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It is hard to believe that we only have one week left to go until the end of another academic year! Whilst this will not be the usual run up to the end of term, there are a number of things to look forward to next week and I am sure that you will be your usual fantastic selves all the way to the end!


A huge well done to the following boys for reaching further merit milestones this week!

Umar Khan – 190!! Incredible work!

Avinash Gogineni – 90

Remember to keep letting Mrs Owen know when you reach your next 10 merits!


I am pleased to share two more fantastic examples of HELP projects this week!


In the kitchen this week, Jack (2B) selected a recipe, shopped for the ingredients, and rustled up this lovely meal for his dad for Father’s Day! Great work Jack!


We’ve got some more creative projects to share with you this week, and a selection of comments from each form! 

Monty (2J)

‘Empty’ by Lucas (2J)

The streets were empty

No noise, no sound

The people were miserable



The shops were empty

No noise, no sound

The people were sorrowful



The trains were empty

No noise, no sound

The people were restless



The parks were empty

No noise, no sound

The people were angry



The classrooms were empty

No noise, no sound

The children were dazed



The offices were empty

No noise, no sound

The workers were tired



Time went on

No noise, no sound

The people lost hope



A chance appeared

A glimmer of hope

The return grew near

The people awoke.


The town became lively

All noise, all sound

It’s never that pleasant

With no one around.


Jake (2B)

I really enjoyed this morning and I thought it was a unique, fun and inspiring experience that was very interesting and gave us a nice break from our usual morning lessons. I liked the freedom of the experience and how we were left to go through the activities at our own pace.

 Oliver (2H)

I really enjoyed the morning and learnt new skills, I created a building which I really enjoyed. Overall the videos were helpful for my learning in new topics which I have never done before.

 Savan (2J)

I really enjoyed doing something different from writing and the videos were all really involving and the play dough was fun to make.

George (2L)

I thought the videos had a high production value, and were easy to understand. The boys making them also seemed to know what they were talking about. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Freddie (2P)

This was a very fun morning as it was very different to normal and out of the ordinary, it was fun to do more hands-on activities and be taught by fellow pupils.

 Vaibhav (2W)

I decided to write a story based on a pirate in a mythical world full of sea monsters, kingdoms and more! I learnt a lot more techniques from the Hampton videos than other people’s videos because it gives you the reassurance that if those students can do that, why can’t I? and motivates you to do something.


The Geography Department have organised a virtual fieldtrip for you next week! You will receive an invite for the MS Teams session which will run from period 6-8 on Wednesday. Mr Bett and his team will be live streaming to you from a river! This will be an interactive experience, where you will be asked to respond to questions and record data that is collected live on the day! It is hoped that this will be something different for you to enjoy in the last week of term!


Jacob (2W) has been busy raising money for an amazing charity called Fairy Bricks!  Fairy Bricks aim to brighten the lives of children in hospital. They deliver Lego sets to hospitals around the country for the children in their care to enjoy. Jacob, and his cousin, each completed a 26km cycle in one session, Jacob completed his on rollers in the shed! Their efforts have raised over £1000, which is an incredible achievement!


Exciting news! The Just Giving fundraising page is now up and running for the 1557 Challenge!!

This weekend, get thinking of, or complete, an activity around the number 1557, then tell your friends and family what you plan to do and ask for sponsorship, directing them to this page to donate:

just giving 1557 Challenge

There will also be time set aside on Founders’ Day next week, for Forms to do something together – there will be more information about this coming soon!

All funds raised will go to our four Form Charity partners: Mary’s meals, Make a wish foundation, Momentum and Off the record Twickenham.

We would also love to see pictures of you doing your charity activities, which could be featured either on our twitter feed or the School website. Send any photos or videos you take doing your charity activities to website@hamptonschool.org.uk

Have a great weekend!

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