Well done everyone for getting through the last full week of term! The Easter holidays is fast approaching! The Third Years have had another very busy week – on Monday we finished off our “Sex and Relationships” PSHE topic and did a self-review during Thursday’s PSHE session. Here are some other highlights from the week:

Third Year Special mentions:

Congratulations to the following Third Year boys for their successes on the ski slopes. Here is a summary of their achievements and some photos of Hal L (3G) in action:

The four third year boys involved were Hal L (3G), Riley W (3F), Sebastian B (3F) and Euan G (3H).
Hal, Riley and Euan were in the U16 age category. Hal finished 8th and Euan 19th in the slalom (4th and 10th if you narrow the category to just those born in 2004). In giant slalom Hal came 12th, Euan 24th and Riley 26th (7th, 14th and 16th out of those born in 2004). Seb competed in the U14 age category (larger number of entrants) and came 47th in slalom race 2 and 52nd in giant slalom race 1. The boys all had a great time and represented the School well. Thankfully, there were no injuries this time!

Congratulations to Hal for qualifying to enter the British Children’s Championships, which will be held in the Easter holidays in Tignes.


Congratulations to Osborn Z (3E) for his achievements in his fencing competition in Poland. Challenge Wratislavia is the largest international competition in Europe for children under 15. There are more than 3,000 fencers who take part in this international tournament every year.

Here is Osborn’s summary of this event and some photos of him in action:

On Friday the 22nd March, I went to Wroclaw, Poland to compete in Challenge Wratislavia, an annual international competition. It was my first time fencing in Challenge Wratislavia so it made me very nervous as there were competitors from over 41 countries. 

My competition started at 9am on Friday. I was placed in pool 37/40 so I had to wait before I could fence. There were six people in my pool and I only won two fights. After this, I placed 143/250. Only the top 70% were allowed to qualify for the direct elimination and luckily, I managed to make it into the next round. Unfortunately, I was only able to win one round of direct elimination. In my first round, I fenced a fencer from Czech Republic and I won 15-12, despite losing at the start. In the top 128, I fought a national team fencer from Poland and lost, coming 121/250.

This competition was a great experience for me as I was able to fence many national team fencers. Sadly, this was my last year competing in Challenge Wratislavia, so I won’t get an opportunity to fence these fencers again. Overall, I was happy with my result as this was the world’s biggest youth fencing competition.

Congratulations to Jacob C (3B) for his recent success in the Public Schools’ Fencing Championship. Here is an account of this event:

Jacob came 12th out of 92 in the Public Schools’ Fencing Championships. He competed in the Mount- Haes Foil age group. He lost to the 2nd seeded competitor 15-8 in the 3rd round of Eliminations. It is a credible performance as top seeded competitors often compete at National Level.

Science Fair

Congratulations to Krishna W (3C) for his 3rd place position in the Science Fair and best model for his demonstration with ‘Hydraulics’.

Congratulations also go to Aaryan P (3J) on his project of the “Study of the Brain” and Suryaksh T, Harry G, Patrick Q, Adam C from 3E for their project on “Is football inherited, or is it all hard work?”

No Detentions Raffle

Congratulations to the following Third Year boys for winning the No Detentions Raffle:

Tommy K (3A)

William H (3B)

James O’B (3C)

Rory F (3D)

Akshat M (3E)

Anton D (3F)

Edward M (3G)

Jack F (3H)

Will B (3J)

Youth Crime Conference

Ten boys in the Third Year went to the 2019 Youth Crime Conference to learn about the impacts of different crimes, common among people of similar ages to us. We learnt about the impact of ‘party drugs’ and how they affect our bodies, and what we should do if any of us find ourselves in a position where drugs are being taken. After a short break, we were led to the next workshop, where we discussed knife crime and saw a role play. Then we talked about what these people would do and have to say in court, and how incidents like knife crime from a young age, greatly impact a person’s future. After lunch, we saw a production of a true story: a young girl who had split up with her boyfriend and searched online for someone else. She met an older man and was tricked and manipulated into being sexually abused. Afterwards, we were warned of the dangers of strangers online, and how it can happen to anyone. Finally, a police officer came in to talk to us about gangs, and how easy it is to fall into one, but how hard it is to get out of one. We were told that if we are even slightly suspicious of a friend being in a gang, we should report it. It was a very interesting and enjoyable day to be part of. Hugo P (3H)

Model United Nations Taster Day

If you are interested in trying Model United Nations for the first time, please sign up for a beginners conference at the start of next term. This conference takes place at Reigate Grammar School on Saturday 27th April (9am – 4pm).

You will be representing the nations of China or Poland. The topics that will be discussed are cyber warfare, global human trafficking, marine conservation and nuclear proliferation in North Korea.

This is a great opportunity to try MUN for the first time. We are looking for lots of new recruits to join our very successful MUN team! Please give your name to your tutor and letters and permission forms will be sent out to you early next week.

Thank you!

Miss Field

Sports Reports

Rugby – Reigate 7s

Looking to continue our positive momentum from the successes in our previous tournaments, the U14 7s squad headed to Reigate. We finished top of our group, undefeated, meaning we progressed through into the cup. In the semi-final, we faced Tonbridge, a team we had faced in 15s and lost to. Tom C (3D) produced the moment of the tournament when (in the last few moments of the match) he caught the ball in our own half, with only one defender to beat. He sprinted up to the halfway line, amidst protests from the coaches telling him to relax. He chipped the ball over the fullback, continued to chase, kicked the ball again and then powered the ball against the post and dived on it to finish an amazing solo try. In the final, we faced Whitgift, a strong opposition. They maintained the ball and put pressure on us when we were in possession forcing mistakes. This allowed them to win the final. Although it was a disappointing result, we had progressed and played very well throughout the day and had beaten Tonbridge 24-0. Overall a very successful day. Cameron H (3J)

The U14B rugby team went to Harrodian for their final match of the season. Playing against an A team, the Hampton boys struggled to contain two of the opposition’s more dangerous runners, although damage was considerably limited by several try-saving tackles from full back Will B (3J). Down 26-0 at half time, the team resolved to turn things around and were soon rewarded with a well-worked team try from flanker Hal L (3G). Sadly the match finished early after a bad injury to a Harrodian player before the comeback was complete, but 26-7 was a respectable loss against tough opponents.

Football U14C vs Reading Bluecoat School

After a recent and swift victory against Wetherby on Thursday, we found ourselves playing our last fixture of the 2018 – 19 season, and on this occasion, the opponent was Reading Bluecoat School. Determined to finish such a successful season on a high, we began the game with a certain hunger for a win. In the early minutes of the match, we were trying to make through balls; attempting to dissect a stubborn, strong defence. After a couple of close calls and missed opportunities we bagged our first goal, our strong back four stopped any opposition attempt to reach the final third, securing the lead. After the break, we found ourselves with a newfound desire for the win, we continued to attack, pressing high and not allowing the opponent to settle in and feel comfortable. We hit the back of the net once more to further our lead to 2 – 0, and did not stop there, but still attempted to score again, however none of these opportunities were converted and the end score remained a solid 2 – 0 win to Hampton. This well-earned score line marked the end of a highly successful season, with plenty of goals spread throughout the team. Congratulations to the U14C team for such a successful season! Ollie L (3B)


For photos and updates from the Boat Club, check out their twitter feed at @HamptonRowing


Third Year Inter Form Competition Update – The Wills’ Cup

Inter Form Spelling Bee

The inaugural Third Year inter form spelling bee was a roaring success thanks to Mr Neville’s organisation and the outstanding spelling abilities of many boys – most notably 3F and 3H.

The final two teams battled out a sudden death tiebreaker lasting several rounds with challenging words such as “lieutenant” being spelled correctly. Eventually, 3F slipped up and 3H were able to claim the title. Final standings and points awarded as follows:

1st 3H = 9 points

2nd 3F = 8 points

3rd 3D, 3E = 6 points each

4th 3A, 3J = 4 points each

5th 3B, 3C, 3G = 2 points each

This means the Wills’ Cup standings are as follows at the end of the Easter term:

FORM Teambuilding Dodgeball Cross-country Volleyball Table Tennis no detentions Rowing Spelling Bee Total
3G 9 3 9 9 7 1 8 2 48
3E 8 6 8 8 3   7 6 46
3J 4 9 7 7 2   5 4 38
3B 3 5 6 5 9 2 3 2 35
3F 6 6 2 4 5 3 6 8 40
3A 2 3 5 6 6 1 9 4 36
3H 5 3 4 4 4 4 9 33
3C 7 10 0 3 1 2 2 25
3D 1 6 3 1 8 1 6 26
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