown lots of you have got into cooking and baking, and it has been great to share your photos on the blog over the last term.

This week, Isaac (2P) made a fantastic chilli prawn linguini!


2B have been working on power stations during their last two lessons of the term and some boys worked together to build models in Minecraft. Mr Fuldner was particularly impressed with a project by Adam Gaunt, Tom Cahill, Harry Bernard, Tom Cowley and Umar Khan; they made a video of a tour through their power station which you can see here:

Well done boys!


This week you all joined a year group MS Teams session for your virtual geography fieldtrip. Mr Bett and his dream team live streamed to you from the River Tillingbourne whilst back at school, Miss Brown expertly guided you through the afternoon. Thank you, boys, for taking part so brilliantly, we hope you enjoyed the experience!

1557 Challenge

Lots of you completed your 1557 challenge on Founders Day this week. A huge well done to everyone for taking part!

It is lovely to share here on the blog some of the many incredibly varied challenges that you all set yourselves!

Max (2B) completed 1557 punches on his punch bag!

Louis (2L) and his family each completed a different challenge together, Louis did 15 hover holds into a plank in 57 seconds!

Columbus (2J) made a 15.7-metre-long pasta by hand in 57 minutes!

Rishi (2J) wrote Hampton School in tiny 1557s!


Joe (2B) set himself a football challenge! Take a look at his video!

I set upon myself a challenge to recreate 8 of Mathew Le Tissier’s goals. Le Tissier was a absolute great and played for Southampton FC (my team). He scored over 100 goals in the premier league. I wanted to recreate these goals to give myself a challenge. My top tips for recreating football goals are: position objects where players/defenders were, always nail the celebration and finally make sure you slot the ball home in just the right place.


Have a great summer break!



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