Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

Just one more week of hard work to go until the holidays. The tree is up in reception and hopefully everyone is feeling nice and festive.


2W, 2P & 2L had the morning off timetable on Monday (2B, 2H & 2J did this last week). Mo O (2W) tells us all about it:

With the internet playing such an important role in the lives of the students of Hampton, it is important to know what to do and what not to do. This is why we had the E-safety morning. We started off by listening to a talk which taught us more on the subject of digital footprints and how whatever you do stays on the web forever. I feel as though this was extremely important since it helped educate us and shared one of the key reasons why being safe on the internet is so important. Afterwards we went and filled in two pieces of paper on what we love on the internet and what is dangerous. We talked about a range of topics, from phishing, scams and other dangers of the internet to video games, videos and the wide variety of entertaining things online. The final thing that we did was talk about how screens affect your life and why it is important to not let them take over.


I know that Mo and the rest of 2W have all written a resolution to improve their internet use this week (for example maximum 45 minutes screen time on Saturday & Sunday). I’m looking forward to hearing how they get on…



In assembly last week you will have heard Ben H (2B) receive a special mention for his performance at the Model United Nations conference where he more than held his own with Sixth Form Students. Here he gives us a bit of insight into what MUN involves:

MUN (Model United Nations) is a remix of the UN where delegates are encouraged to debate about current issues using sophisticated words and referring to themselves in the 3rd person. The last MUN (and in my opinion the best) was CroyMun which took place in Croydon High school, where I participated in the economic and financial sector (Ecofin.) We discussed about whether the USA should impose sanctions on Iran and we debated about intellectual property theft. There was a very amiable environment and I enjoyed myself – I strongly recommend more people to come to MUN.


Well done, Ben!



The U13D team are fast becoming our most featured football side. Let’s hear from Krishan S (2W) as to whether they could continue their fine run of form:

On Monday we had a rematch against a tough opponent, Radnor House, Twickenham. Last time we played them we drew 0-0 away but this time we had a brilliant match and the final score was 8-1! Our attack included Findlay B (2H) and Tom W  (2B) who were brilliant. We had two Leos on the pitch, who both contributed to the 8 goals. The defence didn’t have to touch the ball!

And that point is backed up by goalkeeper Milo B (2H) who didn’t have his busiest day:

I was playing in goal but our team did very well and beat the opposition 8-1! I didn’t have many saves to make and felt my role in the team was to shout “Keeper’s!” and then kick the ball up the field. It was a great game and we socialised with the opposition at match tea.


The U13A team were also in action with another crucial cup tie. Conrad K (2W) reports:

On Monday, the U13A team played their ESFA fourth round match against Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form. Hampton started well with two goals, both from Chibby N (2H) and both coming from brilliant football from the midfield and the attack. Near the end of the first half Stoke Newington had a chance to score but they skied the shot from about six yards. The second half wasn’t as good as the first for Hampton as Stoke Newington’s Leyton Orient academy player got one back to make it 2-1. Despite the weather of heavy rain, Chibby completed his hat-trick after taking the ball round the keeper. Hampton dominated from here with some time wasting before Hayden C (2H) scored to make it 4-1. All Hampton had to do was defend and Stoke’s few chances helped see Hampton through to the fifth round of ESFA for a home tie.

Keep marching on, boys!

There is an awful lot left of both the football and rugby seasons but some pupils are already getting ready for the summer. Sam S (2H) gives us a snapshot:

The Cricket A and B squads are invited every Tuesday after school to take part in winter nets with Mr Harrison and Mr Banerjee. The first hour we focus on bowling practice and for those who don’t bowl, like me, it’s a great chance to get your homework done. The second hour we get to practice our batting and I have found the sessions really useful in improving my technique and also keeping me going so I am ready for the new cricket season. I have to rush at the end of session to get the late coach home from LEH but it’s definitely worth it as I can see everyone improving.



Well done to everyone who solved Conrad’s riddle: the butcher weighs meat (of course). If you haven’t claimed your merit, make sure you get it from me or your Form Tutor.

This week we have not one, not two but SIX Christmas dingbats. Don’t worry if you can’t get them all, I’ll award merits for the most correct submissions.

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Joke of the Week:

And finally…


I am looking for festive submissions during December. This week we have this from Aran TM (2W):


What is Santa Claus’s favourite track and field event?

North Pole vaulting


That is a cracker. Or maybe just from a cracker.


Have a great weekend!


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