Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


Well done to the following boys on reaching the following merit milestones:

Ishaan D (2B) -20

Ben MJ (2W) – 10

Josh H (2W) – 10

Henry H (2P) – 10

Findlay B (2H) – 10

Eshaan A (2H) – 10

Kieran BR (2J) – 10

Aneesh B (2J) – 10

Do you want to know a great way of picking up merits and getting yourself onto this list? Become a blog contributor! I’ve had lots of submissions this week, well done and keep them coming!


In addition to the weekly fixtures, the U13A & B football teams are still very much alive and kicking in their cup competitions. Let’s hear from Ben MJ (2W) as to how the U13B team tackled their opening game of the ESFA competition:

It was the first cup match of the season for the U13B team in the ESFA championships against a strong Parmiter’s School. The match started tense and after the first 15 minutes, no one had scored a goal. However, slowly Hampton grew into the game as before the half time Saganan T (2P) had scored two good goals and a possible goal of the season from Camillo C (2P). The second half remained strong as Rohan C (2B) scored another two good goals to make it 5-0 to Hampton. The U13Bs look forward to playing in the next round of the competition.

Well done, boys! It sounds like the U13A rugby team were faced with a daunting opposition and proposition last Saturday. Guru N (2P) tells us how they responded:

As we lined up for the kick off the other team obviously outnumbered us and were much larger than us. The first half was not played as well as the second as we clawed it back from 25-0 to 25-5. At the end of the match some of us were injured and had lost very narrowly to a very good side.

Sport is of course about so much more than winning or losing. With that in mind, thanks to Leo Z (2W) for this candid insight into the experience of the U13B rugby team last weekend:

It was a home match against RGS High Wycombe, they scored four tries and we didn’t score any. We were all quite annoyed during half time but we cheered up and started the second half. We did better in the second half but we still couldn’t beat them because they were generally stronger than us. We were completely beaten but we shook hands in the end. We also ate sausage rolls.

And why not? There is also an awful lot more to sport at Hampton than being in a football or rugby team. Kieran BR (2J) tells us about his participation in one of the numerous sports clubs:

I have recently been attending badminton club every week on Mondays after school from 4:00 to 5:30. Badminton is my favourite sport but this is not the only reason why I enjoy badminton club so much. You don’t always have to play with the same people or your friends every week, you can challenge yourself by taking on better opponents than you or you can play with you friends who might not be as good. Also, the coaches there are excellent, so if you really want to improve, that is also the place to go. I find that badminton is a very good sport because it dramatically improves your footwork and you can often hit the shuttlecock as hard as you want, and it will usually go in.

Thanks Kieran. If you fancy giving a new sport a try, look out for the full list of clubs and activities which will be going up in your form room this week.


I’ve been sent two wonderful reports on this event so I’ve decided to publish them both. It sounds like the day was buenísimo, formidable, ottimo and fantastisch.

On Thursday 27th September, eight boys were chosen to go for the Languages Day at LEH. Vishal S (2W), Josh H (2W), Ishaan D (2B), William C (2L), Tomas E (2L), Adam J (2P), Navyaa S (2H) and Aaron H (2H) represented Hampton for the day. We were joined by various other schools. In the morning, there were various language-linked activities including Spanish Drama, French Art, German Poetry, an Italian Session, a Mandarin code-breaking challenge and even Spanish flamenco dancing! After lunch, there was a moving Italian movie about war. Overall the day was much enjoyed, and many thanks to all teachers that helped and LEH for hosting. Vishal S (2W)

Last Thursday, eight boys Second Year boys spent the day at LEH. During our time there, we were given an opportunity to explore in further detail some other modern languages as well as some of the patterns across different languages. We had three 45-minutes sessions in the morning, followed by a foreign film after our lunch break. Our group studied some French vocabulary through art; next, we tried a miniature drama production in Spanish, followed by a special linguistics session, in which we tried to decipher some Morse Code, as well as some traditional Chinese. In the afternoon, we watched a critically acclaimed Italian film called La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful). It was a poignant and touching drama set in Nazi-occupied Italy, which I greatly enjoyed, and, despite the number of humorous moments, I found deeply moving. Ishaan D (2B)

Grazie mille ragazzi per aver mandato questi articoli.


Now a fantastic report about an incredibly worthwhile activity from Naavya S (2H):

On Sunday I participated in a walk for mouth cancer awareness in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens around the Serpentine. We spread awareness by wearing ‘Mouth Cancer Walk’ T-Shirts and when the local public around the park asked us about what was happening, we proudly told them that we were walking for Mouth Cancer awareness. It was 10km in total and was a very enjoyable day.

Good for you, Naavya!

Please do all keep these reports of all the wonderful things you’ve been up to outside school coming in. It’s great to hear about them!


Well done to all those who sent in the correct answers SUNBLOCK, SUNGLASSES, SUNKISSED, SUNSPOT. Make sure to claim your merit from me or your Form Tutor if you haven’t already done so.

This week we have a riddle submitted by Oscar M (2W):

A man gets kidnapped after going to the doctors from the doctors he was given 4 pills 2 red ones, and 2 blue pills. If he eats 2 of the same pills then he dies but if he eats one of each then he gains super powers. But when he was kidnapped he was put in the pitch black. How does he ensure he doesn’t die?

Email me your answers to earn a merit.

Joke of the Week:

My brother says I’m nosey.
Well, he didn’t say it, I read it in his diary!

Thanks to Findlay B (2H) for that one.


Have a great weekend!

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