Welcome to the final Second Year Bulletin of 2018!


Congratulations to these boys on reaching the following festive merit milestones:

Tom M 2L – 10

Ben A 2P – 10

Danil E 2L – 10

Ed GZ 2L  – 10

James G 2L – 10

Theo E 2B – 20

Shaurya T 2J – 20

Seb P 2L – 30

William C 2L – 30

Conrad K 2W – 30

Aran TM 2W – 30

Abhishekdev R 2L – 40

James D 2W – 50



This time of year we always host this fantastic annual event to raise money for charity. Thanks to Findlay B 2H for sending in this report:

The Christmas Hampton and LEH quiz took place on Monday lunchtime in the Main Hall. At each table, was a group of five of us from Hampton, and we were then joined by the LEH students, with three joining every team.  

The quiz was in several rounds which included identifying a movie from the picture, figuring out a celebrity from a zoomed-in image of their face and also figuring out the next few words in a verse written by famous songwriters. Every group got a sheet for our answers, which were swapped with another table for marking. The variety of questions meant that everyone had an opportunity to make a contribution to the team. It was a really enjoyable and fun event and, even though my group didn’t win, we definitely had a great time.



Congratulations to 2H on winning the Inter-Form badminton competition this week and thanks to Tom O 2P for this glimpse of the action from the perspective of one of the 2P pairings:

On Tuesday I was part of the Inter Form Badminton squad for 2P that came 4th in the tournament. After the group stage, in which we came 2nd, we competed in the 3rd/4th Place Playoff we lost to 2L, which was my fault. But we had fun!

Don’t be so hard on yourself, Tom!

Now, every school wants to be in the hat for the sixth round of the ESFA Cup in January. Would our U13As be one of them? Let’s hear all about their fixture from Josh H 2W:

Fresh from a 5-1 victory at the weekend, the U13As had momentum on their side as they looked to progress through to the last 32 of the ESFA Cup. After a small delay to kick off, the game eventually got going with immediate action from both sides. While the game took time to settle down, Hampton’s usual passing virtuosity started to take off with great creativity but also safety to attempt to gain control over the game. However, counter attacking moves from Ravensbourne came every so often with various free kicks given away that led to balls into the box. Despite this, Toby and Zac’s aerial presence and skill kept them out and won various fouls for the side.

As the teams came out for the second half after a goalless first 30 minutes, a half time team talk to be reckoned with gave a bit more encouragement to the U13As as they looked to advance further in the tournament. The tempo was set from the off with brilliant sweeping from Conrad in goal, solidity at the back, work rate in midfield, finesse on the wings and runs being made left, right and centre up front. The hard work started to pay off as chance after chance came Hampton’s way leaving the parents astonished as to how we weren’t in front.

Soon came full time which was followed by two 5 minute halves for extra time. While the opposition started to tire, Hampton’s consistent performance, a testament to their fitness and resilience, proved vital to the game. After one of many very well worked moves, the ball came to Chibby who Ronaldo-chopped the defender before slotting the ball home in the back of the net. However, despite the expected outcome of a ‘park the bus’ 5 minutes from the home side, we remained seemingly dominant and could have easily bagged another just before full time.

The referee blew his whistle to send Hampton into the sixth round and make the players’ holidays much more pleasant, knowing that they were still in the National tournament.

Well done, boys! Fantastic news. You might have to show me what “Ronaldo-chopping” is…



The answers to the festive dingbats were as follows:

  1. Mince Pies
  2. Turkey Leftovers
  3. Frankincense
  4. Festive Season
  5. White Christmas
  6. Peace on Earth

Trivia will return in the New Year. If you have a suggestion, please send it my way.


Joke of the Week:

And finally…


In honour of the departing Mr Rouse, who loves a dodgy joke more than anything, we’ve made room for a bumper edition of JotW. I have been inundated with submissions, well done to all the following:


What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?

It’s Christmas, Eve!          Francesco O 2B


Who hides in a bakery at Christmas?

Mince Spies        Findlay B 2H


Why was Theresa May sacked as nativity manager?

Because she couldn’t run a stable government.   Vishal S 2W


How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

Look for fresh PRINTS     Monty R 2W


Where does Santa go when he’s ill?

National Elf Service          Max C 2J


What do you call a running turkey?

Fast food             Finlay W 2W


Right, that’s quite enough of that.    

Happy Christmas and have a wonderful holidays!

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