Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


Congratulations to the following boys on reaching these merit milestones:

Joseph M (2L) – 10

Tomas E (2L) – 10

Edward KB (2L) – 10

Aadi T (2P) – 10

Charlie B (2W) -10

Oscar M (2W) – 10

Giles M (2H) – 10

Meher B (2J) – 10

Giles M (2H) – 20

Conrad K (2W) – 20

Ayoub K (2W) – 20

Mohamed-Ali O (2W) – 20

Stefan D (2P) – 20

Zaki SB (2J) – 20

Krishan S (2W) – 20

Harry M (2L) – 20

Abishekdev R (2L) – 20

Rex B (2L) – 20

Sam S (2H) – 30

Patrick H (2H) – 30

Jack S (2H) – 30

Max C (2J) – 40

Josh H (2W) – 40

James D (2W) – 40

Kieran BR (2J) – 50

Rory P (2H) – 50

Ben MJ (2W) – 40

Ben MJ (2W) – 50

Vishal S (2W) – 70

Wow, wow, wow! Well done all and keep those merits coming!


We have a bumper sports edition today, but first let’s hear how Naavya S (2H) started the week. Warning! This is not for the faint-hearted…

On Monday I attended Think! club (which runs from 12:40 to about 13:00). As part of our Human Heart project, we (Ishaan D (2B), Henry A (2B), Findlay B (2H), Toby H (2H), Oscar T (2H), Ms Garrido-Soriano and I) were fortunate enough to be allowed into the B6 laboratory for an engaging dissection of a pig’s heart. Following an informative demonstration from Mr Langton, we split into pairs and began the activity. It was very interesting to look at the different parts of the heart and imagine that this squidgy, muscular ball also resided in us! Conclusively, it was an excellent lunchtime!

It certainly sounds like you all had an offaly good time.


Let’s start with Ethan F (2W) who was getting his running shoes dirty in a cross-country competition this week:

On Wednesday I and a few others went to Tiffin’s training ground to compete in the Judd Cup.

There were around 10 schools competing in the competition. It was a relay where the First Years did their run to hand over to Second Years this went up to the Sixth Formers. The distances were 2.8km. The weather was extremely windy and there was quite a lot of mud so spikes where incredibly useful. We all did extremely well and finished in Third Place.


Well done to all involved in that. Now let’s switch our attention to table tennis – Vishal S (2W) reports:

It has been a very busy week for the U13A Table Tennis Team, playing twice on Monday and 

Wednesday. The team of Ed G (2L), Vishal S (2W) and two First Years, Caleb and Ronit. Our first match was on Monday when we played in the London South Finals, held at Wilson’s. We were unlucky to be drawn against the strongest team in the competition Wallington (who would eventually go on to win the whole tournament!) in the first round. Despite, a valiant effort, we lost to Wallington. We were now in the ‘Plate’ cup competition. In the semi-finals we beat Rutlish Academy. In a thrilling final we beat Oasis Academy with some great rallies captured on the school twitter feed! We were very pleased to bring home a trophy and medals.

Our second match was against Bishop Thomas Grant school and we were very successful. We won all eight singles and excellent team work led to a clean sweep of the doubles matches. Overall it was 10-0 and a great afternoon of table tennis. Thank you to our coaches for their help and we are looking forward to our next match.

Well done, boys! I think there’s a lesson we can all learn from that, about what to do if things don’t start as planned: don’t go into a spin, rally yourselves and bounce back. Thank you!

Kieran BR (2J) also felt the cold wind of ill fortune blowing this week:

On Monday, having missed the B team cup match for family commitments, I trained with the A’s which I enjoyed very much until the very end of it. This was because when sprinting to prevent someone from scoring, I suddenly turned on my ankle and sprained it very badly. Luckily, I had a friend to help me to get to the nurse and the coach was very helpful as well. However, not all was bad, as after all this happened, I found out that my team had won their cup match and had made it through to the next round of the tournament!

A silver lining indeed. And now for yet another tale of coping with adversity: Felix D (2J) reports on a tricky but rewarding day for the rugby players:

We started off the day on a strong foot, winning our first two games with ease against Richmond Borough and London Oratory school. After that though, we suffered a great many injuries throughout the next couple of games. In total we had five injuries with a couple soldiering on and others out for a few weeks with concussions and sprains. Aside from the injuries, we played hard and tough and scored some amazing tries throughout the day. We made it into the cup but unfortunately lost every game to the final. It does place us in the top quarter of Middlesex U13 rugby though, which is something to be proud of. We had a great deal of fun playing in the festival and are hoping to come back from this next year in the U14 cup.

Would we have better luck with the round ball? Four teams were in action this week, let’s hear first about the Bs from Saganan T (2P) and then Ben A (2P) tells us about the Ds:

  • It was a cold afternoon when the U13B team took on Riddlestown Collegiate in the ESFA Cup Round 3. We started off really well and played really good football. Through those passes Alpha B (2H) was sent through on goal but was unlucky not to score. Just after we recovered from a good play by Riddlestown we unleashed a deadly counter attack and Francesco O (2B) played an excellent ball to me and I scored. We were 1-0 up but we were searching for more. In the second half Riddlestown had stepped up their game and caused us a lot of problems but our defence dealt with it. In the final few minutes, we were put under so much pressure and thanks to Matthew B (2J) incredible saves we won our game and we are through to the next round. We played some excellent football and we hope we keep this up for our following games.


  • On Saturday the U13D team for Hampton played Chigwell’s B team. We all woke up early and got down to School for 7.30am, then we got the coach to Chigwell, where we started the match at 10am. Both teams started off steadily and chances weren’t common due to good defending by both sides. As the match progressed Hampton started to get shots off on Chigwell’s goal, but Chigwell fought back and we only stayed level thanks to two magnificent saves by our keeper; Milo B (2H). After more of this the whistle blew for half time. We got straight back into the swing of things in the second half and started to play very good football by pressing them with balls over the top of their defence and not letting them into our box with the ball. Our best chance came when the ball was whipped in for a corner, although unfortunately Finlay B (2H) couldn’t supply the finish to put us ahead. The game carried on like this until the final whistle, we had lots of chances but their keeper was playing well. Unfortunately we drew 0-0 in a close game that we had dominated, but it wasn’t to be. We shook hands and congratulated one another in highest respect. Well Done to the U13D team!!!



Well done to everyone who got “The Three Musketeers” as the answer last week.

This week we have a riddle, courtesy of Conrad K (2W):

A clerk at a butcher shop stands five feet ten inches tall and wears size 13 shoes and has a 32inch waist.

What does he weigh?

Think you’ve cracked it? Email me your answer and win a merit. Suggestions for future trivia questions are also always welcome.

Joke of the Week:

And finally…

Loads of submissions this week. The nod goes to Josh H (2W) for having written this himself:

  1. What did the builder say whilst completing a house but running out of material after one floor?
    A. Bung a low roof on it.

Have a great weekend!

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