It’s been a packed final week of this short half term, and the boys seem to be revelling being in mufti for one final day in School before the May break. I do wish them all a relaxing and fulfilling half term, and I hope that they achieve the right balance between revision and relaxation. Good luck to all our intrepid coasteerers who are setting off to Dorset today – I’m sure it will be an adventurous trip, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. It isn’t all exams the first week back, and I know many boys are looking forward to the much-anticipated inter-form athletics competition – I’m sure you are all awaiting the results, and I shall bring them to you in the first week back.

Project Explore!

Project Explore reached it’s epic conclusion this week, with a special lunch in the Staff Function room for our finalists:

Oliver C

Isaac T

Isaac C

Sam R

Max M

Natty T

Fahad H

Nico A

Abhay B

Monty H

Everybody who had contributed a project can be exceptional proud of their achievement. It was wonderful to see so many different creative takes on the experience of visiting a local landmark. Whether it was poetry, creative writing, photography, sculpture of film-making, the skills on display were truly exceptional. Well done to everybody who took part, but especially to our winner Fahad H, and our runners-up Abhay B and Sam R.

The photos and video below really show the diversity of projects on display. Well done everybody!


Cricketing Corner

Congratulations to Natty T, who has been selected to play cricket for Surrey U13s, despite being currently in the U12 category. He will be playing against Hampshire during half term in a two day, 90 over per day match. We look forward to hearing how Natty gets on in the fixture, well done on this great achievement!

Picnic Time

Please do remember that the HSPA Summer Picnic is on Sunday 23 June – if you are thinking of attending, then please click here to register your interest. It promises to be a relaxing and enjoyable day out, in a wonderful setting – you really can’t beat our playing fields in the summer.

Tutee of the Week:

Congratulations Nico A on being selected as Tutee of the Week, your Project Explore was especially inspiring and we’ve been constantly impressed by your kind and selfless attitude towards others.

Joke of the Week:

Congratulations to 1P this week, who have come up with some exceptional jokes – we might see more from them over the coming weeks!

Caleb L gives us this gem:


Mr T Hill

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