Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


Congratulations to these two:

Abhishekdev R – 70 and 80

Josh H – 120 (fabulous!)

You’ve got one more week to get your merits signed off by Mrs Owen so earn as many as you can.


Before we move on to what has happened at school in the last two weeks, here is a fab report from Xavier Z (2W) on the School trip he went on during the half term break:

The Dorset coasteering trip was a blast. We arrived at the camp Friday afternoon. Saturday we jumped off cliffs in dancing ledge into raging waves crashing against the coast and scaling the walls was invigorating. And Sunday topped it off with an awesome inflatable water park, in which we wrestled with some of the instructors on the inflatables losing by many takedowns. However the whole experience was ideal for any student to take part in. I would say that anyone who has the opportunity to go should take it without any doubts.


This week we have our penultimate interview. Thanks to Rohan C and Theo E (2B) for sending in their profile of Ms Byrne:

Question 1: Android vs Apple, where do you stand?

I definitely think I prefer Apple, in fact as a treat for getting my first job, which was at Hampton School, I bought an IPhone, and in the following years have followed on from that first phone.

Question 2: How come?

Well, mainly, I know how to use it.

Question 3: What is your favourite meal?

I love eating and when I was on holiday, after walking to Macchu Picchu for 4 days, during which I had camp food, I was so happy when I had breakfast, in which I ate 20 pancakes. The food felt so good after the camp food.

Question 4: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Certainly hot cross buns, especially toasted and with butter. Unfortunately for my health, I found out that Tesco Finest hot cross buns are on sale all year round.

Question 5: Where do stand on pineapple on pizza?

No, not for me, no pineapple on pizza.

Question 6: What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you as a teenager?

I remember being very clumsy when I was younger, and because of this, when I was at university (St. Andrews) in the library, while everyone was working in silence, I fell over a waste paper basket and made a huge sound. It seemed like everyone was looking at me at that one moment, which made me feel really embarrassed.

Question 7: What was the lowest percentage that you ever got in school?

I was not very musical in school and got a 11/20 in my music exam, which I remember to be my worst school score.

Question 8: If you were teaching yourself as a teenager, what would you grade yourself?

I would give myself a 1 for hw effort because I made a lot of effort on my homework, however, I always remember being very chatty with my friends and so I would grade myself a 3 in class work effort. As for term grade it would depend largely on the subject.

Question 9 : What was your favourite/most hated subject?

I really enjoyed French, Latin and Art at school, but I didn’t exactly hate, but definitely disliked physics, as I just could never get my head around everything about it really.

Question 10: What do you think is more important: talent or ambition?

I have always believed that talent is important, but ambition is much more important as it can catch up with talent and shows a better person that what talent shows.

Question 11: What would describe your teenage self as?

On one side I was ambitious and hard-working and always wanted to get good grade in the subjects that I liked, as well I thought I balanced school and sport well. However, I could be chatty from time to time.

Question 12: What would you tell your teenage self?

I probably say, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be ok and to work all the time.”

Question 13: Do you support football, What team do you support?

I support Liverpool football club, no questions asked.

Question 14: If not do you watch any sports and do you watch if anything?

A little bit of tennis here and there. I grew up watching Ski Sunday, but I always had to watch through my hands as I found it to scary as I hated the crashes.

Question 15: What lead to you wanting to become a teacher, were there any other jobs you were thinking about?

I always wanted to become a librarian as I was a very bookish person. I always loved spending my free time reading, and I thought that being a librarian would nourish my reading hobby, but later I decided that being a teacher would be more fitting.

Question 16: How do you get to school everyday?

Normally I drive, but when I had my broken leg I took the School coaches for a bit as I was not allowed to drive.

Question 17: Are you taking environmental action, if so what, if not why?

Well, I have stopped buying bottles of water and I have also stopped using the air conditioner when I drive. On the topic of driving I have stopped taking unnecessary car journeys and have replaced them with walks.

Question 18: What is your favourite book?

I read a lot of books, this is a tricky decision to make as I tend to read a lot, but in the end Matilda is my favourite book. When I was younger I read it in English, then in French. Most recently I read it in Spanish when I was learning the language in after school lessons.

Question 19: What is your favourite movie?

This is a hard one, but you would have to say that Love Actually is my favourite movie. Every year at the beginning of the Christmas Holiday I watch it. It is one of my traditions.

Question 20: What was in your opinion the best invention of the modern era?

When I was growing up, the internet existed but it was sadly very slow. As I have been growing up, I think that it has been a cool experience to see it develop over the years.


Thanks to Andrew B (2W) for sending in a report on the Maths Challenge which makes a lovely addition to this week’s blog.

This year the whole of Second Year took part in the Hampton Maths Challenge. It was divided into 3 rounds. The first two rounds resulted into lots of people being knocked out of the competition. I made it into the second round comfortably, but I only just made it into the third. In the end I came second, which I was very pleased with.

Well done Andrew! Well done to all the finalists and in particular to Ishaan D who came first.


We had one of the biggest dates in the interform calendar this week – the (slightly weather-affected) athletics competition. Ben M-J tells us who got over the line:

On Tuesday in exam week all the boys from 2nd year spent the whole afternoon doing an interform athletics competition. Even though it was raining, we had a fun and very competitive time. The highlight of the afternoon would have had to been the intense finish of the 800m race between Rex (2L) and Jamie (2J). The event finished with 2H and 2J coming joint first and 2W following closely behind.

The Inter-form Competition is very much a marathon not a sprint. The final standings for the year will be revealed in the late edition of the last blog post of term (Friday 5 July) after the swimming gala.

Summer Picnic

Please do remember that the HSPA Summer Picnic is on Sunday 23 June – if you are thinking of attending, then please click here to register your interest. It promises to be a relaxing and enjoyable day out, in a wonderful setting – you really can’t beat our playing fields in the summer.


Congratulations to Hayden C (2H) on winning the 80m hurdles at the Middlesex Championships with a rapid time of 12.56! Unsurprisingly, he also won the inter-form hurdles.

A busy week of mixed fortunes for the U13A cricket team. Naavya S tells us about the peaks and troughs:

On Saturday, the U13As travelled to Croydon for their fixture against Trinity School, which many members of the team first perceived to be a hospital! On a difficult batting surface, captain Sam S elected to bowl first. As usual, Leo H and Ben R opened the bowling and bowled brilliant, economical spells, each picking up a crucial wicket as well. Also in the opening spell, Aaron M got a fantastic run out, Naavya S took a catch, and Joe E, Aran TM and Rory P saved many runs in the field. The momentum continued our way, as Hal L picked up a wicket off a stumping (thanks to the fast hands of Sam S) and Findlay B bowled two overs for very few runs. Soon enough, Theo MJ also joined the fun, cleaning up a Trinity batsman and Naavya S also bowled 2 maidens to compliment a wicket. At the death, Findlay B returned for his second spell and 2 wickets in 3 balls left Trinity at a below par 73/9 off their 20 overs. 

Openers Naavya S and Findlay B (15) started very well, with almost a fifty partnership; however, two runs outs in two balls of Findlay B and skipper Sam S put the pressure back on us. Soon wickets began to fall at regular intervals, and before we knew it, we were 64 for 9. Ben R and Theo MJ, holding their nerves, hit a few fine shots but eventually we were bowled out for 71. The fact that we were at the receiving end of four runs outs came back to haunt us, losing from the jaws of what would have been a magnificent victory. However, we know what to work on, and are confident going forward for Tuesday’s cup quarter final versus Wilson’s. 

On Tuesday, the U13As hosted Wilson’s school in their Watcyn Evans Cup quarter-final fixture. On a wet pitch, the opposition captain put us in to bowl first and (I know this phrase is becoming a bit clichéd) Leo H and Ben R started off strong, getting the ball to swing and bounce, leaving Wilson’s on just 20 off their first ten overs. Leo H also picked up a wicket, courtesy of one of two spectacular one-handed diving catches from keeper and skipper Sam S (2H). Hal L (2B) came in strong again, picking up his 18th wicket of the season and Naavya S picked up a four wicket haul. Kieran BR and Findlay B also bowled well. I think it is needless to say that Theo MJ once again provided invaluable contributions in the field, saving several runs at gulley and backward point and Aran TM did exactly the same, fielding in the ring at mid wicket. A magnificent all round performance in the field meant that Wilson’s reached 89 for 5 from their twenty overs. Despite a few early wickets falling, Naavya S anchored the innings with 58, and Aaron M and Joe E were part of vital, match-winning partnerships, each contributing several runs. Eventually, Hampton passed the line with 6 wickets in hand (Joe E and Naavya S remaining not out) and 9 balls remaining. We will be playing Whitgift or Reigate in the semi-finals and have our hopes high after a very satisfying performance on Tuesday. 


After all the mental strain of exam week, I hope this riddle isn’t too challenging! Thanks to Tom S (2W):

What has a head and a tail, but no body?


Out of this world. Thanks to Josh H (2W).

Have a great weekend!

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