Pupils from the pupil-led campaign group Genocide 80Twenty have published their latest newspaper #remember 8372.

The publication will be used to educate and raise awareness of the genocide in Srebrenica, as well as honour the survivors and remember the victims as the 25th anniversary approaches. The newspaper includes accounts from survivors, reflections from politicians, as well as an opportunity to remember those men and boys who were murdered simply because of their identity.

There has been a phenomenal response to the publication from politicians, campaign groups and survivors.

The charity Remembering Srebrenica, which raises awareness of the genocide around the UK, praised the pupils for producing such an important publication:

We urge everyone to take a look at this phenomenal project created by students at Hampton School. A newspaper dedicated to the genocide in Srebrenica and victims and survivors. Quite a feat and an excellent resource.

Find out more about the project:

Take a look at the publication below:

#remember 8372 newspaper

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