Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

Well done all on a very good half term. I hope you enjoy your break, whatever you are doing and come back raring to go in November. As always, there is plenty going on at Hampton during the holidays: there are Second Year trips to Berlin and Provence and I am editing this edition of the blog from a (fairly) sunny Madrid. Whatever you’ve been doing, I would love to feature it on these pages next half term so please keep your reports coming in.


I didn’t think it was possible but the list might just be even longer than last week. Well done all!

Sam S (2H) – 10

Seb P (2L) – 10

Tom H (2L) – 10

Lucas HS (2P) – 10

Camilo C (2P) – 10

Stefan D (2P) – 10

Chanutha A (2P) – 10

Faizan F (2P) – 10

Aitor M (2P) – 10

James D (2W) – 10

Ben R (2H) – 10

Tom S (2W) – 10

Theo E (2B) – 10

Tom W (2B) – 10

George B (2B) – 10

Aryan M (2B) – 10

Zac N (2B) – 10

Zac C (2B) – 10

Krishan S (2W) – 10

Rohan C (2B) -20

Henry H (2P) – 20

Rory P (2H) – 20

Josh H (2W) – 20

Ben MJ (2W) – 20

Patrick H (2H) – 20

Oscar T (2H) – 30

Ishaan D (2B) – 40


Please do send me reports of any School sports fixture in which you participate. I love hearing about football and rugby but it’s also great to showcase some of the other sporting disciplines the School offers so if you’re a swim star, a ping pong player, a bridge buff or a chess champ, let me know about it.

This week’s report comes from James D (2W) who tells us whether the C team footballers could continue their fine start to the season:

On Monday the U13C team played against Kingston Grammar School. In the first half, Kingston managed to score a lobbed finish over Toby H (2H), but Ben R (2H) and I both scored to make it 2-1 at half time. We started the second half well, and goals from Jack S (2H), Ben R (2H), Cameron J (2L) and me made the final score 6-1. Well done to the boys for a solid performance and thank you to KGS and Mrs Day for a thoroughly enjoyable game.


Well done to everyone who has managed to get three signatures on their ‘No Limits’ cards. The week has been a great success and a wonderful chance to try out something new. Hopefully some of you will have stumbled upon a new activity, which you will continue after half term. If you’re still on the lookout, here are a couple more reports to whet your appetite:

This week as one of my clubs I went to geography. It was really cool as we erupted our own volcano and learnt about how volcanoes erupt (their lava can fall down the mountain at up to 10 miles per hour!) Ben MJ (2W)

Over the last several weeks, Lego Robotics club has been working on completing a series of 15 challenges for the competition, First Lego League INTO ORBIT, which we are entering this year. The challenges are based on the astrophysics of travel, including getting a working hammer to launch a small rocket about 30cm into the air and land atop the pole it is connected to without it falling down again. We have had to figure out how to get a small motor to create enough force to smash down on the launcher hard enough to send the rocket flying. It is a very fun experience and we are all thoroughly looking forward to the competition, on Friday 11th January next year. Findlay B (2H)


Speaking of which…


Now for a special report from Ishaan D (2B) which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is out of this world. Not all clubs and activities are confined to classrooms; the Lego Robotics club could be going to infinity and beyond (via Leicester):

On Wednesday, Luke A-B (2L), Aneesh B (2J), Charlie B (2W), Ethan F (2W), Josh T (2L), Shaurya T (2J), Xavier Z (2W), James A (2H), Findlay B (2H), Monty F (2H), Giles M (2H) and Naavya S (2H) and I visited the National Space Centre in Leicester, in order to view some of the exhibits on the Apollo space missions, which would help us to create the robots and mechanisms required for the FLL Lego Robotics Tournament, the theme of which is ‘Into Orbit’. Mr Knifton and Dr Yates met us at 8am, at London Waterloo, for what promised to be an eventful day.

We took a train to Leicester from King’s Cross St. Pancras, (having taken the London Underground from Waterloo). The Space Centre was only a short bus journey away. Once we were there, we watched a fascinating show in the planetarium about atoms and how the universe began many billions of years ago to how we have got where we are today. Following this, we attended an interesting talk about some of the aspects of the Apollo 7 mission, including propulsion of the rockets (this was demonstrated by filling a tank with air-ethanol mixture and lighting it on fire), as well as showing how the astronauts excreted safely in space!

After lunch, we had the opportunity for some exploration of the exhibits, in which we found some interesting ones, such as controlling a hovercraft-chair and a mechanical device utilising gear ratios to show us how many times and how quickly the earth spins just orbiting the sun once. The day ended with a thrilling simulator in which we took the pilot’s seat in a mission launched to Europa, Jupiter’s iciest moon. This explored some of the practicalities as well as dangers of sending a manned mission this far from Earth.

Overall, we really enjoyed the day and found it to be a valuable learning experience. Many thanks to our teachers for organising the trip and accompanying us there, as well as all staff at the Space Centre, who made this fun and exciting visit possible.

What a fantastic trip and we look forward to hearing about the competition in January.



Well done to everyone who deduced that you could spell ‘Knibbs’ and ‘Trivedi’ from last week’s anagram. Two more teachers to find this week, scrambled up in here:


Good luck! Merits for the first correct answers as always.

Joke of the Week:

And finally… This week’s effort comes from Ben R (2H)

What did the buffalo say to his son before leaving?
Bye, son


Have a great half term break!

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