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The relentless rain has not dampened the spirits of our ever enthusiastic Second Years, who, as always have gone about their week with cheery smiles. It is lovely to see that since No Limits Week before half term, many boys have kept up new lunchtime commitments and have been attending lots of different clubs and activities. It has also been fantastic fun to finish off the week in style with Character Day!


Well done to the following boys for reaching significant merit milestones this week – keep up the excellent work!

Arya Etminan – 10

Lucas Raivio – 20

Will Fox -20

Oscar Shepherd – 30

Sam Govier – 40

Alec Hamilton – 40

Edmund Ng – 40

Tom Cahill – 50

Columbus Craven – 50 and 60

Adam Gaunt – 60


After weeks of encouraging the boys to grill their teachers for the blog, this week it was my turn to be interviewed by Alec (2J) and Sam (2J).

When did your interest in geography start?

Geography was always one of my favourite subjects at secondary school, but I especially fell in love with it whilst on a sixth form trip to Iceland!

What was your second favourite subject at school?

I really enjoyed the more creative project-based subjects like art and media studies. Having the opportunity to film my own music video was particularly good fun!

Why did you decide to teach geography?

I left university not knowing what I wanted to do, but I soon missed talking about geography everyday so I realised that teaching might be for me!

What was your degree in?

A first in geography and a masters in globalisation

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Australia because it has amazing scenery and super friendly people – it is also exotic but familiar at the same time!

What piece of advice would you have for your childhood self?

Make the most of all the opportunities at school, and work harder at revision – it is worth the effort in the end!

Do you enjoy being a Form Tutor?

Yes, I have a fantastic form with lots of characters, and they all like a good chat!

Were you a troublemaker at school?

No! But I think I might have been if it wasn’t for my twin sister keeping me in line!


Sam (2J) reports on the latest MUN conference:

Last weekend, a group of Hampton students went to Magdalen College School in order to participate in the prestigious weekend-long MUN conference, representing the delegations of Chad and Canada (I was part of the latter). After an early 7:45 departure from Hampton, we arrived at Magdalen following an uneventful journey and began lobbying in our committees. We then went to the opening ceremony, where we were entertained by a specialist speaker on the Middle East from the nearby Magdalen College of Oxford University. A long day of debate followed, where, in my committee, we passed a clause calling for people with a low social credit score to be placed in Chinese ‘Re-education Centres’ among other crazy Chinese ideas. After the day had ended, we made our way back to our accommodation for the night, the luxurious Premier Inn, before a round of bowling and Frankie and Benny’s for dinner, after which we were all shattered! On Sunday, we debated a crisis, in which the USA had fired missiles at Iran, and the world was on the brink of WW3, before making our way back home. Overall it was a very impressive conference for Hampton, with Canada winning Highly Commended Delegation, and almost every pupil involved winning an individual award. I myself won Best Junior Delegate in my committee. A huge thanks must go to Miss Field and Mr Agulian for accompanying us on a weekend to remember.

Well done to everyone that took part!

And a reminder to everyone to please keep sending in your reports on any clubs and activities that you have taken part in!


On Friday, to mark World Book Day, the English Department ran their annual Character Day! It was fantastic to see so many amazing outfits – characters included: the Hungry Caterpillar, Bananas in Pyjamas, Hercule Poirot, and Sherlock Holmes. The boys enjoyed many photo opportunities throughout the day, and gave the English Department and Second Year Team quite a challenge to decide who was worthy of the best costume prize! The winning outfit this year goes to two boys – Zach (2J) for his fantastic Hungry Caterpillar costume and Rohan (2B) for Mr Tickle. Well done boys!


Take a look at some of our Second Year Hamptonians and see if you can guess who they’re dressed up as:

The boys have also been busy collecting in sponsorship money for our Form Charities this year; Mary’s Meals, Make a Wish Foundation, Off the Record and Momentum. Boys if you haven’t done so already, make sure that you bring in and give your form tutors any money that you have raised.


We are launching our second photo competition this week, and this will run until the end of term. The theme this time, is Hobbies! Your photos must be your own – no submitting images from google! Please also give your photo a title and send it to me at r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk

Go on give it a go!

Hampton’s Unsung Heroes

Our School Captains are celebrating Hampton’s unsung heroes. Those staff who work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, helping to make Hampton a great place to come to school. Have a look at what Mr Hunt, one of our Groundsmen, does every day to make sure that our sports pitches look so fantastic.

Have a great weekend!

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