Welcome to the last Second Year Bulletin of term!


Let’s kick off with some more fantastic merit milestones:

Lucas HS (2P) – 20

Kristian B (2P) – 20

Ben A (2P) – 30

Luc M (2B) – 30

Aitor M (2P) – 30

Theo W (2B) – 40

Max M (2P) – 40

Stefan D (2P) – 40

Rohan C (2B) – 50

Piers M (2P) – 60

Adam J (2P) – 60

Max C (2J) – 60

Tom S (2W) – 60

Henry H (2P) – 70

Findlay B (2H) – 80

Henry A (2B) – 100

Vishal S (2W) – 140 (Tremendous!)


On the 26th March, lots of pupils in the First, Second and Third Year entered the Science Fair. There were some very interesting projects, from plane take-offs to optical illusions. My project was “How Suggestible are Hamptonians?” and was about the placebo effect. If you want to find out more come to Psychology Club (shameless plug). Overall it was a really fun event and I would definitely do it again! Felix VdG (2J)

Maybe you ought to take Felix’s suggestion and go along on a Thursday lunchtime next term. Felix was also writing before he found out the results of the fair – I am delighted to announce that he was the overall winner! A huge well done to him and the other Second Year pupils who took part, particularly those commended below:

  • 1st place and best research project: Felix VdG (2J) with ‘How suggestible are Hamptonians’
  • 2nd place and best experiment: Ben H (2B) with ‘Bouncing Balls – investigating the bounciness of rubber, steel and glass’
  • Runners up: Ishaan D (2B) and Henry A (2B) with ‘Machine Learning, the future of AI’



This fantastic event took place on Tuesday and it sounds like it certainly struck the right note. One of the talented Second Year performers, Felix D (2J), tells us more:

The evening started with the symphony orchestra playing the Star Wars soundtrack. It was an epic arrangement. After, chamber choir performed O Nata Lux. It’s a calm yet beautiful piece. After we’d completed this rather ancient song, we had a change of character and sang “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. Quite uncharacteristic of chamber choir but an extremely fun change. We went off stage feeling rather happy with ourselves. Voices of Lions performed afterwards. We sang Skye Boat Song. It’s a traditional folk song with many different sections. When put all together it creates an amazing melody of voices. After a not so successful rehearsal earlier that day we blew it out of the water.

Lovely to see a pun from one of our contributors too.


Let’s start off with one of our less frequently featured sports. Kieran BR (2J):

Last week, I missed a whole day of school for the Key Stage 3 badminton tournament, which had the four best badminton playing schools in London playing to decide who are the best teams in the city. The four schools included Coppers, Wilson’s, Isleworth and Hampton. We had done well to make it this far in the competition. We started off by playing Coppers, who were much stronger than us and we lost all our games. We then played Wilson’s, with the same results. However, for the third and four play-off against Isleworth, we had a different result. We won the first two games, making it so that we only had to win one more to win overall. We then lost two close games, making the last game the deciding game. I happened to be playing doubles with Naavya S in this game and it was really close. The opponents were tough but we fought hard, making it 20-20, leaving the last point the deciding point for the third or the fourth place. We won it, winning the team a well deserved bronze medal. Overall, this was an exciting and new experience, especially with the fact that the venue for the tournament was in the Olympic badminton training ground.

That sounds like a fantastic experience. All four football teams were in action at the weekend. Krishan S (2W) tells us how they got on:

Sports Reports

On Saturday the U13ABCD team played against Reading Bluecoat school where I played for the D team. We won 3-0 with Meher B (2J) scoring all three goals.
The C team won 4-2, the B team 3-0 and the A team drew 3-3. They were tough to beat but most of us managed to do it and for some of us it was the last match of the season so it was good to end the season on a positive result.

Well done to all and hopefully we can get a few more victories to sign off the season this weekend. The rugby players have already signed off. Did they do it in style? Saganan T (2P) tells us all about it:

It was our last tournament of this season and it was the biggest out of all of the ones we had gone to. We kicked off our first game against The Oratory School and played some really good rugby and won 25-10. Mr Gray told us the next game was a tough one and that we had to play with the right attitude and mindset. We started off struggling to control their really big lad but eventually we found our rhythm and won in emphatic style with a 20-0 win which helped us mentally especially as we hadn’t conceded one try in that game. The next game we comfortably won 45-5 and finally it came to the hardest game of our group against Blundell’s School which was a rugby school from around Exeter. We started off sloppily and conceded two tries but we never let our heads drop for a second and stood firm before firing back two tries just before the first half ended. Our spirits were up and we were determined to win this game. We played excellently and scored one more try in the second half to win 15-10. After the match ended, we found out Mr Knibbs was out watching us play which lifted us up for our final game which was another tough one against Wellend Park Academy. What a match this turned out to be! We started off poorly conceding a try in the first minute but we fought back almost immediately to make it level again. We were exchanging try after try. The first half ended 20-15 to them. Mr Mob and Mr Gray gave us a huge team talk at the break and the parents there supported us incredibly. We conceded another a try two minutes into the second half but once again we didn’t let our heads drop. We fought back with all our might and brought it back level. It was the final play and we had just won a scrum. We kept on passing the ball quickly and eventually broke their well organised defence. It was very dramatic as there were a bunch of players piled up on one another and the referee on the floor analysing if the ball had touched the try line. We waited patiently for him to announce his verdict…AND WE HAD DONE IT! We made an unbelievable comeback and the referee blew the whistle straight after we scored. Everyone went ballistic and was jumping up and down. We had won our group and made our parents and school proud. At the end we all huddled up and spoke about how far we had come over this month and Mr Knibbs was ecstatic with our desire to win. What a day it had been!

Well done! You can feel the excitement exploding out of that report. And indeed well done to all who have participated in the long winter sports season. Roll on the summer!


Thanks to Adam S (2W) for sending in this report on last week’s fantastic Drama evenings.

Last week all Second Years took part in a Drama evening, mine being on Wednesday. During this time, 2B and 2W performed. 2W were much more superior because we did the raven from Edgar Allan Poe and Jim, the boy who ran from his nurse and got eaten by a lion by Hilaire Belloc and Mini Grey. However, 2B had an admirable effort with a bigger roster of poems including (but not limited to) an extract from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and the listeners by Walter de La Mare. All in all, a commendable effort from both 2W and 2B and an amazing performance.

And the curtain is now coming down on this term’s blogs, but there’s still space for…


Well done to Finlay F (2H) & Ishaan D (2B) who were the first two people to correctly solve last week’s logical thinking puzzle.

This week, Piers M (2P) has been good enough to include some of the questions from the Junior Quiz Team’s match this week, as they continue their quest to make the regional final. Did they do it? Can you answer the questions as well as them? Find out below.

On Tuesday, the junior quiz team had their first fixture of the season against Lanesbororugh school. The team was: Piers M (captain) 2P, Will C (2L), Tomas E (2L), and First Year pupil Ben W. Our opponents arrived at 4:10pm, and the match started. After a slow start, the team very quickly caught up and we were soon far in the lead. The final score was 690-200 and we are now guaranteed a place in the regional finals against RGS Guildford.

Some questions:

What type of animal is an anchovy?

If you were a Virgo, what month would you be born in?

What is the 13th letter of the alphabet?


Q: What do you get if you put 21 students from 2P in a classroom for ten minutes?

A: This joke (after many less successful attempts)

Have a great Easter Holidays!

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