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I am sure that you will all have spent some time reviewing your summer assessments this week, and I hope that you will take on board your feedback in a positive way, that will enable you to continue to develop your skills as a learner! Thinking about skills – there is an exciting opportunity coming up next week for you to develop, in particular, your creative skills!


Remember to keep letting Mrs Owen know when you reach your next 10 merits!


The Hampton Extended Learning Programme is intended to provide an opportunity for boys to extend their learning in an academic area of their choice.

As you know, this programme was launched earlier in the year and lots of you took up the opportunity and have been busy working on your projects over the past term.

I am really pleased to be able to share three such HELP projects with you!


I am glad to see that lots of you are still experimenting with your cooking!

Gabriel (2W) made this delightful Moroccan carrot salad with grilled halloumi and coriander on top, expertly following a recipe from Gordan Ramsay!

Joe (2B) made this fantastic lemon tart!

Arts Award Creative Skills Enrichment Morning

This is taking place next week: Tuesday 16 June (periods 1-5)

Miss Teunissen, explains what to expect!

As you may know, each year a large number of your peers in the Third and Fourth Years complete the Arts Award project.  The aim of this enrichment morning, is to give you the chance to learn some new creative skills, such as model-making, creative writing or music, and putting these into practice in a small creative project of your choosing.

There will be no other lessons that morning, and there will be a task on Firefly for the creative skills morning. The morning will work as follows:

  • 8.45am: register on Firefly and with your Form Tutor as usual
  • Periods 1 – 3 (8.55am – 10.55am): you will be watching a series of tutorial videos made by Third and Fourth Year boys on a variety of different skills. These will be available on Firefly for you. 
  • Periods 4 and 5 (11.15am – 12.35pm): you will produce a mini creative project of your own, e.g. a model, a song, a piece of writing, inspired by the skills taught in one or more of the tutorial videos you have watched.

Then, during the usual Form Period on Thursday 18 June you will report back to your Form Tutor, and share your projects with your peers.

I hope that you will find this a really enjoyable morning, in which you will learn lots of new skills, and it will perhaps inspire you to complete an Arts Award Qualification in the future. If you would like to see and leave feedback some of the Arts Award projects which have been produced this year, you can do so here: https://hamptonschool.fireflycloud.net/arts-award/examples-of-student-projects-1/projects-2019-20 . If you have problems with Firefly on the day please email helpdesk@hamptonschool.org.uk or if you don’t understand what you are doing then you may email me (L.Teunissen@hamptonschool.org.uk ) early on in the morning (during periods 1 and 2).

It will be great to then share some of your projects in the blog next week!


Hampton v Sevenoaks, Saturday 13 June

An exciting competition for you to get involved in this weekend!

Mr Bolton explains more about it!

The competition involves any walk, run or cycle, with evidence to show the total distance of your activity.  The activity does not have to be continuous (if for example, you wish to perform some interval training), but the evidence needs to show the activity from start to finish.

Results will be compiled in the following ways:

  • Number of participants per age group/whole school
  • Total distance per age group/whole school
  • Average distance per age group/whole school

To enter the competition, please click here to complete your entry, adding a screen shot of an activity tracking app as your evidence.  The activity and form must be completed on Saturday 13 June, so results can be sorted on Sunday 14 June.

Good luck, should you choose to get involved!

1557 Challenge

Are you looking for more to do in lockdown?  Have you been asking yourself, “How can I have some fun AND raise money for charity?” Well, Form Charity have got just the thing….  The 1557 challenge!

We want you to take the number 1557, chosen because it was the year Hampton School was founded, and interpret it however you want to raise money for our four Form Charity partners:

  • Mary’s Meals
  • Make a wish Foundation
  • Momentum
  • Off the Record Twickenham

You could build a lego tower using 1557 bricks, or see how long it takes you to do 1557 keepy uppys.  You could even write a song in just 15 minutes and 57 seconds and then perform it to your granny on a zoom call – the possibilities are endless.  No food wastage though – so if you were planning on eating 1557 skittles, think again!

Charities are really struggling during lockdown, and need our help more than ever, so your participation could really make a difference to someone’s life.

Go on – have a go and make a difference!

The Comedy of Errors

Coming soon… look out for next week’s exciting premiere of the Lower School podcast of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors! It promises to be a hilarious production from our dramatists.

Have a great weekend!

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