We hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday weekend and have enjoyed their 4 day week- the Third Year certainly have! Despite the typical British summer time weather, the Third Year spirits have remained high and they continue to work hard towards their Summer exams.

On Thursday, the Third Year had an extended talk from a guest speaker in The Hammond Theatre. The topic of the talk was on “Relationships and Sex Education”. This is always a very informative talk that the Third Years enjoyed listening and engaging with.

Third Year Special mentions:

Congratulations to the following boys in 3C and 3F for their excellent Reading Projects Results:


Luke C 18

Calum H 20

Timothy L 19

Cameron M 18

Jamie S 18.


Cameron B-T 18

Seb B 18

George G 20

Ineesh G 18

Charlie H 18

Zain K 20

Conor M 20

Dominic M 20

Aidan P 19

Alex R 19

Riley W 20

Josh W 18

Sports Reports

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