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Lots going on this week! There was a visit from a Tudor Historian, an E-Safety morning, inter-form cross country and lots of sport!


An amazing haul of merits this week! Well done boys, keep up the superb work and effort!

Oscar S – 10

Lucas R – 10

Savan S – 10

Olly S – 10

Columbus C – 10

Benedict F-C – 10

Zach K – 10

Adam S – 10

Jack R -10

Oliver H – 10

Aaron C – 10

Fabien T-R – 10

James Q – 10

Harry O – 20

Thomas K – 20

Jake E – 20

Sam G – 20

Sohan B – 20

Alastair W – 20

Isaac T – 20

Avinash G – 20

Tommy S – 20

Isaac C – 20

Adam G – 30

Rohan C – 40

Umar K – 60 (Fantastic!)


This week the boys had their annual cross-country, and it was a very close-run competition. After three laps of the field (3.6km) the eight fastest boys in each form are tallied based on finish place, the lowest aggregate scores are winners. So well done to 2W for coming out on top as overall fastest! Clearly a fantastic effort form all!

1st          2W        150pts

2nd         2B         151pts

3rd          2J         154pts

4th          2H        161pts

5th          2P         288pts

6th          2L          397pts


New to the blog this half term we are featuring a weekly interview with a teacher from the Second Year team. This is a great opportunity to found out a little bit more about your teachers! First up is our Head of Year, Mrs Owen, who was interviewed by Sohan and Sam (2J).

How did you get into teaching languages?

I was in Russia (Saint Petersburg) as a teaching assistant as part of my degree and I really enjoyed teaching.

Samsung or Apple?


Why did you want to be Head of Year?

I really enjoyed being a Form Tutor. I was an Assistant Head for some time, and then I applied for Head of Year.

Russian or French?


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I was in Miami last week, so back there.

How do you look after the environment?

Recycling, walking more, switching electric things off.

Who is your favourite writer?


What is your most embarrassing moment in childhood?

I was once being pushed on the swing, and then my dad was distracted and pushed me off.

What is your favourite non-language subject?

Home economics

What is your favourite car?

A Mini

What is your favourite country?


What is your favourite thing about Hampton?

I love all the people here and I enjoy the opportunity to teach Russian, as most schools don’t teach it.

What advice would you give for getting through school life?

Be organised, be honest, listen to teachers and parents and enjoy.


On Monday the Second Year had their E-Safety morning, where the boys went around a carousel of activities. Boys from 2P tell us about their experience – it sounds like a very informative and valuable morning!

Declan (2P)

On Monday morning, we had an E-Safety morning where we learnt about many different ways to stay safe online and how you could help others to stay safe too. We also learnt a lot about laws and School rules too and also different ways in how you could be harmed on the internet.

 Avinash (2P)

In the Lecture Theatre we were talked to by a police officer called Constable Claydon. Constable Claydon gives talks to schools in the area on E-Safety. He has been a police officer for 14 years. He told us about IMEI numbers which every phone with a SIM Card in has. Every phone’s IMEI number is unique. If you type *#06# in to your phone’s keypad it will come up so that you know your phone’s unique identity number.


Our footballers have been back in action this week with some fantastic performances. Isaac (2H) sent in this detailed report!

Hampton drew 1-1 against Sutton Grammar in a scrappy contest. A promising goal in the opening minutes by Jay C gave Hampton hope however, a strong Sutton side were able to equalise late in the game against a Hampton side who committed several mistakes throughout the match.

The game started well for Hampton with an early goal. Ömer D lofted the ball to Nick H who executed a brilliant through ball towards the Jay. Jay was eventually able to poke it past the keeper and into the back of the net. Sutton dominated the midfield area and kept possession of the ball for most of the first half. Hampton were trying to use this and breakthrough in the counter-attack.

Towards the end of the half, Savan S won the ball and played Jay through. Jay cleverly turned the ball towards Nick’s direction but the effort went inches wide. The second-half kicked off and Sutton looked more eager than ever to get their first goal. Whilst building up an attack, Sutton suddenly unleashed an effort on goal which Sam E parried out to a corner-kick. The corner was swung in and a Sutton head met it. Fortunately, it was a tame effort that Sam held on to.

Sutton had just cleared another Hampton attack when their striker got on the ball in the final third of the pitch. He danced through the defenders and finished neatly. It was 1-1 with little left to play. In the dying minutes of the game, Sutton built an attack down the left. Their striker had got into that position and had made a run. He got the ball and crossed inside towards the run of their right-winger. He was about 3-4 yards away from the goal. Could that have meant a loss for Hampton…

Not when Sam was in goal. He courageously threw himself in front of the ball and kept it out of the goal. Hampton cleared their lines but they would’ve lost had it not been for Sam’s monumental save. A tense affair which was reflected in a fair final score of 1-1. Sutton had put a halt to Hampton’s eight game win streak. 


Our rugby players have also been in action again this week. They too have played with great success!

Thomas (2B) reports on the U13A Team.

Hampton U13A team started with a surprise first try from Trinity Croydon within minutes. However, we came back strong, and the tries just kept on coming. Very impressive attack and defence was displayed. Try of the match had to go to the brilliant run, from our own try line, by Maddox D. A very impressive performance from the squad!

Harry (2B)

Tells us about the U13B Team.

It was a slow start because the ball and pitch was very slippery as it was raining. Despite this, Hampton still came through with an early try that set the tone for the match. After this blow to Trinity School, they soon dropped their heads and Hampton capitalised on this and went on a streak of tries. Half time came much to the gratitude on Trinity, at least they had a minute to regroup after the constant onslaught of yellow and black. We then scored four more, 50 – 0 to Hampton. The full-time whistle saving them.


A reminder to send in your ‘Autumn’ themed photos for our photography competition. The final date for entry is Friday 29 November.

Go on give it go! Send your entries to r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk

Have a great weekend!

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