It has been a busy week at School, as ever, and the First Year boys have had plenty to keep them occupied! The week began with a very informative e-safety morning on Monday, where the boys learnt about how to keep their digital footprint clean, what it means to be a good digital citizen, and how to look after their mental health when using technology. All of the boys seemed to get a great deal out of the morning, so a huge thank you to Mr Talman for organising this for us.

There was also a fiercely fought Table Tennis competition on Monday and matches on Wednesday; I was so pleased to read this report of the team’s excellent achievements from Ronit R (1P):

Caleb L (1P) and I were part of the table tennis team alongside Second Year boys. We went to the London South Finals on Monday at Wilson’s school. We lost our first match against Wallington but went on to win against Oasis School and Rutlish School 4-0 and thus Hampton won the Plate Final. On Wednesday, we played Bishop Thomas Grant in a league match. We started with a few close single games. However, everyone still managed to win and in doubles both of our pairs won in straight sets.

Well done to Ronit and Caleb on being part of these excellent results!

We were treated to a really excellent New Boys’ Concert on Tuesday evening, too. It seems we have an abundance of musical talent in this year’s First Year cohort, which is excellent news! Congratulations to all of the boys involved: Ishan P (1W), Christopher M (1B), Oli C (1W), Tom C (1B), Jerome S (1P), Aaron C (1H), Tommy S (1H), Ronit R (1P), Alistair H (1W), Nico A (1P), Yangzi T (1L), Harry F (1W), Aman S (1W), Tejas S (1P), Nicolas W-H (1B), Harry S (1J), George S (1P), Olly S (1J), Adam G (1B), Declan G (1P), Edmund N (1H), Gabriel P (1P), Gabriel F (1W), Ewan W (1P) and William O’B (1L) and Kessan K (1H).

The First Year boys are still going strong on the merits and well done to the following on collecting merit certificates this week: Harry B (1B), Rahul R (1B), Thomas D (1H), Oli C (1W), Will F (1W), Adam G (1W), Archie H (1W), Ryan M (1W), Vaibhav N (1W), Ishan P (1W) and Aberam S (1W).

We have enjoyed seeing so many boys coming up to the RS Office to answer the weekly conundrum. 1W are currently leading the way in terms of correct answers, with 1J closely following! This week’s conundrum is as follows:

A certain snail takes an hour and a half to crawl clockwise around a certain racetrack, yet when he crawls anti-clockwise around that same racetrack it takes him only ninety minutes. Why this discrepancy?

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Miss G. Russell

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