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As we come to the end of this slightly shorter week, the boys have certainly kept themselves busy! With the May Bank Holiday moved to Friday to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, during Form Time today the boys watched an e-assembly which shared with them an overview of our Schools ‘Remembering World War Two’ events.  They then had the opportunity to explore some of these, including the World War History trail which tells the School’s wartime history.

Follow the World War Two trail here and take a look at the some of the stories from the Hampton community of their family memories and experiences here.


A big congratulations to Umar Khan (2B) on reaching an incredible 170 merits! Well done to Avinash Gogineni (2P) who has also achieved a fantastic 70 merits.

Please keep track of any merits you receive this term and remember to tell Mrs Owen when you achieve your next 10!


In Art this term, Second Years have been looking at the theme ‘Movement’. The boys have produced some great pictograms exploring this idea, take a look at the examples below from Rudi and Kiran from 2P!

Boys in 2L and 2J have also been looking at the work of American artist Keith Haring and have made their own busy figures, taking their own unique approach; stretching figures or bringing them really close together! Take at looks these fantastic examples below from Alistair, Alec and Harry (from left to right):

As well as art work from Louis, Lucas and Tom (from left to right):

It is great to hear that many of you are also getting creative in your free time! Ishan (2W) has shared this fantastic drawing! He explains below how he did it so that you might have a go too!

This is a drawing that is roughly sketched out and then ‘coloured’ in horizontal lines. Here is how I did it:

Equipment/What you need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber if you want it


  • Get a blank piece of paper
  • Roughly sketch out a face on it. This shouldn’t be too dark as you want to see the face through the horizontal lines.
  • Next get a ruler and start drawing straight lines across the face either going up or down. The contrast between the face and the hair should be shown as the hair should be darker.
  • Finally check whether all the lines are tightly compact. If they aren’t then draw a few more.
  • Well done! You’ve completed your first piece of horizontal art.


I am really pleased to be able to share another amazing fundraising story!

Jerome (2P), and his family, has raised £651 from their 2.6 challenge and a total of more than £2,200 this year for Starlight Children’s Foundation UK. Jerome’s mum ran 10km every day for 7 days last week!  On the last day, Jerome and his siblings joined in with a finale of 26 laps of rugby posts followed by 26-star jumps! There were also 26 handstands, 26 headstands and 26 cartwheels completed!



Savan (2J) has learnt how to juggle during lockdown – very impressive!!

Juggling is a great skill to learn, as it not only provides you with a quick burst of aerobic exercise but is also a fantastic workout for your brain! Apparently, the high level of hand-eye coordination needed to master it can help boost brain power!

It is therefore a great activity to do in-between your lessons to get you and your brain going!

Go on give it a try!


This week, the boys were told about an exciting inter-form competition coming soon! Each Form will be putting forward a team of four budding quizzers who will compete in a University Challenge style e- quiz! The various matches will be held in two groups next week during Monday and Friday lunchtimes, with the group winners competing in the final on 23 May. Good luck to all the Forms and I am looking forward to sharing the results with you soon!


This week’s Haiku from Rohan (2B) shares a really important message for us all.

In times of trouble

Do not be afraid to ask

For the help you need

Why don’t you have a go at writing your own Haiku, perhaps about life in lockdown, and we can share these too.


If you are feeling up for a sporting challenge, look no further than the athletics leaderboards (found here on Firefly). There are lots of challenges from vertical jumps to 5km runs for you to have a go at. There is also a most improved leaderboard, so everyone should feel they can take part, not just the strongest athletes amongst you! Once you complete a challenge simply email Mr Bolton your performances and improvements!  Hopefully we can share some of these in the blog too!

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

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